Sunday, August 26, 2007


i didn't mean to write that many 'e's for sleep i didn't even think i was going to write the word sleep.funny. well yesterday i had a lovely time at a birthday was great to see so many people and spend some quality time together. it's always sad when colin misses out on these things. there were lots of kids there but my son was aweseome and went to sleep around 8 on a huge bed [pillows surrounding and constant checking] so i stayed till 11:30 or so.i'm quite tired now but sometimes it's nice to do things like that. i'm so happy he slept.didn't wake at all during the 'transfer' [bed to car to bed] as i call it, little chap.happy camper as per would i spell the abbreviated 'usual' use.that sound. you-vhhz. juh. hm.

but this morning he went down for a nap at 10:30 and i actually woke him to take him to church. i really hate doing that.and he was fine...but no me just feels cruel.colin was telling me to just not go to church but ive missed so much in the last 2 months! and shoot. it was good today.maybe we should go to first service i dunno.timing...
walked to graeters with my mom. i was staring at her big tennis shoes...and i love her so much and she drives me crazy but intensely love her same,isn't that how it is.we've walked to graeters countless times and you know, i don't even like graeters all that much... i like the walks.ah,she's funny.
ya it's almost 930 and i'm so hungry and i'm at my parents and a frozen pizza cooking. my body is screaming for a big ol' salad i swear. i somehow manage to eat pizza and ice cream everyday it's so odd.i was even at heather's parents and her brother-in-law suddenly handed me a plate of [homemade yumminess] pizza.can't say see, it comes to me.
chow time.


shutterthink said...

Did you just get done reading the chapter about her mom? I love what you said about Susie--very Lamottesque. Love to love you.

saylor days said...

haha you caught me. i totally just finished the mom chapter! i was all introspective staring at her tennis shoes but i'm sure anne influenced my thinking. i did tell my mom about the chapter on her butt, and she wants to read it. i know she would relate.

jenny mae. said...

ok i can't seem to use myspace to send you messages at this second. here are the links to the car seats we talked about:

safety first intera (these are the ones we got via burlington coat factory for $40!):

(if you google that one you can come up with a range of prices, though the next one, i posted the cheapest ones available on the net)

fisher price safe voyage deluxe (the good one that is like the marathon):

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Mom told me I had to read this one of yours-she read it....her big shoes-ha! I love pizza & ice cream (just had some mint choc chip actually). My body just doesn't crave a big salad......mmmmm greaters!! I'll walk with you guys soon...