Friday, December 28, 2007

pass the pigs

it was busy but a fun christmas.sarah came into town on friday.i think she took some pictures this of the weekend maybe i can steal some.saturday we had christmas on my dad's was great to spend time with everyone.we did white elephant gifts..saylor also got a truck he can push and ride on and he loves it....then another lovely christmas party... christmas eve we did gifts with our mom as sarah had to work christmas day.worked out nicely so colin and i could spend christmas day at his parents house. saylor scored some sweet gifts at both places. we are excited about the nice toy chest he got so we have somewhere to put all his toys.he doesn't quite get opening gifts yet but he is truly excited to play with his new toys.-a few fun ones-the truck to ride, a horse to ride, a little piano,the little people barn. zapp's got us some finger puppets from ikea and i've been having just as much fun with those. in the end there were 3 unwrapped presents from us and i've considered returning/donating them.and considered not buying him anything for bday/christmas until he is older...or just buy him one gift or something.with his birthday being in december too he just raked it in this was awesome because he honestly had very few toys.well anyhow he's so happy now and it's a great age as he's really starting to 'play' with toys.
on the 26th we had an all day christmas movie marathon with some friends.sat around in slippers eating cookies...the guys made a whole meal that was all orange[hopefully b. will post some pics]-highlight- found out heather e. is a ventriliquist,it's hilarious and i'm trying to learn how haha..
i got gift cards to places for clothes yippee! another favorite gift-i asked for all natural products of any turns out my second cousin has her own business-retails at whole foods,north market and the like. go here-
so my mom got us a basket of some of her products and they are wonderful i highly recommend them.i'm quite excited as she said she'd give us a discount on future purchases!!
last night was-insanely good homemade veggie sandwiches [baked baguette with provolone,fresh avocado,shaved carrot,cucumber,sprouts,tomato,lettuce,mustard delish],visiting friend from new york,two little guys in spiderman pjs,lovely friend in the beginning stages of labor [rooting for this weekend,before new years,tax returns!],and pass the pigs. and maybe i'm boring or easily amused but that is a perfect night for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas is sneaking up on me

i cannot believe christmas is in less than a week! how did that happen.we have been enjoying an obscene amount of parties i daresay i'm partied out. well...maybe 3 or 4 more, but after new years i'd like to hibernate for a few days.and whip my bum in shape! there's an equally obscene amount of cookies in our little humble abode and i've taken it on myself to eat them all [seeing as colin's too health conscious to endulge and they aren't really for saylor or munki either] so breakfast,lunch and dinner are rounded out with a cookie.or ARE a cookie. i cannot complain if i am tired or have a headache because i am not fueling my body correctly.alas, it is delish.
i started working at the w.starbucks and so far so good.i felt a little strange and out of place but am getting used to it. i love the manager's style though,it matches my ways of thinking and the partners there really love each other.and oh...half of the customers are vineyard peeps so that's fun.
i gave saylor cow's milk for the first time last night with no idea how he'd react and he CHUGGED it.i am unsure of what to do. he really only nurses one full time a day and maybe one or two other times for like 15seconds-1minute....i think he's ready to move on from it and for the most part so am i.he needs calcium,etc from another source so i guess whole milk is where i'm supposed to go....people are so opinionated about breastfeeding but in my mind it's simple-it's free and it's obviously the healthiest option.all the nutrients he needs perfect for him, not some man made powder in a can but a true god created miracle from a mother it's amazing.he's a year old now, people really begin to scoff at nursing at this age.this doesn't bother me [rather it makes me want to nurse him all the longer honestly] but he is weaning himself,he is simply not interested.i'm glad he likes the milk but i really think it's weird to give him [processed] milk from a cow as opposed to my milk made for him. i'm unsure of people drinking cow's milk in general...i'd like to learn more.i know my friend kristin knows alot so i need to ask her to help educate me.
enough milk chatter.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

picture time!

my sister has graciously helped me put up some pictures of saylor she had,most from his birthday and a couple extras.yay! thank you sarah.

playing with a bell at grammys

colin's parents gave him a sled! so he sat in there while opening presents.he does look kinda strange here. he's inspecting his sesame street 'cd player'

oh boy so much going on

saylor loves,loves balls.he pushes/throws them then chases/crawls after them all the time,laughing away.

oh daddy what's this toy,i can't believe i have toys finally.


can never have enough ducks i guess

he didn't quite get how to open presents [yes the first birthday party is more the parent's amusement and joy than the child's] but he did his best.

thank you friends! i'm so excited! i'm 1!

