Thursday, December 15, 2011

baby names

i am 14 weeks and we are finding out in a couple days what we are having! yes i know it's a little weird to find out this early but 1. it helps me connect. next ultrasound will be around 25 weeks and if i wait that long i may as well wait till the end! in my mind. 3. i admire the people who choose to be surprised and there is something super special about it.. but try as i might, i can't resist finding out. 4. we wanted to know before christmas :)
so somehow i've ended up naming my kids really unusual names and i can't stop now. but i wanted to make a list of baby names i love but can never use. because i'm not having 45 kids.

names that are 'too popular' for me to use now but that i still love:
1. sophie
2. claire
5. nora
6. nadia
7. camille
8. gabriel
9. gavin
10. corra
11. abram
12. daphne

baby names i love that we won't use because we know people/kids with that name:
1. marlo
4. olive
7. juniper
10. ruby
11. lola
12. phoenix
13. pearl

baby names i've considered but don't think will work for various reasons:
no wait, i can't share that :)

celebrity baby names i like and won't use because of the dang celebrity connection:
1. shiloh
2. sunday

i know there are a bunch more and if i think of them i will add them. as you can see i think of girl names much easier than boy names!

the website i LOVE for looking up names is it has fun little posts about names and a huge index of all types of names and their popularity. love it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

clover at 17 months

if you're a parent you understand the whole saying their age by weeks or months and if you're not I know it can be weird or annoying but whatever. clover is 17 months on the 19th. I think. she is a treat and a half. so awesome. her hair is coming in more, especially in the back. it's so light! but I'm thinking it may have some curliest to it. she has these great brows that she furrows a lot she makes a hilarious skeptical or mad face. she does this out and about a lot or is completely passive so people often never suspect she has her chatty screechy dancy laughy moods too. she loves to dance! she started walking about a month ago and is doing well, is way more bold than saylor was at this age. by that I means she climbs and stands on chairs and climbs up playgrounds.she's still yet to hit 20 pounds. has her 9&10th teeth coming in on the bottom. still likes to be worn, I put her in the ergo and we both love it. she goes to bed at like 615 give or take and I get her up in the morning around 8ish. nurses once in the morning. down to one nap and it's only like hour to hour and a half but I will leave her in there for 2 sometimes, she has. books and toys in her crib and always wakes up happy and just rollin around. saylor tries to play with her and she often wld end up falling over or just screaming cuz he takes a toy or whatever but I feel like she's finally starting to interact better and roughhouse with him some more. she loves to rip off me or colins glasses, as do all kids, but then she smiles, waves and says hi. what the heck?! other words she says are 'byebye, nigh-night, all done, mama, dada, she signs please, bappul (apple), wawa (water), up,no, nods her head yes all the time, and lots of gibberish that I know are some real words in there somewhere. she knows all her body parts and knows what a sheep,lion,cat and dog say. and sometimes a few more. and she's left handed! I'm so stoked about that. she loves books, her blanky, raspberries/blueberries, feeding herself, taking baths, and jewelry! looooves accessories like I've never seen in a child before and likes shoes and clothes as well. all in all she's delicious and we are head over heels for her! this is such a fun age.

Monday, September 26, 2011

on my iphone

im coming back to the ol blogger. I tried tumblr because I liked some of they way it worked but now I've decided theres more to it I don't like soooo oh well . but why did I just now consider using the blogger app? I dunno but I'm here and I like it. anyhow that's all for now. here's a funny pic of clover that if u follow me anywhere else you've prolly seen. just testing out how it works posting a pic on my phone 

Monday, May 30, 2011

nashville+birthday party

on saturday we had clover's little birthday party! she was a doll.. was so cute eating her cake she held it and put her face in it then she would look up at wave at everyone! what the heck amazing. saylor quote- 'hey gabe you wanna take off your clothes...?' trying to get him to play on the slipnslide..also clover is officially communicating with her signs it is awesome. she signed more food please.. first sentence! *proud* *excited cuz this equals less whining*.

i can't seem to move these pictures after nashville was before her party but not on this blog... it turned out the guys had a day off on clover's birthday and would be in nashville for a couple days. i thought it was silly for him to be sitting around not with her on her bday and so found it a good excuse to finally get in a [long overdue] visit there. irony of all ironies [or maybe not, irony is a confusing word] katie and aj were heading to columbus the same day. bummer but we still stayed at their place and i got to see katie [and her neighborhood world] for a few hours before they left so that was cool. katie and i are sliding doors living the alternate universe of each other..she's me without kids and i'm in kid world.. it's weird and cool and bittersweet on both ends and interesting. life will keep changing. saylor stayed with col's parents and clover was perfect on the trip. i mean...perfect. i love traveling so i didn't really think twice about the car ride and clover apparently enjoys them too. i only ever worried because she was so quiet ha! didn't she did not cry at all on the trip and we hit 40 mins of traffic on the way home so that's awesome. awesome she hung in there, not awesome about the traffic blurg i was makin' some sweet time. i had too much [relaxing easygoing] fun, i just love so many people there and while i wouldn't necessary want to live there... i wouldn't mind being there for a few months to just spend time with some people. also... the coffee shops. my fave. come on now.
love clover's perplexed-ness.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


