Saturday, December 1, 2007

every night

it's goes like this.brush teeth,pee,peek in on saylor,chapstick,water,in bed-snuggle. oh wait cat's in here.kick out cat, check thermostat, pee, peek in on bed-snuggle.oh wait wana plug in monitor.plug in monitor, peek at saylor, pee, warm up rice sock while i'm up, in bed-snuggle.oh wait cat's in here. kick out cat, peek in on saylor, might as well try to pee again. bed-snuggle.
variations of this process happens nightly and again when i wake up in the middle of the night as i always do.
thursday we enjoyed the company of brett and heather-heather gave me a guitar lesson and i gave her a piano lesson. it was great.we both have the basic concept down and it helps that we know the one instrument...played some phase 10.
last night we enjoyed the company of stephen and amber.she gave me some clothes [yay!] and we took some awesome photobooth pictures that had us laughing so hard we're snorting and crying....played some phase 10.
my asthma is getting bad i'm pounding myself on the back alot and having colin use his drummer skills to pound on me too. i think i need to go get an inhaler. grrr.
i think these pictures were funnier last night but still.beautiful.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Those pictures are hysterical!!! It's a wonder that you get any sleep at night with that routine :) Hmmm I'm gonna have to learn how to play phase's probably more of an allergy induced asthma...I'll bring my inhaler this weekend-try it out, see if it helps...

Happy Hippie said...

LOL!Those pictures are great!
Glad to see I'm not alone in the pee-a-trillion-times-before-I-actually-go-to-bed routine. I feel your pain :)
If your asthma is allergy induced try using febreeze allergin reducer spray and Pledge makes a furniture polish spray that is anti-dust and anti-allergin and dustmites. You can also mix some teatree oil with water and spray your sheets and carpet with it and then wash your linens in the washer on Hot and add tea tree oil. Gabe has major allergy problems and so does my brother in law, and we all found these diffrent things helped. I hope these help you too.

P.s. Thanks for the prayers.

jenny mae. said...

you guys should come over and play games with us some evening. i could, you know COOK.