Wednesday, February 27, 2008

saylor pants

this is saylor taking it easy on his cousin emily's HUGE stuffed doggy that she has. i actually love this dog! he's tried carrying it around too,which is quite cute of course.he's watching wiggles-a show that never fails to enrapture him and get their songs stuck in my head for hours on end.

colin took this video the other morning of saylor being a big helper!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the walter's are heeere!

yay my sister is here.her little family has nestled theirselves into my parent's house for the time being.and saylor is going crazy for emily's toys it's like he's at disneyland.
so i put saylor on a little potty pretty often and the last couple months he goes about twice a day on there.he has a sign for it and has done the sign a couple times. then yesterday he went potty after a nap.then we ate lunch, hung out, went to the library and played...we came home and he pointed to his potty and made the sign for going potty.i put him on and he went! and his diaper was dry! this morning colin was with him and he said that saylor dragged the potty over to him and then made the sign!! then of course went. he later went potty on the 'real' toilet with me! holy cow. he's 14 months old.i'm impressed. i still do not expect or even hope to have him potty trained anytime soon but i do so love that he knows what it's all about and that he likes doing it. [we are still working on poo's. he's done that maybe 3 times but not really purposefully].
tonight all starbucks across america will be closed for 3 hours so we can do some re-training as we are making some changes in how we make that's where colin and i will is going to improve our quality of beverages [that's the idea anyhow] but things will be a bit slower.i realize we churn things out and are a huge business and in theory it's romantic to go 'back to basics' but realistically....realistically i had more than several people annoyed with me today because their drink wasn't as prompt as per usual...and those are our customers, should we not give them what they want? timeliness is top priority for people. hhhm this will be our conversations tonight no doubt.
and i finally got a new phone for the's been fun and we discovered a website that offers free ringtones it takes exploring but it's fun! you can also use your own music and upload it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

mystery shopper

i did a little H&M shopping on my a pair of jeans that i'm not in love with but that i like more than the jeans i own right now.[sidenote the other day i tried yet again to stuff myself into some 5 year old jeans.aaand they split, they ripped,huuuge tear all down a leg. it was so was like God was like enough already just get rid of them! so i happily got to throw them away.i didn't realize it but they were a size zero and i'm not even trying to be that size anymore so...good riddance! i do have an awesome picture of me in the ripped jeans but it is probably not appropriate to put on here.]
well yesterday i put on my new jeans and was walking around and started to feel disappointed.these jeans do not work.why did i buy them? i bend down and my butt comes out. well i could wear a belt i guess. i don't own a belt though.sigh i think i have to return them.grr.. i wore them for another hour until i suddenly reazlied i was wearing COLIN'S jeans.oooh how funny.stuff like that funny to me.put my H&M jeans on and felt much more satisfied with them.
i have become a secret shopper! i've always wanted to do this [i'm random like that]. it's a little extra pocket money and it's easy, fun and on my own time.good for SAHM's [stay-at-home-moms]. i'm seasoned in taste-testing [$20 for Wendy's} and focus groups [i.e.$150 to talk in a group about magazines with a two-way mirror and video camera... etc.] colin does these i finally set about to be a secret shopper or whatever you want to call it. the website i joined actually takes some effort [creating a profile,getting certified] but i'm on my way. my first job is all online for ____. i get free video rentals for a month and then i rate their service. and then yesterday i did my first 'field' job.i went to a daycare as a prospective client, got a tour then filled out an evaluation online.$20.not bad.i had fun 'acting' as there were certain things i had to say.
the past week saylor has only napped once! each time has been for over three hours.he's dropping the afternoon nap as opposed to the morning one so by 6:30 at night hes very sleepy so i often put him down then.whats awesome is he's been sleeping till 8am or later lately too.uum keep it up big boy! we finally gave him his first haircut! we stuck him in his bumbo and colin trimmed just the bangs [and a smidge around the ears] he looks so different! older too. i was more sentimental about it than i thought i'd be.
here's a couple random pictures.a couple cute ones of saylor in the bath [colin in the bath too,don't mind] and a before pic of his out of control bangs. i do not have a good 'after' haircut picture,but will put one up soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