saylor's cousin emily feeding saylor while friend katelynn helps

daddy looks funny but saylors smile is bliss

this is a random picture from thanksgiving weekend we were at a [random small desolate] mall for some reason but saylor was having a blast.i was throwing a basketball at him...ya,right at his head.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


our church has build this amazing community center and...i don't know as much as i should about it but it's pretty awesome. we found out there is yoga on wednesdays [free] and they call it joga. i suppose the J is for jesus.that aside,it was wonderful. katie and i went last wednesday and it was even better than i pictured.our meditation was directed to the Lord with a verse to reflect on while we practiced breathing.she read a passage at the end and we were quiet.and it was a great work out i was feeling it for 3 days.i really enjoy yoga. they've added a saturday class too.i hope to keep going and i've recruited some more people too.good stuff.
ok my son's dinner tonight is a confession.please tell me i'm not alone on this.we just got home, have no groceries, it's cold,it's dark and i thought surely we had enough to scrounge a meal...
-rice,peas and carrots-put in the blender as i haven't figured out the food processor and the texture was still too much for him to only a few bites of that.
-flaxseed waffle
-a few crackers
-a tomato slice
-some plain yogurt
-a bit of lite chocolate soy milk
-gingersnap cookie
it's true it sounds like a meal i would eat.random whateverness.fine for me but poor guy. i was leafing through everything looking for anything to feed him.he had yogurt for breakfast and those crackers and tomatoes for lunch too.oh well he was laughy and smily through it all,ol'chap.gotta get groceries...
saylor was SO good on the trip.happy during both drives [6-7hours] and wonderful at all the services/showings.he brought much needed smiles to a very sad situation. i am AMAZED truly at this boys adaptability and happy nature!! unbelievable.if he ever whines [for perhaps 2 seconds] i am concerned because it's so is nice because we cart him around to many places [and i'm sure that is partly why he is adaptable] and i don't have to worry about how he'll be.i don't want to put my foot in my mouth though because i'm sure things will change as he gets older and enters toddlerhood....! but for now we will enjoy.
ps i just came home was gone for almost three hours...munki mewed...i forgot she was snuggled in my dresser drawer and had shut her in before i left! still purring though ol'chap.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

this week has been unexpectedly rough.colin's cousin died in a motorcycle accident on monday.he had just gotten back from iraq and his family had yet to see him.
alot of people we know have died in the past month...and i have known way too many people that have died is always shocking and it shakes everyone up.we can only hope to learn and grow from personal battle is anxiety, and the popular questions to God. the what ifs and the big WHY Lord?! for some it may be an excuse to lose faith in God but i only know how to cling to him and i only hope my faith grows in these times.this world is broken and is a temporary holding place. that's all i can think.this is not real.there is a perfect eternity....
after losing a close family friend last year to a motorcycle accident i adamently despise them and highly discourage them.colin's cousin and our friend both had helmets on, they both just lost control and did not hit anyone else.
we are still going to celebrate saylor's first birthday is emotional-last year at this time he was still inside of me. tomorrow will be much reminiscing of 'last year at this time...' i cannot believe how it has gone by.i miss the newborn saylor but am so crazy in love with him now.. he amazes me everyday it's so exciting. [the newborn fix has to be cured by having more children!] everyone always talks about that feeling of love that is you can't explain and it is so very true.thinking of colin's aunt and uncle losing their son grips my heart in a tighter way now that i have my own son.
prayers for his family are appreciated!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

every night

it's goes like this.brush teeth,pee,peek in on saylor,chapstick,water,in bed-snuggle. oh wait cat's in here.kick out cat, check thermostat, pee, peek in on bed-snuggle.oh wait wana plug in monitor.plug in monitor, peek at saylor, pee, warm up rice sock while i'm up, in bed-snuggle.oh wait cat's in here. kick out cat, peek in on saylor, might as well try to pee again. bed-snuggle.
variations of this process happens nightly and again when i wake up in the middle of the night as i always do.
thursday we enjoyed the company of brett and heather-heather gave me a guitar lesson and i gave her a piano lesson. it was great.we both have the basic concept down and it helps that we know the one instrument...played some phase 10.
last night we enjoyed the company of stephen and amber.she gave me some clothes [yay!] and we took some awesome photobooth pictures that had us laughing so hard we're snorting and crying....played some phase 10.
my asthma is getting bad i'm pounding myself on the back alot and having colin use his drummer skills to pound on me too. i think i need to go get an inhaler. grrr.
i think these pictures were funnier last night but still.beautiful.