Monday, February 4, 2008

i hate our honda

i mean bless his heart [engine] but i can't wait till he dies.that chugging manual cracked broken son of a rattling car... has beat out my 84 cadillac for the title of least favorite car.oh good times.
HAM [heather amber michelle] was in full action today at the gym and it was pretty awesome we cranked it up and got it on.
we don't have too many current pictures on our computer so i'm just putting up the couple random ones that we do.typical of me but on my phone i have 600 pictures and 500 videos sooooo.....
i was leafing through what we had on our computer and there are so many pictures of him and he's so small. i just keep feeling like he isn't a baby anymore lately and it's so seriously shocking how fast they grow.unfortunately these photos don't do justice, he is the cutest 14 month old boy ever.and he really needs his first haircut.

daddy took this on photobooth

though theres weird lighting on the strange face i'm making on our messy bed i like this picture of us just hangin' out.this is us.

and yes please excuse our pile of can you say no to this sweet little face oh my goodness.


Happy Hippie said...

He is oh so ediable!
About the honda, just give us a ring if you need anything. :)

shutterthink said...

See what I'm saying about the cuteness factor?

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I feel like Colin always looks good in pictures...(scroll to next picture) your funny face, it's just, well, you....No really, nice relaxing mommy & boy picture. I love that Saylor is in an OSU sweatshirt-had to be a gift-I love it though-maybe I'll give him his supply of them every season. And-I definitely laughed pretty hard remembering that you drove and 84 cadillac. I really made out gettin the geo. Sorry bout your honda troubles......grrrrr....maybe in a couple of weeks we can get their hair cut at the same time-wouldn't that just be sweet??? :)

saylor days said...

haha yes the OSU sweatshirt is borrowed of course.