Tuesday, July 20, 2010

how to store produce

always wondering how to best store things, found this list. only thing that isn't included is knowing to keep some produce apart. like i think bananas cause other things to ripen quicker if they are sitting together?? i also am always hearing different advice on apples. roomp temp, or fridge. we tend to leave ours on the counter.

Citrus-room temperature.use within two weeks. do not store in plastic bags.

Berries and Cherries-covered in the fridge. don’t wash until you use them.

Avocados & Bananas-room temperature.

Apples-fridge, stored loose. use within a month.

Eggplants, Potatoes, Onions, Winter Squash, Rutabagas, & Sweet Potatoes-
moderately cool-counter, in a cupboard or basket.

Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, Mangoes, Kiwis, Plums and Melons should be ripened before refrigeration, stored in plastic bags when ripe.

Tomatoes-uncovered at room temp, can be refrigerated if very ripe.

--All other fresh vegetables belong in the refrigerator--

Green Beans and Peas-in plastic bags or containers. they’ll last 3-5 days in the fridge.

Corn keep in its husk in the fridge. eat as soon as possible.

Carrots, Radishes, Turnips, Beets, and Parsnips-store in plastic bags. they’ll last two weeks in the fridge. take tops off carrots before storing, leave greens on radishes, turnips and beets, with both roots and tops in the bag.

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Scallions, and Summer Squash will last 4-7 days in plastic bags in the crisper.

Spinach, Kale, Chard, Lettuce, Salad Greens, and Cooking Greens have the same crisper, keep in plastic bags. any bunch greens can be freshened by cutting an inch of the bottom stalks and soaking the entire bunch in cold water for 10 minutes. Place in a plastic bag in the fridge for a few hours to revive.

Peppers, & Cucumbers-store in crisper

Cauliflower, Fennel, Artichokes and Leeks wrap in plastic and use within a week.

Cabbage and Celery fridge life of up to two weeks. wrap celery in plastic.

HERBS: Parsley and Cilantro are best with bottoms of stems trimmed, placed upright in a jar of water in the fridge. Basil can be stored upright in a jar of water at room temperature, or in an open bag on the counter. all do well frozen also (they will lose texture but not taste).

Thyme and Rosemary store in the fridge in bags for up to a week, after that they can be brought out onto the counter to dry. dry herbs should be stored tightly in a jar

Asparagus use within 2-3 days, wrap in a damp towel and store in plastic bags or bins.

Mushrooms cool, dark place in a bag. do not wash until ready to use.

Ginger will keep in the fridge for a week or two, but for longer term should be frozen in a bag or jar. you can easily grate the root direct from the freezer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

awkward nursing 101

went out to an awesome dinner last friday night. it was for one of my best friend's parents 30th anniversary and it was basically a bunch of people who have known me since the day i was born. which is neat, all the 'older people' passed around clover the whole night- and that's surreal because they held me when i was her age. i hope to hold jayme's granddaughter one day...anyway she was 7 weeks and when saylor was 7 weeks old i remember attending a wedding with him and we left because he started fussing. it was definitely overwhelming. this time around? i'm not fazed or overwhelmed. [it does help that clover is insanely easygoing though]. so i'm not overwhelmed but that's not to say things are never awkward. you gotta just go with the flow, laugh things off and be prepared to get creative and/or make do with what your situation is. and enjoy the awkwardness. that's my best advice i can offer as a parent. remain nonchalant when your child has a huge meltdown and you have to leave a store, laugh when they poop all over you and expect them to dump a box of crackers in the car. they will throw up on their car seat, break something in someone else's house, scream and cry through an entire 30 minute car ride, pee on you.. [these are just the baby years, what do we have coming when they are teenagers? i hope i can still laugh then...]
so we are having a great time, saylor's home sleeping and pooping on our new couch with my brother [another story for another day] but of course at some point clover needed to eat. so before our food came i decided to feed her. did not even occur to me until that moment that this was easier said than done. A- i'm wearing a dress that is nearly impossible to nurse her in. easiest way would be to lift my dress up.. couldn't really attempt either way while sitting at our table there... B- tiny bathroom. small sink, basically standing room only and then two stalls with doors to the floor so you don't even know if someone's in there. didn't really want to nurse on the toilet and have people repeatedly knocking or trying to come in. C-our car? no dice, it was far, far away in a parking garage. whatever, i'm cas, i'm not fazed. a family friend was walking around with her outside of the restaurant- there was a huge fountain and a bridge and such, very pretty. so i walk way out to him and get her and only then realized what i took with me. my cardigan, my phone, and my keys. what the heck my keys!? why michelle, why.and my tiny little cardigan, not her nice sized blanket that would cover me. no, a tiny little cardigan. i proceed to try to find a secluded area to nurse. there are people all around, i end up climbing over this flower bench thing and sitting on a wet picnic table. pretty sure the guy lounging behind me saw my boobs a few times... and the fun time i had trying to get access to them... i had a huge chunky/in the way necklace on, i was sweating and may have ripped my dress trying to-get access. all this while trying to remain semi covered with my tiny little cardigan. i also continued to text my friend updating her on the awkwardness that was occuring. it helps that i love awkward/embarrassing situations but it was good times. the whole night was so fun. we stayed out late and then yah, we came home to a smelly couch and spent an hour trying to fix that [success. and then clover slept a 9 hour stretch! from all that partying] just gotta roll with the flow and know that your kids will always throw you for a loop.
ps this may seem like having children or breastfeeding is stressful or too difficult. i give you my promise they are both SO entirely 1000% worth it. and then some.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

excerpts from 2005

found a little notebook from 2005... some highlights from it..

