Friday, September 28, 2007

he sleeps!

last night saylor slept 12 hours straight!!! yay this is it,he did feels like something we've been working toward ..since birth i guess and he finally did it.not to say he'll be doing it every night but we're getting there. wed-thurs he actually cried from 5:58am-6:58am i went in there to check once and then finally caved and nursed him back to sleep.naps are still only an hour each on average but oh well at least his mood is great and he's sleeping at night great.what a good he realized the joy of knocking down blocks i'd stack up high.and he didn't care if i was like 'good job!' but he laughed hysterically if i acted upset or sad when he knocked them down. hhhmm! ok now i'm feeling like i need a separate blog for saylor that's funny.i do have one i actually write-write
spent some time with carri today.Lord please bless their family and put jeff where he should be Lord he is so willing and able.use him lord.
had chi-poat-ul.discovered there is such thing as too much sourcream.
amber told me a great story of a yellowjacket being in between her legs while she was driving [aagh!] which led to trying to convince her to make a blog as she has great stories.but alas.
i also drove to workout [put in contacts,changed to workout clothes,changed saylor] walk in and the childcare isn't open fridays.ah.contemplated driving to lifestyle as i have a free pass there still but the traffic was a no workout today now that feeling is no fun.taking the workout clothes back off.not even sweaty.haha.
i've been thinking that it's ridiculous that hospitals serve such crappy processed
food [when i was in school for nutrition i saw first hand the meals they serve]. and i want to do something about needs to change.but how do i start?! i so want to do things.make a difference,even if just hanging out at a nursing home or whatever. but i can't just sit around and think about it.. I KNOW.i need to restart the H.O.P.E. club! my friends and i started it when we were...10 or so? stands for Helping Other People Endlessly.i was the treasurer.all we ever did was...write up rules, collect our change...and make t-shirts and walk in a local parade.haha! oh good times.kristin knows what i'm talking do i make her name 'kristin' so it's a link to click on?!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

still september

-i 'spun' again tonight.a harder,slightly longer class.grr! i wussed out a bit mostly because i couldn't breathe,i don't like that feeling so i had to slow down a bit. i have asthma and it's never been a problem but...i don't want to make it a problem.
-i have so many mosquito bites it feels like i have chicken pox my gosh
-i'm craving some tattooooos
-i want to shave my head
-for the 1st time in years i have no earrings in my ears today and i'm realizing how i touch my ears to twist my earrings like a bazillion times a lobes are lonely i need to go buy some more. i just like little dot earrings but i always buy cheap ones and they get 'old' fast.then i buy more. i should invest in some quality pairs.
anyhow.yesterday judy watched saylor for a little bit and i went to the bookstore and sunflower was nice.then i had dinner with her and mark.after i put saylor down [at mi padres] heather and i worked out [go HAM!] this morning went to bug park [innis woods] with jenny and was so beautiful! the kids loved it.
colin sent a video on our phones talking to saylor [why hadn't we done this yet?!] oh my gosh.i haven't cried since he left till this.we watched it over and over and over and each time it started 'hi saylor! hi bigboy!' he would smile and get all excited. THEN when colin waved, saylor waved back! [everytime] that's when i lost it.and he just stared so intesnely,not moving, occasionally smiling and occasionally really looking sad.we watched it at least 20 mom held him and made me watch him watching colin's kinda amazing.realizing how aware he is.he knows that's his daddy! so then colin sent a 'nigh-nigh' video for saylor to watch before i put him down for we watched that over and over too.
ooh the office season premiere tomorrow!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


saylor has a tooth! as spotted by carriane early this morning.yay! SO cute.
well sunday i spent some time with the pflugs.i brought in saylors booster seat to use for the 1st time.put it on the chair but did not strap it in. :( awful. he fell face forward to the ground.i did not see it-i heard it and stephen saw it.he was in pain and very scared but is ok.i am proud of how calm i remained! poor little guy.has a little bruise/scrape on his eye.sheesh then today he was playing in the kitchen then i put him in his sauce and gave him a couple goldfish.he was trying to put one in his mouth when i realized a magnent was in his mouth! it was a large magnent meaning he couldn't swallow it but oh my lord what if it wasn't! these are scary things but the little man is on the move and we need to be on guard.
went to jhouse,jeff lead worship [amazing].then spent the night at the andersons. carri made pumpkin pancakes this morning. although! heather/amber/michelle have formed H.A.M. motivate us to get into shape by the new year so be it. HAM power.
jenny came over for a bit today.and then i babysat.good times.colin's calling me now. poor colin.he just wants to be home so bad.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

