Thursday, April 3, 2008

check it out

i'm having difficulties inserting links on my blog as there is nothing for me to click here to make it an option.i've got the 'spell check' the 'add image' and 'preview'...i'm wondering if this is because i don't have a gmail account? or is it because i am on my mac? maybe i should write these questions on a blogger message board.whatever, i found another way to do it in the meantime.
i read memoirs/biographies/autobiographies [is it graphys or graphies?! both look weird all the sudden.graphies.i think] almost exclusively.i don't know why.well i love them.i prefer nonfiction over fiction anyhow and now with my trips to the libe that have to be quick with a little boy running around i don't have much time to seek out different genres. i just quickly grab some memoirs and off i go.good excuse? well naturally this seeps over into my love of the documentaries are becommin... becoming what the heck why am i forgetting how to spell. ok so i love documentaries too. got wrapped up in this one last night. loved it.leeettle crush on the filmmaker amir bar-lev.
my kid could paint that
im also finishing the prize winner of defiance,ohio a great book and just now realized how i recognized the title-it was made into a movie! i will definitly watch the movie now.don't know how it will be but the book is a fun read.
and i'm just getting into beautiful boy a book we are selling at far it is good although you can't really say 'good' with a subject like that.
yesterday woulda been a great 'day in the life' post but alas i did not capture enough pictures. i will make a point to do that soon i think it would be fun....


Beth said...

I saw Prize Winner and I really liked it, from what I remember.

meridith said...

i wanted to read "prize winner". as we have discussed previously i share your love of autobiographies. i thought of you this week because i found goldie hawn's autobiography at the dollar store. so i snatched it right up and have endured some teasing this week about my choice but so far it's fascinating (even though i could do without her segue-ways into eastern mysticism philosophies).

saylor days said...

i swear like 3 people saw that goldie hawn book and said to me 'i thought of you' random! i think i've read like half of it,i'll have to recheck it out.ya i've been teased too.i've just started tori spellings book and valerie bertinelli *sheepish* :)

meridith said...

hahaha, both of those are on my "want to read" list. :)
you can borrow goldie when i'm done if you want.

maybe we should start a book club together. :) just for autobiographies.