Sunday, October 26, 2008

my son as a mouse

i mean seriously.saylor as a mouse, it's so fantastic.

look at how it sticks out all chubbs around his hips i love it!
i've been so fortunate to have borrowed many-a-clothes from my friend jenny, who has a son a couple years older than saylor. last year saylor's sweet octopus costume was from them but this year auggie's fireman costume was already loaned out. today we went to a church party thing called 'trunk or treat' and kids got candy from the trunks of people's cars. there was also a bunch of food, games, slides,etc.oh and the firetruck that saylor is on there. and of course this friday is halloween/trick-or-treat. i'm actually going to cleveland to see my husband but my mom wants to take saylor around her block. SO crunch time i needed a costume.i popped into target yesterday and decided to check out their costumes. mostly $30-40. but on one end they had a tiny little sale section. mostly infant costumes.and this big ol' toddler mouse costume! $14 and i swear it was the best costume there tonight. and many agreed- children and adults kept cooing over him and a few said it was their favorite costume.a-thank-you it kept him warm! now i say it is a unisex costume but i will admit about 8-10 people said 'she's so cute'. there was one other child there that was actually wearing the same mouse and i'm not sure if it was a boy or girl! but i'm thinking girl.i think it's a boy type costume but whatever.i'm still in love with it and i could not get ENOUGH of his little fluffy tush with the's his backside- him and emily.she was cinderella but did not last too long in her outfit.sarah took this picture only of the front of them, which is likely cuter but oh well.

i want him to wear this costume all the time until he grows out of it. so if you see me at trader joe's or church or somin' and i'm carrying a big mouse.. it probably won't be because saylor begged to wear it, it'll be because i made him wear it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

soup is comfort

my whole week has been watching gilmore girls and eating soup, with some hang time with friends and family here and there.

sometimes i get on a kick with food and i eat it everyday. [my english muffin thing started when saylor was born and i still eat one every single day.] i'll get on something and have it every day for like 6 months...or 2 years...then one day i'm over it. other food/drink ive been mildly obsessed with---
popcorn [from the stove.every day]
a can of diet cream soda [to which i now say gross!]
sugar free jello
all natural crunchy peanutbutter [ever present]
sugar free creamsicles
and my starbucks drinks are as follows:
sugarfree vanilla nonfat latte
sugarfree hazelnut nonfat extra hot latte
iced coffee with nonfat milk and two splenda
chai tea with the tea bags, splenda and splash o'milk
americano, splash of cream and splenda
pregnant, hated coffee- iced soy milk with a pump of mocha
soy extra extra hot latte
and NOW it is coffee with a little cream.
what is YOUR starbucks drink history? :)
very odd i am i totally had forgotten about those creamsicles.of course now i very much avoid fake sugar so i don't do the splenda, sugar-free or dietness but i digress. soup,good. gilmore girls...beyond good.
carved some pumpkins last night with friends.colin tried to join in on i-chat but it wasn't the same.

one of my best-friend-since-birth's mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. it's really hard for me to even write that, she's not just my 'friend's mom'... i love her so much, she's my mother's best friend...she is family to me. they are hopeful and going forth with attacking this thing and getting rid of it asap. please please pray for her and her family. they are a pretty incredible family!!! i love you doyles!
also this afternoon saylor and i were snuggling on the couch and i started singing a worship song 'lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary'. and he lifted his arms in worship. no joke. he knew what he was doing. so i kept singing and i would lift my hand and then he would and we worshipped together and it was pretty awesome.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

counting days till colin's home

well we made our trek to PA and back with the schnecks and it was a success! i seriously can't believe we did it but i'm so glad we did and it was lots of fun. i think if you picture a trip with a child or two it seems daunting and overwhelming but you just gotta DO it and and play it by the hour and just make it work.i think both our children were better than we thought they'd be.there was definitely less sleep-naps were rare, sleeping in the same room as them wasn't easy,but considering that they were even better behaved my gosh! shoot. we were excited to go to NYC on a day off but it did not happen because the night before the van we were driving got broken into.only the GPS charger was taken for some reason they grabbed that and not the camera or dvd player that was sitting there.but we spent the morning fixing a window and not in NYC. oh well. next time, eh?! but we enjoyed time with each other and time with our husbands and it was so worth it. saylor loved watching colin play the drums. he was so mesmorized that it almost weirded me out, like he was in a trance! he loves music, and he loves drums, whaddya figure.i genuinely like being 'on the road' with colin, always have. and it looks different with a child but i still like it and i'd do it all the time if i could..
and i'm still trying to take pictures more and it just doesn't happen i only take random pictures of saylor on my phone. but colin did get a cute one of the boys in the tub.

i just cannot get over how flippin' handsome little liam is.i think he is one of the most beautiful babes i've ever seen! so ya-gap,regis and kelly baby contest... go for it liam, you've got my vote anyway!
took a trip to a pumpkin farm yesterday and i got some fun pictures but i'm not on my comptuer yet [we are STILL waiting for the mac to arrive.but thankful they upgraded us to a new/better version.and thankful we got a %25 employee no complaining. but i stole a friend's computer today i think i'm getting desperate.] anyhow i'll put more pictures up later.
and now, less than two weeks until i will see colin which is not bad at all.i know the days are going to be long being a 'single mom'... saylor probably won't eat as well and will watch more tv than normal and i likely won't get dressed or even showered on some of these days, just bein' honest. but we will make it and i am so grateful for friends and family that are willing and able to watch saylor from time to time!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

lack of sleep week

i was at colin's parents house today and colin's dad mark said 'hey michelle, why does this bother you?' and he folds his ear. EEEK! he then said he was reading my blog. this sums mark up pretty well to me- a couple years ago we were both just standing in the kitchen and he goes ''s your sex life?' fortunately i can handle such frank-ness i find it amusing/hilarious and it's pretty much how i am too so i can roll with it. i love colin's family dearly and i'm so happy to be a rigsby.
enjoying their grandson this afternoon

tomorrow saylor and i are embarking on a trip to pennsylvania with lindsay to visit the husbands and have some family time and hangout time. we don't know how exactly it's going to play out but we are going to make it work and hopefully our children will go with the flow! i woke up this morning feeling sick and saylor had a crusty/runny nose. so i've been praying out loud a lot today and asking others to do so too. and i'm going to believe that jesus is healing me. also i'm taking zicam and drinking lotsa tea.
so cool! he prefers to wear my sunglasses over his own.

seriously two weeks ago they were fighting and couldn't share and then last week i had dinner at sarah's house and we were just chatting [ok i was making fun of sarah for letting herself get talked into giving money to come people who came to her door talking about coal and water or something] and suddenly we realized our children were laughing. together. playing. getting along. so we took videos and enjoyed the moment then it happened again two days later at her birthday party. they played. they loved on each other. now here they are on their way to eat. i was in cincinnati and sarah sent me this picture and said they kept holding hands! they walked out of the restaurant holding hands! people often think they are twins.

munki hasn't been spotlighted in awhile but here's our kitty we still love her. most of the time. she was hoping colin would pack her and take her with him.

p.s. saylor is still calling me bobby. i'm starting to love it though of course can't wait for mommy. sometimes he can halfway get it and say mobby. i'll go 'say mouse' 'bouse!' 'say mmm-ouse' 'mouse' 'yay, say mommy!' and he goes 'mobby!' 'yay!' then two seconds later 'bobby! bobby!' so i'm bobby it's cool. bob.

also- YES

love the video, hadn't heard of adventconspiracy before but now i'm off to learn more about it!!!