Wednesday, August 29, 2007


so yesterday was a pretty horrible day.i got ridiculously sick, where did that come from? colin left early for nashville and i wasn't feeling too well. it steadily got worse and was a crazy raging body ached like nothing else, chattering teeth/being hot and cold..swollen glands,headache. my temperature kept getting higher and higher.i took it at noon at it was 102.7. went to my mom's house for her to watch saylor while i eventually went up to 104.6.and an hour after more tylenol was still 103+. i could barely move, the sheets even hurt,all i called a nurse and they said 104+ is when they'd like you to go to the doctor. we decided to go to urgent care.this is not easy as by now it was 7pm ready for saylor to go hard to do this without colin! my kind dad met us there with the intention of taking saylor home [although not sure if he could really put him to sleep] but we all just ended up staying temp was still pretty high [and my heart was racing which i didn't like hearing,made me anxious but it makes sense] so they gave me a bunch more tylenol plus ibprofen to attack the dang fever. which it helped a bunch,sweated like the time i left it was down to 100something.the doctor was kinda odd.i said i was breastfeeding,he found out how old saylor was and just said '8 months?!! that's old. i mean i guess some people do it for a year'. like what!? i was like 'um ya i plan to do it at least a year.' and then he told me i shouldn't nurse him with this high of a fever.but the doc on the phone said i i did.i mean my milk has immunity in it.i'm washing my hands,etc... anyhow i tested negative for strep throat but the doctor was pretty convinced that's what it was when he looked at my throat.did another test to send somewhere but i got antibiotics anyhow [the z-pak].which i had to pick up at 930 at kroger and poor saylors so tired and my insurance hasn't been accepting me [i mean what] even though i called them and they said oh yes i don't know why that's happening. so i paid full price for it.and saylor has also decided to wake up a bunch more lately and not go down for naps easily either [he's currently crying actually].he's learned how to pull himself up so i don't know if that's related...he's actually had diarhea [sp?] for the past few days also so it'd been happening in the middle of the night, so we'd been rushing to him so....and i was up for a good 3hours last night feeling so nauseus [sp?!] i layed in the bathroom for a good hour.i mean what the heck.
anyhow i feel much better today,considering.gonna take it easy today but hopefully i'm ok as i have plans for thursday and friday/weekend.antibiotics have kicked so that's good.
so random.
mr.saylor whhhhyyyy? gotta go rock/soothe the little man.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


i didn't mean to write that many 'e's for sleep i didn't even think i was going to write the word sleep.funny. well yesterday i had a lovely time at a birthday was great to see so many people and spend some quality time together. it's always sad when colin misses out on these things. there were lots of kids there but my son was aweseome and went to sleep around 8 on a huge bed [pillows surrounding and constant checking] so i stayed till 11:30 or so.i'm quite tired now but sometimes it's nice to do things like that. i'm so happy he slept.didn't wake at all during the 'transfer' [bed to car to bed] as i call it, little chap.happy camper as per would i spell the abbreviated 'usual' use.that sound. you-vhhz. juh. hm.

but this morning he went down for a nap at 10:30 and i actually woke him to take him to church. i really hate doing that.and he was fine...but no me just feels cruel.colin was telling me to just not go to church but ive missed so much in the last 2 months! and shoot. it was good today.maybe we should go to first service i dunno.timing...
walked to graeters with my mom. i was staring at her big tennis shoes...and i love her so much and she drives me crazy but intensely love her same,isn't that how it is.we've walked to graeters countless times and you know, i don't even like graeters all that much... i like the walks.ah,she's funny.
ya it's almost 930 and i'm so hungry and i'm at my parents and a frozen pizza cooking. my body is screaming for a big ol' salad i swear. i somehow manage to eat pizza and ice cream everyday it's so odd.i was even at heather's parents and her brother-in-law suddenly handed me a plate of [homemade yumminess] pizza.can't say see, it comes to me.
chow time.