clover will be one on thursday! it went by.. so. so. fast. that was crazy. she's delicious. colin's mom just pulled out a bunch of baby pictures of colin and OH my gosh i didn't realize that she IS colin. saylor is me and i'm walking around holding a baby girl colin it's wild. she currently has 3 teeth and just started actually crawling in the last few days. girl's been taking her time. i think she pulled herself up to standing once, but i missed it and now i'm starting to doubt it and wonder if i'm the one who put her there standing.. but it's all good i like that she stays put, shoot i'm enjoying it while it lasts. she loves to wave, hug and kiss, so big, and can sign nurse, all done, play, and please although we are still prompting those [besides wave/hug/nurse], she is not really communicating her needs just yet. she makes a whistle type face a lot, likes to dance, has just learned to drink from a straw and is finally laughing at saylor's attacks more than crying.
heather had baby cohen on thursday which defined a wonderful weekend of excitement and love. i walked in their room to see him and just cried and cried and oh my gosh how i love pregnancy/birth/babies. that. may be my passion.[wanna bea doula!] oh the weight of his presence, sweet little burrito i love him so! heather is doing amazing too i'm so excited for her. and at this moment linzi is in labor as well!!! the adrenaline from it all is funny i'm so hyped up and exhausted at the same time. had some of my bffs over saturday night and it was one of those perfect nights of hilarious and deep convos that went on for hours. i love love love my girlfriends. i feel like i see them a lot but there was something sweet about that night it was just special for all of us i think.
i'm on this candida cleanse/diet thing.. for almost a month now and it's annoying but i think it's been helping with the health problems i've had for the past two years. it's nice to finally have a doctor that's diving in, very thorough and willing to find the root and bring me back to good health. i am sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and peanut free [and mushrooms no peas no bananas no oranges it goes on and on]. it is SAD. fortunately we eat pretty healthy and i am already used to eating fresh produce and such.. so in that sense it's not difficult, i am creative and feel like i have plenty to eat.. but oh oh oh i miss coffee and ice cream and bread. and cheese. i am taking a high dose of nystatin for about a month and then i plan to switch to doterra's GX assist and hopefully start to be more flexible in my diet. i do suggest if you aren't feeling well in any way- do an elimination diet for a few weeks! we don't realize how things can affect us. and it's nice to kinda cleanse your body in a way. it's also a discipline that forces you to be more aware of what you are eating which is good because we feed ourselves crap a lot. food is to be celebrated and enjoyed and it's community and love and delicious..but it's also fuel. food keeps us healthy and vital and strong and the wrong foods can make us sickly, diseased, depressed, etc... all stuff we know but so hard to put into action. anyhow this is all common knowledge i'm just rambling...
things i'm loving: babies!!!
2.words with friends, always
3.terra chips and homemade hummus
4. my son's constant questions and his random accent he has lately
5. free haircuts from jayme
6.laughing at tina fey's new book
7.the last few episodes of oprah!
8. walking outside with friends. and target and easton. to 'return something' because we always seem to have things to return. love. amazon.
10.fascinated/warm fuzzies watching clover's sweet little calculated crawls
11.the warm weather and my husband's garden and his cuteness with his shorts and tan

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


whenever i think about journaling these days i want to write stuff in an actual journal or write in clover's baby book.... but still so sad i haven't been writing on here much!
so many fun things have been going on including an overdue trip to california for me!! but will have to write about that later.. for now, what's going on this moment...
a stuck at home day due to crazy ice storm that has been going on. we braved it yesterday and went out but wasn't worth it today. i fell on our icy driveway yesterday and today. yesterday it was funny and today it totally hurt. it was awkward [read:fun- i love awkwardness] too because the mailman was with me- he was trekking up to hand me a package and so i started to come out to meet him since i wanted to get the mail anyhow. he said our driveway was ridiculous, and it is. it's on a weird slanted/curvy hill first of all [my car slid off it a few days ago had to call a tow truck!] and it's rocks, not paved-and then currently totally covered in thick ice, VERY slippery... anyway the mail guy has some like serious traction boot things on and he's carefully walking up and i'm in my sweats and colin's boots and i totally fly up and slam down hard it was awesome. he was pretty concerned for me and i brushed it off until i got inside and let a couple tears shed. ouch! i said forget the mail! and went back inside but of course went out 20 minutes later and carefully walked down the hill and avoided our driveway to get the precious mail.
saylor is snuggling on me and watching lady and the tramp.. i put clover down at 5:30 she was a wreck. think she's getting sick [agaaain!] saylor was sick all last week, was pitiful though the mellowness was nice i have to say. she also may be teething? anyhow sometimes the days are long but as a whole i LOVE my 'job' and i'm so beyond content and blessed with my family and where we are at..wouldn't trade it. like i find myself humming and dancing as i go about my day.. cuz i love what i'm doing, and that's a good sign :) it's fun to have a bunch of our close friends having kids as well and of course it's helpful that our parents watch our kids for us. my trip to cali was so fun and rejuvenating.. thankful to travel and feel like 'myself' and not get lost in momworld.
busy month, colin is home for a few days this sunday and they have a few shows that i'm going to this month as well, it's all spaced really well so it will be fun. ...
and now i'm going to put my boy down, make some dinner and yah, that's right, watch gossip girl.