Saturday, October 25, 2008

soup is comfort

my whole week has been watching gilmore girls and eating soup, with some hang time with friends and family here and there.

sometimes i get on a kick with food and i eat it everyday. [my english muffin thing started when saylor was born and i still eat one every single day.] i'll get on something and have it every day for like 6 months...or 2 years...then one day i'm over it. other food/drink ive been mildly obsessed with---
popcorn [from the stove.every day]
a can of diet cream soda [to which i now say gross!]
sugar free jello
all natural crunchy peanutbutter [ever present]
sugar free creamsicles
and my starbucks drinks are as follows:
sugarfree vanilla nonfat latte
sugarfree hazelnut nonfat extra hot latte
iced coffee with nonfat milk and two splenda
chai tea with the tea bags, splenda and splash o'milk
americano, splash of cream and splenda
pregnant, hated coffee- iced soy milk with a pump of mocha
soy extra extra hot latte
and NOW it is coffee with a little cream.
what is YOUR starbucks drink history? :)
very odd i am i totally had forgotten about those creamsicles.of course now i very much avoid fake sugar so i don't do the splenda, sugar-free or dietness but i digress. soup,good. gilmore girls...beyond good.
carved some pumpkins last night with friends.colin tried to join in on i-chat but it wasn't the same.

one of my best-friend-since-birth's mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. it's really hard for me to even write that, she's not just my 'friend's mom'... i love her so much, she's my mother's best friend...she is family to me. they are hopeful and going forth with attacking this thing and getting rid of it asap. please please pray for her and her family. they are a pretty incredible family!!! i love you doyles!
also this afternoon saylor and i were snuggling on the couch and i started singing a worship song 'lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary'. and he lifted his arms in worship. no joke. he knew what he was doing. so i kept singing and i would lift my hand and then he would and we worshipped together and it was pretty awesome.


Kelly*Marie said...

Thanks Michelle. I love you.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

White mocha
Nonfat w/whip white mocha
Nonfat caramel macchiato
Sugar free vanilla nonfat caramel macchiato
Nonfat latte....and that's where I'm at folks...

Kristin said...

WHAT!! Barbie!!!

meridith said...

pumpkin carving is so fun! yours look great!

starbucks drinks. hmm.
these are the ones i love:
caramel apple cider (that's what i'd get if i could right now)
low fat mocha frapp w/whip cream
tall americano w/lots of cream and no sugar
mint mocha frapp
pumpkin spice latte