Thursday, November 29, 2007

almost one?!

this is from thanksgiving at my dad's house.saylor's wearing grandpa's 'hat!'.
-saylor's signs-
bye bye
so big
blow kisses
all done
he can also play peekabo [he can hide his face]. he dances to any music and he also started putting his head down when he wants help doing a somersault.hat is definitly his favorite sign and he does it randomly but it's pretty awesome when he sees a hat and makes the sign.
other fun things-he loves pulling off his socks, throwing anything-especially food off his highchair. playing drums and piano, talking and imitating our sounds.... he recently has gone from being terrified of the vaccuum to highly intrigued. he follows the vaccuum now as i go and is fascinated.
he's not interested in walking but crawls crazy fast.
some 'no-no's' that he's constantly drawn to---trashcans, cat dish, plugs, colin's sword [haha yes], and the like. he still doesn't register 'NO' will just look at you then try to touch again. so it's strange trying to discipline but i know we need to be consistent.
we cannot believe how fast this year has gone.everyone says that but it is a strange feeling. at this rate i'm going to blink and saylor will be is the funnest bestest most awesome job there is and i love him more every single second. i can't [well i can and am] to have more.
oh saylor how mommy loves you!!!


Happy Hippie said...

Oh man that kid is cute and a super smarty pants! You are so blessed. Saylor really is a great little guy. And hip too! I love running into him at the coffee shops. How many One year olds can say they are cool enough to hang out at a Java joint?!

Happy,almost,Birthday Saylor!

Kristin said...

I love Saylor with all my heart. I wish I were there to see him grow up! I can't believe he is so big!!! Ahhhh!!!! I miss you. Smooch.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Your Auntie Sarah loves you too Saylor!!!! Soooo Big!!! Looking forward to seeing you on your birthday this weekend!!!