thank god for jesus

it has been such an overwhelming week i purposely avoided writing because i don't know what to say. jenny's post from feb 8th has explained some of last week in her own beautiful words.
Praise be to Jesus, blessed be his glorious name.
i am so blessed to have a husband that puts Jesus first, that trusts in the Lord and seeks him first for guidance. god is in control and we feel peace knowing that we have turned things over to him. we don't know what tomorrow brings us, we cannot count on anything. but no matter what we have our faith and nothing can separate us from Jesus and that is exciting and comforting.
friday was the memorial service for beatrix was so so very sad but beautiful. i am amazed at the community of friends we have.i am so's hard to think there are other groups of friends out there, ones as beautiful and wonderful as the ones i know.i assume there is but as we grow older and as we surround each other more in good times and in bad..i don't know what i'd do without them....last night some of us women came together and spent [over 4 hours!] praying for each other.hopefully this is something we can keep up doing.
i cannot wait for my sister to finally move her little tush here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

like father like son

saylor practicing drums.he loves to play.he'll play on a set for ages, walks around holding sticks, air drums to songs and here we have him working on a practice pad.
i finally figured out how to post a video! videos from a phone at least.this was sent from colin's phone to my email, saved to my dektop then uploaded onto youtube and copied here.i'm still learning to navigate youtube so it's a little daunting but fun.
LOST is on tonight!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

i hate our honda

i mean bless his heart [engine] but i can't wait till he dies.that chugging manual cracked broken son of a rattling car... has beat out my 84 cadillac for the title of least favorite car.oh good times.
HAM [heather amber michelle] was in full action today at the gym and it was pretty awesome we cranked it up and got it on.
we don't have too many current pictures on our computer so i'm just putting up the couple random ones that we do.typical of me but on my phone i have 600 pictures and 500 videos sooooo.....
i was leafing through what we had on our computer and there are so many pictures of him and he's so small. i just keep feeling like he isn't a baby anymore lately and it's so seriously shocking how fast they grow.unfortunately these photos don't do justice, he is the cutest 14 month old boy ever.and he really needs his first haircut.

daddy took this on photobooth

though theres weird lighting on the strange face i'm making on our messy bed i like this picture of us just hangin' out.this is us.

and yes please excuse our pile of can you say no to this sweet little face oh my goodness.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

we have a toddler on our hands

saylor is morphing into a toddler.the past few days have been unusually difficult with him whining/throwing a fit when he doesn't get his way.he's also waking up early and not eating well though and two teeth are coming in so i know he's teething.i need to dive back into 'the happiest toddler on the block' as i feel like i don't know how to respond to him sometimes and i want to be consistent. and we say 'the happiest baby on the block' saved our sanity when he was a newborn so hopefully the toddler book has some nuggets. carri had a rough few nights with lucy and it was funny to have the tables turn and me reassure her it was normal and everything will be different in mere weeks since they change/grow so quickly.she of course knows this but i also know her feeling of wanting to talk to everyone to hear their words of wisdom [even if its nothing new] and mostly's been fun to swaddle and rock lucy though, making me think alot about having another.i kinda crave it but i'm also way ok with just saylor for now.
colin always wore thin little gloves or worse the gloves with no my experience both just make my hands colder.i would go gloveless and my hands would stay warmer than his.i've been telling him this for years.finally the other day he consented and i took out the winter box and he rummaged and took my black mittens.the boy is in love.he's wearing them all the time 'oh my hands are so warm!' but i just love when he's talking and wearing them as he uses his hands to talk it and i think it's really cute and it makes me laugh.
MY SISTER IS MOVING HOME! in a couple weeks! nncha nncha nncha nncha do a little dance.
my throat hurts and my body aches i hope it doesn't get worse i've started the [amazing] zicam.