Sunday, March 30, 2008

rigsby me anyway

this morning--
'colin should i wear my tan scarf or my pink one?'
'i don't's not's like's grey'
'oh, whatever, same thing'
'it's not the same! do you go to the beach and say 'i got a grey?!'
...this had me laughing SO hard.i've been saying it all day. 'i got a grey' oh my gosh i'm still laughing at it.
this weekend was nice.a girls night friday,good time spent with jayme, amber, heather.sushi and wine. and lots of talking.and laughing. and saturday we went to buca di beppo with my dad, stepmom, sarah/aaron/emily. it was slightly chaotic with the two little ones but that's to be expected.the food was tasty, the company lovely.i wish saylor could see them more though i really think he knows who they are.
church this morning had guest speaker congressman tony hall.very moving, very inspiring.will have to read his book 'changing the face of hunger'. colin and i then watched 'reign over me'. great movie. so the day had us a little somber, a little introspective. saylor made us happy by going poo on the potty. this is actually his 3rd time or so doing this but i think it's the first time he's been aware of it...i've never been so excited to smell that...smell.
another colin and michelle convo.
as munki knocks over and spills yet another of my venti ice waters
'agh.i really just want to throw her out of the house right now'
'ya me too'
'would you really do that to her?'
'colin! how could you!?' completely shocked
'you said it first!!' completely flabbergasted
munki licks her puddle of water......
i'm still laughing at the grey and colin's started up again. 'i can see your grey lines' 'sometimes people get a farmers grey' 'don't laugh at me i used to work at a grey-ing salon' [he did work at a tanning salon...but like a ghetto small old one that no came we'd watch family feud and read.and then it shut down] i'm laughing so hard i'm crying and snorting.this may not be funny to anyone else but i am enjoying this.
'better put on your sun grey lotion'


Heather Evans said...

haha! This made me laugh realllllly hard! You guys are soo funny! :)

Kristin said...

That's so funny. I love your sense of humor! We have a new blog- you should look at it-- it is our farming blog for all of us(me and daniel, josh and jamie, and kyle and sarah.) there is a link on my page under friends :O)