Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas is sneaking up on me

i cannot believe christmas is in less than a week! how did that happen.we have been enjoying an obscene amount of parties i daresay i'm partied out. well...maybe 3 or 4 more, but after new years i'd like to hibernate for a few days.and whip my bum in shape! there's an equally obscene amount of cookies in our little humble abode and i've taken it on myself to eat them all [seeing as colin's too health conscious to endulge and they aren't really for saylor or munki either] so breakfast,lunch and dinner are rounded out with a cookie.or ARE a cookie. i cannot complain if i am tired or have a headache because i am not fueling my body correctly.alas, it is delish.
i started working at the w.starbucks and so far so good.i felt a little strange and out of place but am getting used to it. i love the manager's style though,it matches my ways of thinking and the partners there really love each other.and oh...half of the customers are vineyard peeps so that's fun.
i gave saylor cow's milk for the first time last night with no idea how he'd react and he CHUGGED it.i am unsure of what to do. he really only nurses one full time a day and maybe one or two other times for like 15seconds-1minute....i think he's ready to move on from it and for the most part so am i.he needs calcium,etc from another source so i guess whole milk is where i'm supposed to go....people are so opinionated about breastfeeding but in my mind it's simple-it's free and it's obviously the healthiest option.all the nutrients he needs perfect for him, not some man made powder in a can but a true god created miracle from a mother it's amazing.he's a year old now, people really begin to scoff at nursing at this age.this doesn't bother me [rather it makes me want to nurse him all the longer honestly] but he is weaning himself,he is simply not interested.i'm glad he likes the milk but i really think it's weird to give him [processed] milk from a cow as opposed to my milk made for him. i'm unsure of people drinking cow's milk in general...i'd like to learn more.i know my friend kristin knows alot so i need to ask her to help educate me.
enough milk chatter.


Kristin said...

I love how you said you needed to ask me because I was getting ready to tell you! Ok, FIRST you need to find a raw-milk source. You need organic milk from grass-fed cows. (it would be preferable if they are intensively grazed.) Daniel and I are in an organic-raw-milk co-op and we pay $6 a gallon for milk. Seems like a lot, but when it is raw (un-homogenized and un-pasturized) it really is a whole food that provides a lot of nutrition. I normally just have a glass of milk for breakfast now, and it fills me up. I have never been a big milk drinker (always thought it was kind of gross) but I LOVE our raw milk. It tastes sooooo much better, you have no idea. We have to shake it to mix up the cream. If you are just buying it for Saylor then I would think it is totally worth every penny, even if you were paying more than 6. Our raw milk is delivered every 2 weeks (we pick it up at a lady's house in town) and it stays good for quite a while-- we have never had it go bad in the two week break. The only problem with raw milk is that it is ILLEGAL to sell in quite a few states (I dont know about OH) and soooo you may have a hard time finding it. (VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!) If it is illegal, then you can join a "cow share" where you technically own part of the cow and so every week a few gallons of milk belong to you, since, you know, you own the cow. Great way to get around all that beaurocracy. Anyhow, I hope that helps. Let me know. And I think you should breastfeed Saylor as long as you want.

jenny mae. said...

did you know that horse and rats milk are the most chemically similar to human milk in make up?

i wish raw milk were available here. it's illegal in ohio (but i might peek around just to be sure) boo hiss!! maybe i could find some on the sly?

Happy Hippie said...

Jenny Mae is correct about horses and rats milk. We get milk from cows because they are easier to milk than horses and they produce more than rats and horses. I have some friends that are into the whole raw milk thing too. Gene, the hubs, grew up on a farm with raw milk because they owned cows. He has done alot of research into it. It is illegal to buy it in Ohio, but you can own part of the cow like Kristin does. As long as you are part owner of the cow it is totally legal.

As for nursing, nurse as long and you and Saylor want! Gabe was nursed longer than I thought I would ever nurse a child, but turns out it was good for him. He is lactos intollerant and a host of his allergies didn't surface until after he and I weaned him. Go with your mama gut and do you feel is right for you and your little guy.

I am so glad your job is going well!! That is great news!

As for the cookies, I am right there with ya! Cookies+ Cake = my favorite foods! Enjoy it while it last it only happens once a year.

Belated Merry Christmas!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Your blog is summed up as Milk and Cookies...... :) Come on you didn't expect anything deep and serious from me did you???