Sunday, March 30, 2008

rigsby me anyway

this morning--
'colin should i wear my tan scarf or my pink one?'
'i don't's not's like's grey'
'oh, whatever, same thing'
'it's not the same! do you go to the beach and say 'i got a grey?!'
...this had me laughing SO hard.i've been saying it all day. 'i got a grey' oh my gosh i'm still laughing at it.
this weekend was nice.a girls night friday,good time spent with jayme, amber, heather.sushi and wine. and lots of talking.and laughing. and saturday we went to buca di beppo with my dad, stepmom, sarah/aaron/emily. it was slightly chaotic with the two little ones but that's to be expected.the food was tasty, the company lovely.i wish saylor could see them more though i really think he knows who they are.
church this morning had guest speaker congressman tony hall.very moving, very inspiring.will have to read his book 'changing the face of hunger'. colin and i then watched 'reign over me'. great movie. so the day had us a little somber, a little introspective. saylor made us happy by going poo on the potty. this is actually his 3rd time or so doing this but i think it's the first time he's been aware of it...i've never been so excited to smell that...smell.
another colin and michelle convo.
as munki knocks over and spills yet another of my venti ice waters
'agh.i really just want to throw her out of the house right now'
'ya me too'
'would you really do that to her?'
'colin! how could you!?' completely shocked
'you said it first!!' completely flabbergasted
munki licks her puddle of water......
i'm still laughing at the grey and colin's started up again. 'i can see your grey lines' 'sometimes people get a farmers grey' 'don't laugh at me i used to work at a grey-ing salon' [he did work at a tanning salon...but like a ghetto small old one that no came we'd watch family feud and read.and then it shut down] i'm laughing so hard i'm crying and snorting.this may not be funny to anyone else but i am enjoying this.
'better put on your sun grey lotion'

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


we had a fun easter. saylor was so handsome! him and his cousin emily [who is just two months older] had fun coloring eggs and surprisingly did great doing an easter egg 'hunt'[eggs in plain view hunt].it was SO cute to see them excited as they picked up eggs and put them in their little baskets! fun game to play.we had a good time with both sides of the family.
i'm on a big english muffin kick lately.[just about] every morning...i wait till saylor goes down for his nap [i believe he has finally gone to just one nap a day! he goes down around 11-12]. toast my eng.muff.get some water.pour some coffee.butter, one half with jam, one with
i'm pretty sure about his first two words. kitty and bible.he 'talks' all day long but those two come out pretty clear and more importantly he knows what they are. he has a little illustrated bible that he loves to read all the time.
he started the one nap thing a couple weeks ago.and since then he has slept in every morning! we still put him down around 7 and he wakes up around 8 and plays in his crib till 8:30-9! i'm perfectly content with this arrangement though children's patterns change incessantly so who knows how long he will keep doing this. it is funny to think about stages and phases saylor has been goes so quickly, we forget so easily..
some 'concerns' i had that passed before i even figured out how to resolve----
he won't nurse!
i don't have set nap times for him!
he won't sleep without a swaddle!
he keeps waking up needing a paci!
he hasn't pooed in a week!
i don't want to nurse in the middle of the night anymore!
he won't eat!
and the like. we have SUCH an easy-going happy child.these phases seem so mild and quick in my mind..for the rough patches all i can think to say is 'everything will be different 3 months from now'. and i'm sure i'll forget it all with our second kid and i'll be fishing for the same advice/reassurance all over again.
ah parenting! fun job.

saylor on easter, playing outside with a stick.[so hard to get him to be looking at the camera and smiling and being still..doesn't happen to often these days!] he had fun hitting everything with the stick and going 'BAAAA!' in a growly voice.then a giggle. then 'BAAA!'....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

