Monday, May 30, 2011

nashville+birthday party

on saturday we had clover's little birthday party! she was a doll.. was so cute eating her cake she held it and put her face in it then she would look up at wave at everyone! what the heck amazing. saylor quote- 'hey gabe you wanna take off your clothes...?' trying to get him to play on the slipnslide..also clover is officially communicating with her signs it is awesome. she signed more food please.. first sentence! *proud* *excited cuz this equals less whining*.

i can't seem to move these pictures after nashville was before her party but not on this blog... it turned out the guys had a day off on clover's birthday and would be in nashville for a couple days. i thought it was silly for him to be sitting around not with her on her bday and so found it a good excuse to finally get in a [long overdue] visit there. irony of all ironies [or maybe not, irony is a confusing word] katie and aj were heading to columbus the same day. bummer but we still stayed at their place and i got to see katie [and her neighborhood world] for a few hours before they left so that was cool. katie and i are sliding doors living the alternate universe of each other..she's me without kids and i'm in kid world.. it's weird and cool and bittersweet on both ends and interesting. life will keep changing. saylor stayed with col's parents and clover was perfect on the trip. i mean...perfect. i love traveling so i didn't really think twice about the car ride and clover apparently enjoys them too. i only ever worried because she was so quiet ha! didn't she did not cry at all on the trip and we hit 40 mins of traffic on the way home so that's awesome. awesome she hung in there, not awesome about the traffic blurg i was makin' some sweet time. i had too much [relaxing easygoing] fun, i just love so many people there and while i wouldn't necessary want to live there... i wouldn't mind being there for a few months to just spend time with some people. also... the coffee shops. my fave. come on now.
love clover's perplexed-ness.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


clover will be one on thursday! it went by.. so. so. fast. that was crazy. she's delicious. colin's mom just pulled out a bunch of baby pictures of colin and OH my gosh i didn't realize that she IS colin. saylor is me and i'm walking around holding a baby girl colin it's wild. she currently has 3 teeth and just started actually crawling in the last few days. girl's been taking her time. i think she pulled herself up to standing once, but i missed it and now i'm starting to doubt it and wonder if i'm the one who put her there standing.. but it's all good i like that she stays put, shoot i'm enjoying it while it lasts. she loves to wave, hug and kiss, so big, and can sign nurse, all done, play, and please although we are still prompting those [besides wave/hug/nurse], she is not really communicating her needs just yet. she makes a whistle type face a lot, likes to dance, has just learned to drink from a straw and is finally laughing at saylor's attacks more than crying.
heather had baby cohen on thursday which defined a wonderful weekend of excitement and love. i walked in their room to see him and just cried and cried and oh my gosh how i love pregnancy/birth/babies. that. may be my passion.[wanna bea doula!] oh the weight of his presence, sweet little burrito i love him so! heather is doing amazing too i'm so excited for her. and at this moment linzi is in labor as well!!! the adrenaline from it all is funny i'm so hyped up and exhausted at the same time. had some of my bffs over saturday night and it was one of those perfect nights of hilarious and deep convos that went on for hours. i love love love my girlfriends. i feel like i see them a lot but there was something sweet about that night it was just special for all of us i think.
i'm on this candida cleanse/diet thing.. for almost a month now and it's annoying but i think it's been helping with the health problems i've had for the past two years. it's nice to finally have a doctor that's diving in, very thorough and willing to find the root and bring me back to good health. i am sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and peanut free [and mushrooms no peas no bananas no oranges it goes on and on]. it is SAD. fortunately we eat pretty healthy and i am already used to eating fresh produce and such.. so in that sense it's not difficult, i am creative and feel like i have plenty to eat.. but oh oh oh i miss coffee and ice cream and bread. and cheese. i am taking a high dose of nystatin for about a month and then i plan to switch to doterra's GX assist and hopefully start to be more flexible in my diet. i do suggest if you aren't feeling well in any way- do an elimination diet for a few weeks! we don't realize how things can affect us. and it's nice to kinda cleanse your body in a way. it's also a discipline that forces you to be more aware of what you are eating which is good because we feed ourselves crap a lot. food is to be celebrated and enjoyed and it's community and love and delicious..but it's also fuel. food keeps us healthy and vital and strong and the wrong foods can make us sickly, diseased, depressed, etc... all stuff we know but so hard to put into action. anyhow this is all common knowledge i'm just rambling...
things i'm loving: babies!!!
2.words with friends, always
3.terra chips and homemade hummus
4. my son's constant questions and his random accent he has lately
5. free haircuts from jayme
6.laughing at tina fey's new book
7.the last few episodes of oprah!
8. walking outside with friends. and target and easton. to 'return something' because we always seem to have things to return. love. amazon.
10.fascinated/warm fuzzies watching clover's sweet little calculated crawls
11.the warm weather and my husband's garden and his cuteness with his shorts and tan