Thursday, December 15, 2011

baby names

i am 14 weeks and we are finding out in a couple days what we are having! yes i know it's a little weird to find out this early but 1. it helps me connect. next ultrasound will be around 25 weeks and if i wait that long i may as well wait till the end! in my mind. 3. i admire the people who choose to be surprised and there is something super special about it.. but try as i might, i can't resist finding out. 4. we wanted to know before christmas :)
so somehow i've ended up naming my kids really unusual names and i can't stop now. but i wanted to make a list of baby names i love but can never use. because i'm not having 45 kids.

names that are 'too popular' for me to use now but that i still love:
1. sophie
2. claire
5. nora
6. nadia
7. camille
8. gabriel
9. gavin
10. corra
11. abram
12. daphne

baby names i love that we won't use because we know people/kids with that name:
1. marlo
4. olive
7. juniper
10. ruby
11. lola
12. phoenix
13. pearl

baby names i've considered but don't think will work for various reasons:
no wait, i can't share that :)

celebrity baby names i like and won't use because of the dang celebrity connection:
1. shiloh
2. sunday

i know there are a bunch more and if i think of them i will add them. as you can see i think of girl names much easier than boy names!

the website i LOVE for looking up names is it has fun little posts about names and a huge index of all types of names and their popularity. love it!


iExpect said...

Sky, Grier, Dallas, Wyatt, Summit...How's that for starters? I have others that come to mind but not for you and Colin :)

iExpect said...

iExpect was some sort of Google group I started once...Not sure where it came from...Google frightens me time to time...Ben.

Sarah Judkins said...

Eden - boy or girl name :)

meridith said...

i'm so honored that marlo is on the list :) i love this brainstorming (but you already know that)

jenny mae. said...

anise (like star anise), valley, fawne, fern, fig, wind, saffron, ginger, goldie, poppy, moss

Happy Hippie said...

I'm excited to see what you will name #3. Your kids have such fun names! I vote thumbs up for Jenny's suggestion Fern, Fawne, and Poppy. Love those names.

Kiran Iluri said...

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