Friday, August 24, 2007

time for a haircut

i really want to start maintaining my hair by getting regular cut/styles. eh who am i kidding. but i think i need a cut soon. my hair does not like to be long.
also i really am looking forward to joining a gym again [thru vineyard-huge discount only like $80 for the whole year] i'm not a big fan of gyms but it'll be fun because there will be plenty of people there i know, with a child care that i know the worker there sooo...i'm not a big fan of working out either but i need to. i just do and i really even more so need to start eating better. so weird how my tastes changed with pregnancy and frustrating/amusing that they never went back.i need to force myself to eat fruit now,but hopefully eventually i'll enjoy it again.veggies as just feel better when you eat better anyhow.although i will say nursing does wonders.its combating my constant eating.
well colin's gone for awhile. spent the day bumming around with heather+fam. it was good times as always.something about her family...very special people.
my niece leilani just called me, she's three! i'm so touched my [step]sister said she said 'i want to call aunt shell!' well how stinkin cute.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

have you worked at starbucks?

colin and i are now going to list every person we know who is or has worked at starbucks-that we knew not because of working there... here goes nothin'
11-chris mey.
12-sarah b.
13-matt b.
15-chris mon.
16-sara c.
17-sarah s.
18-dan s.
24-amanda j.
25-ryan cr.
ah shoobee. we know there is more. we will come back to this.
time to enjoy husband before he leaves. and watch the office.

28-jen a.


32-beth fanch
33-heather e.
34-jimmy f.
35-katie h.
36-chris g.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


i'm sitting outside next to colin as he enjoys a we realized that colin's going to be in nashville all next week. we already knew that but somehow i have two days of work i'm trying to get covered and he has like 4.... so we've been on the phone calling people and stores and it' fun. but hopefully it'll all work out.
i had a nice morning seeing jenny for a bit and giving her some (michelle) glad to be able to help out. besides i can make a list a mile long of things she has given me,so sweet.
so colin and i had a semi-date since he will be leaving and we always do that before he goes.we were at easton and decided to walk around a bit and it starts pouring down rain. we get an umbrella but still have to walk a ways to our car at barnes and noble. saylor's in the stroller,the cover sun shade thing is up..(across? down? on? open? how do i say it) of course, but he is still sitting up, leaning forward. well he was enjoying the rain and of course his hands and feet and face were getting wet but whatever. it's water. and of course if he was crying we'd be holding him and shielding him but he was enjoying it.we get into barnes and noble and i'm wrapping up the umbrella and this older woman sees us and scoffs 'that's not good'. i felt like she was referring to us but i wasn't sure so i continued umbrella wrapping.she couldn't contain herself and said 'he's sopping wet!' and i was passive and not making eye contact i said 'oh, he loved it' she said 'hes going to get sick' and i said 'we are going to dry him off and he's going to be just fine' and i walked away. that may have been my first encounter with people judging my parenting! i was pretty irked and wish i had more to say and at least looked her in the eye.i understand he was wet and i know it could look 'bad' but he was totally peachy keen. and i am rather layed back about things [i.e.i'm not going to wash the paci if it drops on the floor] but that doesn't mean i don't fiercely love and protect and look out for my son. i just felt this womans evil glare and i'm sure she thought we were young ignorant/thoughtless parents. oh well. it's just water! and he was enjoying it! it was like for 2 minutes! ok i'm done.
saylor's getting the hang of crawling more and more. the thing that gets him crawling the most is colin's guitar. he's crawl across the room to touch that big black shiny guitar. then he strums it :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how do i pick up from where i left off

i haven't journaled consistently for about 5 years but i have started oh....20 journals. i hope to get back into a rhythm of it, especially having a son now. i have the strong urge to record every little thing he does. so ya. he started crawling yesterday. it was pretty amazing to watch. actually every milestone and new thing he discovers is so crazy to witness. it never occured to me.. i never thouht about the feelings i would have seeing these things happen. i remember the first time he reached out to touch something, just a couple months old. it's ridiculous! you have this tiny little infant... and they grow so rapidly and learn so quickly. gah. so yesterday after weeks of frustrated army crawling backwards he finally got himself on his hands and knees and slowly and deliberately began to crawl. it seemed like he was amazed too.
well now the boy calls [cries] so i'll go tend to him.