bad brownies

well they couldn't find anything wrong with the passat.said maybe it just needs to be driven more to be cleaned out [its a 1999 with only 45k miles].so whaddya figure. hanging out with jenny was great as per usual.picnic to come i hope.saylor borrowed some aaawesome clothes from auggie! big blessing.he's a stud now.[well,even more studly]stud? i never say it sounds weird.
beth spent the night friday at the rigsby's-what do i call this amazing house? the house on riverview i don't know but it's luxorious.[plus walking to starbucks,bliss!]it's true you can't help but feel peaceful.saylor woke up at 645am happily staring out their huge windows then wouldn't really nap as it's quite bright.
i went home to make brownies.i can't even make brownies! the first batch was from a box and i forgot them in the oven.i've never done that! burnt to a crisp.anyway it only woulda made like batch was from scratch.i only had ingredients to make the 'cake brownies'so i did but did not have ingred.for the frosting.they tasted fine but def.needed frosting. it tasted like cake completely,not brownie.i should have stopped there and picked up frosting on my way-oh ya these were for a party.but no i proceeded to [attempt to] make a frosting. it was gross. i tasted it and said yuck but then i spread it over the whole pan of cake. why?! i ruined a perfectly good cake brownie.i tasted the frosted cake brownie and nasty there was no's still in my fridge cuz i hate the thought of just dumping it all out. but seriously it was so funny to me i was just laughing and laughing. also saylor and i danced to music for awhile and that was hysterical to him.good times. i picked up cookies at meijer-good cookies-but still i hate that! ah well.
party was great.met a mom of 3 with a daughter saylor's age.overheard her saying 'well she only woke up 3times last night so that's good' heard it out of context but still 'made me feel better' ha.but she was nice-has a homegroup that i'm totally interested in [read-childcare and in westerville] but it's mondays nights and i babysit then.saylor was handsome and so happy [lots of kids there] but he got so tired that i put him down at like 630 there. [in a crib] around 930 the miller clan needed the room so jeff jumped at the chance to get saylor and snuggle.we thought we'd see how he did if he woke up.i've never done that before as he was basically 'down for the night' people and kids were still there.saylor was a huge snuggle bug it was sooo people just held him and he snuggled all bleary eyed.i had to leave poor guy just wanted to was a goodbye party for the miller's and i got a little emotional when i left.they are going to africa for 5 years. i will miss them!
i could easily type all day i have to refrain myself.
best news of THE YEAR[4me]-someone has made an offer on my sister's HOUSE! i want to cry they've been trying to sell it for over a year.they moved to chicago last year and have been paying too much for their little apartment there while still paying too much for a house in SC that they don't live's been very hard on them plus they want to move to columbus but the timing on that was dependent on when this flippin house would sell.stupid much goes into that-the emotional and financial trying not to get too excited, praying it all works out.AGH!

Friday, September 21, 2007

i spun

i did a spinning class with erin yesterday.this is my second time doing it and i was sure it'd be harder especially since i worked out my legs the day before.but it was great.i tried to pace myself but i think it was better because i knew how it was going to go,ya know.still wanted to pass out 15 minutes into it but you push through and it's awesome.legs felt like jelly afterward but i appreciated the cardio part of it even more.i hate cardio in general, i don't like feeling out of breath.but it is good for the body.and yes, the instructor was oh, 6months pregnant! flippin-a.which means she was preg.when i went last time, no one had any idea.ya.she's a great instructor. very motivating and challenging.
finally took in the passat [for the 4th time.whhhhyyy] i had a dream it was $352. only problem it's having is it doesn't start after getting gas! so odd. i wish i knew cars. also taxes i want to understand and do taxes. for real.
going to hang out with jenny mae today.yay! then going on vacay to the rigsby senior's abode for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

