Friday, April 4, 2008

hodge podge

earlier this week saylor cut his finger on the end of a guitar string.bled alot,and he was perplexed by the bandaid.then colin cut his finger bad on a i had to follow,with a knife,trying to cut some mozzarella.we are a bandaid finger family.
saylor spent three hours in his crib today. playing,not sleeping.felt bad leaving him in there so long but i kept hoping he'd fall asleep.i tried going in once to re-rock him and he just when i finally went in to retrieve him i had a stern look and i was all ready for a little talking to 'saylor.this is nap time. you need...' but no i had the face then i look at his and it is this huge smile and then he just laughs and what the heck.can't be mad at that.he wasn't even whining.some quality alone time i naturally as we are driving to have dinner with the evan's he falls asleep in the car poor little peanut.but he did great at their place.what was i thinking,bringing toys. brett had tons of toys for saylor! he had fun with them.we watched flight of the conchords,i just may have to buy a season of that,quite funny.
for the last year or so... i cannot seem to break an egg anymore without like 5 bits of shell getting in there! what's the deal?! and colin says lately he's been great at it so it's not the eggs, it's me.
i wish i had a video of this morning-caiden and saylor dancing to the music on the movie alvin and the chipmunks.and caiden says 'dance saylor, dance!' and they shook their little bums.there is something about children,being so free.
i keep getting surprised with how much saylor understands,verbally. right now he signs please a million times a day [i'll try to keep track for a whole is alot,it's hilarious.and awesome].so please which also means 'please, help, more/again' and the sign for eat which he does for 'eat,drink,paci' and then he signs 'all-done'.he signs 'book' a ton too as he loves to read.and he does 'potty' and 'hat'.he loves to brush his teeth and tonight we taught him the sign for brushing teeth in one second,just showed him real quick.we then talked about it later on our drive home and he started making the! then we get home,walk in the bathroom.saylor what are we going to do? he does the sign. it's then i'm feeling like this kid wants to communicate so bad! he seemed so satisfied to have a way to express that he knew what was going on.i feel like we understand each other pretty great, and he does not whine very often as he just signs please furiously.. haha. but i may start doing some more signs with him....
now colin needs to get in bed and yes...our internet only works in one spot in our apartment,that is,right where colin sleep.isn't that something.i think it's funny.
you accomodate to what you're given.thank you lord.

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