Wednesday, July 22, 2009

un-potty training and mustaches

where have i been why am i not writing anymore? so much has happened. one being my son has stopped going on the potty. what in the world! never read this in the books. he was so happy, going all the time, never having accidents... and he just started holding his pee until nap/bedtime when i'd put a diaper on him. he would hold his pee for hours and hours! still wearing underwear, no accidents...but would NOT sit on the potty. he suddenly acted like it was fire and would cry 'i don't like it!!!!!' with the threat of UTI from holding his pee so much, i had to go back to diapers :(. it's a feeling of defeat, but they always say not to pressure them and i was starting to coerce and beg and it was getting ugly/annoying. so occasionally he will wear underwear...and just hold the pee. we are waiting for him to wake up in love with the potty again, and reading fun potty books and chatting it up like it's the funnest thing ever in the meantime.
have had some fun things this month, of course i just steal's a million from our friend beckett's 3rd birthday was a mustache theme, obviously.

beckett sharing some icing with saylor

saylor loved this baseball toy!! apparently it's on clearance at meijer and i may have to snag it....

lucy goose eyeing hoovie with confusion

with saylor's puppet buddy/doggy....i have a thing for puppets.

Friday, July 3, 2009

potty 'training'

my son is in the midst of potty training! it's so amazing though i haven't really done any training at all per se [does renting potty dvds and books for him count?]- i've tried here and there, talking about it and letting him go naked with no success. but lo and behold a couple weeks ago i was running out of diaps and thought what the hey let's try this again. and he started going on there perfectly! we've yet to get some poo in there and he is still wearing diapers at nap and bedtime. that's the next step. but we can go out and about with no accidents he's great at holding it, or using his potty in a different place. i am in AWE of him i think i'm more impressed with this than when he started walking. so proud of him. of course the one time he poos in his underwear, i was in indiana with colin and my friend beth got to deal with it. he also pooed in his diaper during nap and stuck his hand in there and got it on his hands! i find this hilarious. he has NEVER done anything like that...saving the fun stuff for beth i guess. i also love that my child is a cautious clean kid- no he did not wipe his hands on a stuffed animal or go digging for more. he immediately started crying and saying 'wash hands, wash hands!' she went up there and he was just holding his hands out, not touching anything. awesome. so that's the next step, poo in the potty! this is probably gross for anyone who is not a parent.
couple more cute cali pictures

saylor's first visit to a beach- manhattan beach

out to dinner, saylor was perfect which is doubly impressive as his sleep was so screwed up. we let him have his paci the whole trip. i love how he's totally posing in this picture!

i love this picture. nimma took this of us on abbott kinney road outside of our friend's-friend's store urban paper boutique.

watching my friend julie's son kelton the other day... and that's my monstrous son on the right. holy crap-cow.

loves his yogurt