work it out

i worked out today.gettin' back in the swing o'things! more importantly though yesterday i ate my first apple in...oh,year and a half! odder still because i used to eat one eeeevery single stinkin day.occasionally twice. a couple weeks ago i forced a whole banana down to.same situation! [will my tastes change when i am done nursing!?] but i must eat more fruits and vegs. i manage to eat veggies but i need to eat more variety.
the past two days i've been researching [like mad] vaccinations.and we are pretty decided that we will no longer be vaccinating brain is full of so much right now and i don't want to write it all [as i've printed out masses of info anyhow] but this is just where we are at right now. but i feel so strongly that i feel the need to tell all my friends to not give their child the MMR vaccine.yes, autism has spurred on my interest.i've been reading [researching?] on autism for maybe 4 years's a scary epidemic.they are saying even 1 in 70 boys. one in 70!!! Lord be with us. i've been feeling anxious off and on but making this decision has brought relief and peace.
visited beth ayer at lincolns and today she came over for a bit. i appreciate this so much as the days are lonely without mr.col.she [you] is lovely and i love her friendship.i love thinking about how long i've known my friends.because i have several friends i've known forever [23 years] so it's fun that some other friends are reaching [almost!] to the decade mark. i treasure this.
i literally was conciously confident thinking 'ya saylor only wakes up once now.that's cool.soon it'll be solid...'and no he decided to wake up 4 times last night.haha.hopefully that's the fluke now tho.and it was all between 530-730am so. that's good.

Monday, September 17, 2007

missing my man

colin left today and he will be gone an entire month.that is too long a stretch. grr. he complained about it to his manager but of course that went nowhere. we'd both be in better spirits about it if it was going to bring home some bacon, but it barely we are both very sad but holding on to knowing it's not going to keep being like this.we will just have to see what happens. but he can't keep doing this.
i've been missing the internet.our free wifi has disappeared and we've been quite busy. this weekend was chock full of people. friday we had his surprise party and it turned out just great.i mean really.he was blessed. saturday was another birthday party [saylor slept at yet another friend's house.good boy it's amazing.list to come]
and sunday he had a show.the highlight of that was seeing a huge picture of colin on the radiou van. funny.i guess he was on a billboard too but we never saw it! wish i had. it was great though colin's parents watched saylor. he was awesome for them. drank 6oz of my milk from a bottle [he never does that] played,ate and slept great. i'm feeling better about leaving him with people as he gets older.which is a free-er feeling.i feel like 'myself' again [not to say i'm not myself when i'm in mother mode] but it's nice to be out and have my eyes and ears focused on one thing at a time.ha.
today saylor did 'so big!' [arms up in air] for the first time.i think two weeks ago he began waving and then last week he started's so cute he will do all three at once, he is so proud of himself.twice while nursing today he began waving it was funny.he's been sleeping really great just waking up once about 1-2 hours before he's up for the day [so either like 630 or 730].if i do nurse him then it is only for about 5min or so.i'm very excited that he's been sleeping 10-11 hours if we can just let go of this last waking.i don't beleive he's ready to be up for the day as he's still very tired and wanting to sleep.
it was nice to spend time with close friends this weekend and i am going to try to keep myself busy this month. i've made a list of things to do so that'll help.
i'm wearing a shirt i got at platos for like 80cents. it says shell on's the gas station shell but i like it cuz people call me works.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