sasha, camilla
dorian, simone
saylor, ella
annabelle, ava
logan?, maeve
olivia, grace, hope
roma, amelia

i love that we named our son saylor dorian.. and i have a friend who has named her girls ella and olivia. we considered roma for clover's name.. i still love it.

i have several lists of movies i want to see [liminy spicket, the aviator] and books to read [normal girl, who moved my cheese]... then

reusable cat litter liners?
crochet how to, ideas

then there's this, i have no idea, feel free to help me interpret...it's gonna bug me..
nell/let's? kill the calfparts nic cage board game with jared babysitting, soft baby dream 1-6-5
---whaaaaaa???? maybe it was a dream? yes it was a dream! cuz i underlined the word dream. still don't remember or understand what i wrote though

directions...phone numbers...
and a list of things to do while colin's gone.. i did this all the time
bookstore, clean apartment
vaccuum car, read
library, movies
online, dollar theater
workout, thank you cards
go thru boxes at parents
put away christmas
devotions, quiet time
play piano
write letters 2: kristin

i love peanutbutter
i love getting the mail
i still miss my 1st cat, but i love my 2nd.
i spill my drinks [coffee/ice] all the time

sermon notes...

words i like- obligatory, shish kabob

i drink the last of my drink thru my straw so quickly- it burns if it is pop and i can hardly swallow it. why? b/c i so anticipate the end of the drink where it makes the loud noise and i only get a bit of the drink. i love that noise. but almost immediately i regret drinking so much at once, as it was not enjoyable and i am sad my drink is gone. i try to get a good sip and can still enjoy the sound. a refill typically follows, but it is invariably a lesson never learned. the sound, the feeling of the 'end of my drink' will excite me and i will likely gulp too much to get it again. 1-7-5

unscathed, i've come out with bruises not scars. how do i hate what you love. you test my faith and kill my trust. i've learned persistence and consistency. but i have to let go.

i think i'm attached. and i know i fear. you are beside me yet i wonder. comfort and heal me, take control. i try to have control.

colin's dads credit card info and SSN...

another whaaaa??----
vanna dean kayaking orange blue red slippers big sport RAPIDS 1

a list of times crossed out while working [at the horrible huntington]..counting the minutes literally.

list of how much i'd payed my sisters credit card [we put our honeymoon on her no interest credit card. it was $2100, we owed $1625 when i made the list]

$60 a month in groceries
40 hounddogs
44 girl/guys night
30 eat out other
16 eat out alone
190 a month in food at most! put in folder-use only cash only!!

[this is the weirdest food budget i've ever seen. kinda embarassing! haha how and why did i come up with $44 and $16??]

several lists of paychecks and where the money was going including $160 for colin's hospital bill [he got very sick on our honeymoon and spent a night in the ER the day we came home!] $560 for rent, $92 for verizon [our phone bill is cheaper now! nice]

tofu-sausage, hot dogs
boca burgers
peanut butter
egg beaters
deli turkey, deli chicken
fruit, frozen veggies

[we eat so different now]

flabbergasted, pickle, gregarious, marsupial, horseradish, bacon, shishkabob

worcestershire, booger, corny, 'neked', 'warsh'

colin's and i scoring for a scrabble game... 20 questions game with colin


Hilary's prayer 1-2-5
you are not alone in what you see. bless my sensitivity. encourage my spiritual gifts. the separteness, he sin..what's holding me back, rebuked enemy, lies, prayed for the lord to fill the holes..replace thoughts..i am not alone..

that's most of it.. ok sorry i had too much fun reading it!! i love it! i realize it's probably not interesting to other people but i like going back in time in my little world...

Monday, July 5, 2010

my little epiphany

i was thinking the other day about the music i used to listen to..my knowledge of music was extremely limited [still is embarrassingly, my only saving grace is being married to colin] there was country, oldies, rap, classical, 'christian' music and then 'popular' music, the top 40.. casey kasem... that's all i knew, so i listened to WNCI and i liked it. i started to like it because it recognized it. now there was some ok stuff on there- no doubt, alanis morissette and n'sync, right?! :) but i would also listen to like.. smashmouth..i wasn't annoyed by any of the songs, only if i'd heard them too much. but then.. praise the lord, i started dating colin. and of course his was traveling as soon as we started dating so naturally he made me a mixed tape to be reminded of him [yes TAPE. also he didn't have a cell phone when he started touring, he'd have to borrow one or use a pay phone!! aaahh haha no way i'd survive that today] so i memorized those tapes.. what's this?! weezer!? the get up kids?! he buys me jimmy eat world, clarity. we listen to rufus wainwright in a car. and my life was changed- by rufus and damien rice, muse and mars volta. OH MY WORD. MUSIC!!!!! beautiful, soulful, real music that i hear the lyrics to and i weep! i dance... i blast, i put on repeat... my eyes were opened. and now i cannot tolerate the other music of course. it's like i hear things differently.
and the same thing happened with food. spent my life eating typical american food and i loved it- loved nutter bars and dr.pepper... and then somewhere along the line we learned about food, the importance of a healthy, organic diet..and we started eating real food. real peanut butter! ice cream with fresh, real ingredients! and of course more importantly- quality produce. the food we eat now.. SO good. SOOO good. so that processed and artificial treats genuinely taste gross. i'm not trying to avoid 'bad' food, i sincerely do not like the taste of it.
and so, these things of course make me think of jesus, and a life with him. people can go through life feeling content and finding 'happiness' in what's in front of them.. but encountering jesus, living a life to serve him. WOW. not saying it will be pure happiness all the time, of course it is hard sometimes- but beyond that and often because of that it is so much more.. REAL. genuine. purposeful. better quality of life.. all of that! my life is so rich with jesus. and i'll never go back.