Sunday, October 16, 2011

clover at 17 months

if you're a parent you understand the whole saying their age by weeks or months and if you're not I know it can be weird or annoying but whatever. clover is 17 months on the 19th. I think. she is a treat and a half. so awesome. her hair is coming in more, especially in the back. it's so light! but I'm thinking it may have some curliest to it. she has these great brows that she furrows a lot she makes a hilarious skeptical or mad face. she does this out and about a lot or is completely passive so people often never suspect she has her chatty screechy dancy laughy moods too. she loves to dance! she started walking about a month ago and is doing well, is way more bold than saylor was at this age. by that I means she climbs and stands on chairs and climbs up playgrounds.she's still yet to hit 20 pounds. has her 9&10th teeth coming in on the bottom. still likes to be worn, I put her in the ergo and we both love it. she goes to bed at like 615 give or take and I get her up in the morning around 8ish. nurses once in the morning. down to one nap and it's only like hour to hour and a half but I will leave her in there for 2 sometimes, she has. books and toys in her crib and always wakes up happy and just rollin around. saylor tries to play with her and she often wld end up falling over or just screaming cuz he takes a toy or whatever but I feel like she's finally starting to interact better and roughhouse with him some more. she loves to rip off me or colins glasses, as do all kids, but then she smiles, waves and says hi. what the heck?! other words she says are 'byebye, nigh-night, all done, mama, dada, she signs please, bappul (apple), wawa (water), up,no, nods her head yes all the time, and lots of gibberish that I know are some real words in there somewhere. she knows all her body parts and knows what a sheep,lion,cat and dog say. and sometimes a few more. and she's left handed! I'm so stoked about that. she loves books, her blanky, raspberries/blueberries, feeding herself, taking baths, and jewelry! looooves accessories like I've never seen in a child before and likes shoes and clothes as well. all in all she's delicious and we are head over heels for her! this is such a fun age.