Thursday, April 24, 2008

lingering sickness

i thought i was better for 2 days or so then WHAM tuesday my fever goes up to 103 and i can barely move.colin is now sick too,poor guy though was working at the time so i dragged myself to [a rundown no me gusta] urgent care and my mom came with me.very deja vu of a few months ago.same urgent care.same high fever.same stress of being so sick and having a child to try to juggle.last time they said it was strep throat [although it wasnt].this time he decided it was bronchitis.[also have a mucus cough,gross]the doctor was so rude..i was crying i was in so much pain.he told me i was dehydrated and my fever was very high,needed meds to bring it down.then he left the room and i was sitting there for a good 25 minutes,ready to pass out.a nurse finally walked by and asked if i needed anything i was like 'i need water,i need medicine,right now!' for the love of GOD that should have been the first thing they did! so they give me 800mg motrin,1000mg tylenol.then he perscribes 4 things-inhaler,steriods,mucinex,z-pak [antibiotics]...didn't tell me what he was perscribing or why...nurse and pharmicist insisted i take all of them right away. i only took the z-pak [2 pills] and the steriods [6 pills!]...and i ate,i hadn't eaten all day... and i don't take pills very often,i am weary of them and was hesitant to do within an hour i am throwing up so violently i thought i was going to choke myself.i have never felt that way being so lightheaded and shaky and dehydrated i was genuinely wasn't going away so colin and i go to the ER [it's around 10pm] and my parents kindly came over and took saylor for the night.and my mom and sister came with us to ER [thankyou]. well then we just sat there for 2hours and i fell asleep a little and drank water and finally felt big questions were did the meds get in my system at all? should i keep taking them? that became my only reason to stay but it was after midnight so we went home [the front desk lady apologizing to us..]did the medicine cause the vomiting? is it ok to just stop taking it? i called urgent care,my regular doctor,pharmacy,looked online...finally got an answer from a nurse hotline my insurance company offers. it should NOT be this difficult to get adequate healthcare!!!!! AAAGH. i am finishing the steriods [as it is not good to start then abruptly stop] and the z-pak.havent taken the mucinex or used the inhaler.not to mention all the meds were generic with random names i didn't know which was which or for feeling better now.been enjoying the weather with saylor and hoping to get a zoo pass with my sister here soon.
my friend kristin gave me this soy article ... what the heck?! soy! nobody knows this! the world is being duped and we are suffering for it.i can't say i will never touch soy milk or tofu again but i am definitly steering clear for the most's not like i need it or even crave it so no big change.and i signed up for the free mercola online newsletter.good stuff!
LOST tonight!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

OK, so what's the soy thing (not that I think I have ever had anything soy). I didn't really feel like registering on their website, and couldn't see the article without registering. Yes, we must get a zoo pass!!!!!! Glad you are starting to feel better!!

saylor days said...

ok now if you click on it,it should go to it automatically. the video is worth watching.

jenny mae. said...

yeah we don't do hardly any soy here in our family either. it's freaky! well keep in mind that i think what, 60-80% of the foods in the supermarket have soy in it somewhere. wth!

hope youre feeling better

saylor days said...

oh geez the american diet-soy and corn.bleh. well soy at starbucks is organic and is not genetically modified so that is somewhat 'better'. i am feeling better,how are you? what days are you free to get together?