Thursday, December 6, 2007

this week has been unexpectedly rough.colin's cousin died in a motorcycle accident on monday.he had just gotten back from iraq and his family had yet to see him.
alot of people we know have died in the past month...and i have known way too many people that have died is always shocking and it shakes everyone up.we can only hope to learn and grow from personal battle is anxiety, and the popular questions to God. the what ifs and the big WHY Lord?! for some it may be an excuse to lose faith in God but i only know how to cling to him and i only hope my faith grows in these times.this world is broken and is a temporary holding place. that's all i can think.this is not real.there is a perfect eternity....
after losing a close family friend last year to a motorcycle accident i adamently despise them and highly discourage them.colin's cousin and our friend both had helmets on, they both just lost control and did not hit anyone else.
we are still going to celebrate saylor's first birthday is emotional-last year at this time he was still inside of me. tomorrow will be much reminiscing of 'last year at this time...' i cannot believe how it has gone by.i miss the newborn saylor but am so crazy in love with him now.. he amazes me everyday it's so exciting. [the newborn fix has to be cured by having more children!] everyone always talks about that feeling of love that is you can't explain and it is so very true.thinking of colin's aunt and uncle losing their son grips my heart in a tighter way now that i have my own son.
prayers for his family are appreciated!


Happy Hippie said...

I echo your sentiment about how someone lossing a son effects you now that you have a son.
I am so sorry for your families loss and the crappy month you are having.
Many prayers on behalf of you and your family.

shutterthink said...

Oh, tears.
I was just remembering that the night before you went in to the hospital (that would be a year ago TONIGHT! Right now!) you sat on the couch with the furry black blanket on, black turtleneck (which I am wearing right now, weird) and we prayed for safety and joy...and now we have Saylor!!!
I cannot WAIT to celebrate him tomorrow! God IS so good, and I love that you said you only know how to cling to Him.