Wednesday, February 2, 2011


whenever i think about journaling these days i want to write stuff in an actual journal or write in clover's baby book.... but still so sad i haven't been writing on here much!
so many fun things have been going on including an overdue trip to california for me!! but will have to write about that later.. for now, what's going on this moment...
a stuck at home day due to crazy ice storm that has been going on. we braved it yesterday and went out but wasn't worth it today. i fell on our icy driveway yesterday and today. yesterday it was funny and today it totally hurt. it was awkward [read:fun- i love awkwardness] too because the mailman was with me- he was trekking up to hand me a package and so i started to come out to meet him since i wanted to get the mail anyhow. he said our driveway was ridiculous, and it is. it's on a weird slanted/curvy hill first of all [my car slid off it a few days ago had to call a tow truck!] and it's rocks, not paved-and then currently totally covered in thick ice, VERY slippery... anyway the mail guy has some like serious traction boot things on and he's carefully walking up and i'm in my sweats and colin's boots and i totally fly up and slam down hard it was awesome. he was pretty concerned for me and i brushed it off until i got inside and let a couple tears shed. ouch! i said forget the mail! and went back inside but of course went out 20 minutes later and carefully walked down the hill and avoided our driveway to get the precious mail.
saylor is snuggling on me and watching lady and the tramp.. i put clover down at 5:30 she was a wreck. think she's getting sick [agaaain!] saylor was sick all last week, was pitiful though the mellowness was nice i have to say. she also may be teething? anyhow sometimes the days are long but as a whole i LOVE my 'job' and i'm so beyond content and blessed with my family and where we are at..wouldn't trade it. like i find myself humming and dancing as i go about my day.. cuz i love what i'm doing, and that's a good sign :) it's fun to have a bunch of our close friends having kids as well and of course it's helpful that our parents watch our kids for us. my trip to cali was so fun and rejuvenating.. thankful to travel and feel like 'myself' and not get lost in momworld.
busy month, colin is home for a few days this sunday and they have a few shows that i'm going to this month as well, it's all spaced really well so it will be fun. ...
and now i'm going to put my boy down, make some dinner and yah, that's right, watch gossip girl.