Sunday, October 19, 2008

counting days till colin's home

well we made our trek to PA and back with the schnecks and it was a success! i seriously can't believe we did it but i'm so glad we did and it was lots of fun. i think if you picture a trip with a child or two it seems daunting and overwhelming but you just gotta DO it and and play it by the hour and just make it work.i think both our children were better than we thought they'd be.there was definitely less sleep-naps were rare, sleeping in the same room as them wasn't easy,but considering that they were even better behaved my gosh! shoot. we were excited to go to NYC on a day off but it did not happen because the night before the van we were driving got broken into.only the GPS charger was taken for some reason they grabbed that and not the camera or dvd player that was sitting there.but we spent the morning fixing a window and not in NYC. oh well. next time, eh?! but we enjoyed time with each other and time with our husbands and it was so worth it. saylor loved watching colin play the drums. he was so mesmorized that it almost weirded me out, like he was in a trance! he loves music, and he loves drums, whaddya figure.i genuinely like being 'on the road' with colin, always have. and it looks different with a child but i still like it and i'd do it all the time if i could..
and i'm still trying to take pictures more and it just doesn't happen i only take random pictures of saylor on my phone. but colin did get a cute one of the boys in the tub.

i just cannot get over how flippin' handsome little liam is.i think he is one of the most beautiful babes i've ever seen! so ya-gap,regis and kelly baby contest... go for it liam, you've got my vote anyway!
took a trip to a pumpkin farm yesterday and i got some fun pictures but i'm not on my comptuer yet [we are STILL waiting for the mac to arrive.but thankful they upgraded us to a new/better version.and thankful we got a %25 employee no complaining. but i stole a friend's computer today i think i'm getting desperate.] anyhow i'll put more pictures up later.
and now, less than two weeks until i will see colin which is not bad at all.i know the days are going to be long being a 'single mom'... saylor probably won't eat as well and will watch more tv than normal and i likely won't get dressed or even showered on some of these days, just bein' honest. but we will make it and i am so grateful for friends and family that are willing and able to watch saylor from time to time!


Happy Hippie said...

What a cute photo. Those boys look like they could be brothers! I am so glad you had fun in PA. Sorry to hear about the GPS charger. Trev's had several district managers,from out of state,come in town.3 of them have had their trucks broken into and the GPS stolen. All of the other expensive stuff was left behind. The cops said it is the top thing they are seeing stolen from cars right now. :( Why do some people have to suck?
Give me a call if you need a little R&R during the day or a trip the grocery by yourself. I can watch Saylor at your place or mine.

Kelly*Marie said...

SO CUTEEEE! I miss you!