Tuesday, March 25, 2008


we had a fun easter. saylor was so handsome! him and his cousin emily [who is just two months older] had fun coloring eggs and surprisingly did great doing an easter egg 'hunt'[eggs in plain view hunt].it was SO cute to see them excited as they picked up eggs and put them in their little baskets! fun game to play.we had a good time with both sides of the family.
i'm on a big english muffin kick lately.[just about] every morning...i wait till saylor goes down for his nap [i believe he has finally gone to just one nap a day! he goes down around 11-12]. toast my eng.muff.get some water.pour some coffee.butter, one half with jam, one with honey.banana.book.blanket.bliss.
i'm pretty sure about his first two words. kitty and bible.he 'talks' all day long but those two come out pretty clear and more importantly he knows what they are. he has a little illustrated bible that he loves to read all the time.
he started the one nap thing a couple weeks ago.and since then he has slept in every morning! we still put him down around 7 and he wakes up around 8 and plays in his crib till 8:30-9! i'm perfectly content with this arrangement though children's patterns change incessantly so who knows how long he will keep doing this. it is funny to think about stages and phases saylor has been through.it goes so quickly, we forget so easily..
some 'concerns' i had that passed before i even figured out how to resolve----
he won't nurse!
i don't have set nap times for him!
he won't sleep without a swaddle!
he keeps waking up needing a paci!
he hasn't pooed in a week!
i don't want to nurse in the middle of the night anymore!
he won't eat!
and the like. we have SUCH an easy-going happy child.these phases seem so mild and quick in my mind..for the rough patches all i can think to say is 'everything will be different 3 months from now'. and i'm sure i'll forget it all with our second kid and i'll be fishing for the same advice/reassurance all over again.
ah parenting! fun job.

saylor on easter, playing outside with a stick.[so hard to get him to be looking at the camera and smiling and being still..doesn't happen to often these days!] he had fun hitting everything with the stick and going 'BAAAA!' in a growly voice.then a giggle. then 'BAAA!'....


Kristin said...

I love the picture. He looks like a little boy now, not a baby! They must have been so cute easter egg hunting! :O)

meridith said...

what a little cutie!

Happy Hippie said...

This picture is perfect! He looks so cute. He is starting to look less baby-ish,more like a big guy. But he is still keeping those super cute cheeks! Yippie!

Heather Evans said...

He is a little Man with a rockstar influence! He is so cool right now!