Wednesday, December 12, 2007


our church has build this amazing community center and...i don't know as much as i should about it but it's pretty awesome. we found out there is yoga on wednesdays [free] and they call it joga. i suppose the J is for jesus.that aside,it was wonderful. katie and i went last wednesday and it was even better than i pictured.our meditation was directed to the Lord with a verse to reflect on while we practiced breathing.she read a passage at the end and we were quiet.and it was a great work out i was feeling it for 3 days.i really enjoy yoga. they've added a saturday class too.i hope to keep going and i've recruited some more people too.good stuff.
ok my son's dinner tonight is a confession.please tell me i'm not alone on this.we just got home, have no groceries, it's cold,it's dark and i thought surely we had enough to scrounge a meal...
-rice,peas and carrots-put in the blender as i haven't figured out the food processor and the texture was still too much for him to only a few bites of that.
-flaxseed waffle
-a few crackers
-a tomato slice
-some plain yogurt
-a bit of lite chocolate soy milk
-gingersnap cookie
it's true it sounds like a meal i would eat.random whateverness.fine for me but poor guy. i was leafing through everything looking for anything to feed him.he had yogurt for breakfast and those crackers and tomatoes for lunch too.oh well he was laughy and smily through it all,ol'chap.gotta get groceries...
saylor was SO good on the trip.happy during both drives [6-7hours] and wonderful at all the services/showings.he brought much needed smiles to a very sad situation. i am AMAZED truly at this boys adaptability and happy nature!! unbelievable.if he ever whines [for perhaps 2 seconds] i am concerned because it's so is nice because we cart him around to many places [and i'm sure that is partly why he is adaptable] and i don't have to worry about how he'll be.i don't want to put my foot in my mouth though because i'm sure things will change as he gets older and enters toddlerhood....! but for now we will enjoy.
ps i just came home was gone for almost three hours...munki mewed...i forgot she was snuggled in my dresser drawer and had shut her in before i left! still purring though ol'chap.


jenny mae. said...

omg poor munki!!

give me more deets about the joga class. i need some me time away from the kiddos and hellllo yoga/girl time!

Happy Hippie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the yoga! I've been wanting to take a class, but they are kinda expensive and I am worried about any "outside influences." Do you know if they have child care?
About dinner,been there done that, and no one is any worse for the wear. :)

Kitty in a dresser?! Oh my!

Kristin said...

I love the idea of joga class!! Wish I were there to go with you.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

You know we've definitely had meals like that here! I think it's hysterical about least it was the cat and not Saylor!! I am envious at times of Saylor's flexibility...that was a goal of mine-to expose Emily to all sorts of places....then we moved....we know how that ends-and all the places we go.....see you soon!!!!