come hither spring

i've been sick and then poor saylor got sick.and now i am sick again.of course colin was away while saylor was sick. he had a fever-close to 103. the only other time he had a fever was when he was 6months i felt a tad nervous but in the normal way. he was just a snuggle ball curled up on my chest for hours,wearing no clothes as his body was burning hot. my nurse sister helped my administering tylenol and motrin and that helped a bunch. i tend to be weary of medicine but was so thankful for this as it helped the fever go down and he even played a smidge.slept a bunch, moaned in his sleep....was uncharacteristically whiny for an exhausting day and is now back to his happy little self.
colin is back in house of heroes and it feels...well it feels right like a comfy shoe but the shoe is old and is the shoe going to really take us where we need to go? i do so love the boys [will we ever say men!? haha] in that band...they love each other, they love and respect colin and our i'm glad that colin is with them again. he didn't want to go back but we are looking at it as finishing what he started.but it is very difficult,yes, because it is not making [enough] money.colin is a father and a husband and all he wants to do is provide for his family.he [we] love all that house of heroes is and the music they've made but he has lost passion as he's felt like it's leading to long do we do this lord? and it is daunting to think of him having to start over. start over and do what?! where are we going lord.he is such a hard worker and i know he will do whatever he needs to do but i want him to be happy where he is feel like he's using his god-given talents.....there's been a lot of praying going on this past year.and in all of this colin and i are doing great.this is life and life shouldn't be easy.i've said this a million times lately- being a christian does not equal success or happiness. [happiness in our sense anyhow]. i always think of the book 'the heavenly man' by brother yun.that man suffered for christ big time and rejoiced because of it.refine us lord. all we need is God, i don't need anything else.i want to live that way and this season is a chance to feel that and learn that a walk us through this lord, we want to use this time for your much more i think, so much more i could say.....
this weekend was nice.a wedding shower and a birthday party and a good church service.i am seriously amazed and grateful for the women in my bestest of friends and the ones i see occasionally...the party was hip-hop themed,if you will....we were all dressed up-or rather dressed down.oh and the camera phone could not capture the amazing outfits people were wearing but maybe i can steal some pictures from other people because it was pretty hilarious.

colin makes smoothies all the time and of course saylor loves to drink them too

Saturday, March 8, 2008

snow day!

lots of snow outside and it keeps coming. i like being snowed in. we took saylor sledding for a little bit yesterday.he was all bundled up wearing a hat that a friend of mine from starbucks made for me [so girly but warm] and gloves that we've had lying around and i just found out colin bought them when i was pregnant! how cute. he had fun and whenever we stopped pulling him he'd furiously make the 'please' sign as he wanted us to keep going.

this is him playing with our little penguin we adopted from my dad while i swept [swept not shoveled as we have only a broom] our sidewalk path.pointless as there was twice as much snow an hour later. poor penguin's tip of nose came off in an unknown tragic accident last year.don't stare, he's kinda self-conscious.

note the girly hat and awkward gloves.and cute face.

last weekend one of my best friends from childhood got married.we've known each other since we were toddlers and there is a lot of [unreal -should be a movie- kinda painful] drama and a couple falling outs but we still love each other and though our lives are polar opposite we still share the same sense of humor and laughter is great medicine and it holds us together. over many years me,julie and jayme [another best friend i've known since the womb] have taken countless pictures of each other on the toilet.for awhile we didn't even realize it we just happened to do it...once we realized it we made a point to do it and so there are probably 50plus pictures of us in various bathrooms around the world. julie has the most taken of her and i remember countless times she'd be going then i'd be like 'oh ya let me take a picture' and she'd sigh like it's a hassle but it's got to be done- and pose, click alright let's go. so it's always fun for the bride to try to go to the bathroom-she's bound to need help with the dress.i grab my phone to take pictures and didn't even realize the history until julie's sister mentioned it'd be another one for the collection.i guess it's instinct for me. julie=toilet=camera. so here we are.

Monday, March 3, 2008

amber babysits saylor

amber got a chance to play with saylor this weekend when we attended julie's wedding. she sent me several pictures and this video and wrote underneath it 'your son is a christian' it was pretty funny and now he enjoys saying 'bible' all the time although we aren't sure he knows what a bible is. it's funny it sounds like he says 'yes' in the video too!
saylor and i are both sick and colin is leaving today.good times.
LOST was so crazy awesome last week! definitly one of my favorite episodes so far.i still keep thinking about it.sweetness!