Saturday, April 5, 2008


i have said this before-i am not good at verbalizing things i feel strongly about. i'll read and discuss with people and feel chock full of info,then someone asks a question in a suspicious tone and i lose it.we've felt at peace with our decision not to vaccinate and i've remained pretty neutral.but lately a little passion has stirred and my opinions are a little stronger.heres a few websites i've found to be informative.i am still looking for a book that explains [reveals] it all.there are many but wanting to find a great one that i can buy. anyone know of any? i've recently subscribed to mothering magazine. [it is cheaper to subscribe online but i've opted for the real copy as i have a feeling i'll be toting it around showing articles to people] i love this magazine! every page..i want to like..crawl into it and live in it. ya feel me?

if you are so inclined...

these are just a few ive looked at,anyone know any more?
and i'll just tack this one on here too cuz we like it.


Multifuncional said...
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Brett said...

haha! I like that you say "I want to crawl into it and live in it!"

jenny mae. said...

i LOVE mothering magazine. duh. i reference it a lot actually! i get the digital subscription and i am neither here nor there about how much i like it compared to a physical copy.

also i like