and the thunder rooollls

nice storm going on.colin left this morning and will be back tomorrow evening.quiet to work out-colin got 2 free passes to lifestyle fitness till end of september. we got a week pass there a couple months ago.when we went back a couple days ago the girl in their 'kid's club' looked at us and said 'saylor!' how nice it made me want to join the gym!
spent over an hour looking for a pacifier. i was convinced it disappeared into thin air. it was insane! i retraced all my steps 5000 times and i looked in really random places like the frig,cupboards,saylor's pockets for crying out do they just disappear?! and then what a waste of time to spend looking for it. we do have more than one. it reminded me of how i always start doing something at the worst time FOR example every monday morning that i have to work at 5am is always the time when i realize i must my eyes are barely open and i have but 10 minutes to get ready and run out the door and there i am, plucking ever so slowly as i'm not even really was under a toy.i swear i had looked there.of course.
i don't think it's really [as] funny to other people, but children are often hilarious to their parents.i mean we always have laughed at munki and now we laugh and laugh at saylor.i know it's only going to get better when he's older.haha.
alright i am offcially for real no more nursing him in the middle of the night. i cannot cave! it involves more soothing.rocking.oh good times.actually it is.

Friday, September 7, 2007

hot hubby

i find extreme pleasure in cutting saylor's fingernails.
i love colin so much he's seriously the most amazing person in every way. and oh how he makes me laugh. so, naturally, i'm entering him in the redbook magazine hot husband contest. haha! so yes i read redbook from time to time [i call it fluff reading] and every year they do this hot husband contest, the winner wins a cruise. but seriously colin is like amazing in every stinking area of his life! it's insane. and handsome to boot. how could he not win. :) now i gotta write them a 500word essay on the man. i'm serious though seriously. he loves jesus. he's devoted to me and our son [and cat]. he is extremely hands on with our son. he's always cleaning the house, he works his tail off to provide for us, he loves to cook, he's healthy and fit, artistic, hilarious,genuine,.encouraging,comforting. he always listens/enjoys all my chatter, he shares his life with me. he's patient, quick to apologize and forgive.loves to love me. ha ok i'm done.they seem like normal good traits i suppose but i can't explain how he truly is the best husband and father in the whole world. i know i'm biased but i seriously feel that way every day. he's like happily shopping with me for groceries or clothes..playing scrabble...well i guess it's just we are quite compatable.ya he just gets me..and we love to spend time it works out. thank you lord for him.ya i enjoy i feel the need to tell only makes sense.
my allergies are driving me crazy! poor munki i don't let her sleep with me anymore.she's been replaced by a roll of toilet paper.
saylor is crawling and cruising all over the's so fun to watch.he's so happy.and he's babbling more. he says 'dat' alot. and is starting f and g sounds. no mamas yet. but every time he says dada colin replies 'yes honey?' he'll make the connection soon enough! he is 9months old today.i cannot believe how fast it goes.
we rented a disc of seinfeld season 7 from el library. it is SO hilarious! i literally laughed through the entire episode 'the gum'. this is the one where jerry ends up wearing these huge thick glasses and can't's brilliant.we also love curb your enthusiasm.ah sigh. laugh.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


well back from chicago and now colin's home for a couple days too. had a good time with my sister, she needs to hurry up and move him. we went to ikea and it was just wonderful, ikea needs to hurry up and make a home in columbus too! grr. i mean really.i want everything there. i was like 'hey guys keep an eye out for a gift i could get colin, i don't know...' no sooner are the words out of my mouth and aaron's like 'what about this' and picks up a french press. so funny it was right there! i'm like huh. actually ya that'd be good. how easy.i also got him [saylor] a horse head on a stick,ya know. cuz he said he wanted a horse! yes i always manage to buy random things no matter where i am.saylor loves it.horses are funny i don't know why.
ooh colin just said he made a let's see if he actually writes in it.he did the same thing as me, thought you had to create an account to leave a comment.
well saylor went down happily at 8:00. only woke up once at 6:40! and up for day at 8:30. yay! as my sister has said though-likely not the norm, likely a fluke.haha. twas nice though.although ya i went to bed at 11:30, up at 1:30,2:30, 5:30,6:40, 8;30. ya that's how i roll.colin came home in the middle of the night so that...kept me up to.
i will now say foods i used to love and now hate or semi-tolerate since it's been a year and a half! gah!
gum,particularly spearmint and fruity gum
crunchy granola bars
fresh peppers, broccoli
diet soda
and there's more.i'm slowly enjoying more variety though but it's SO strange!! the bananas,americanos,gum and pop were the craziest cuz i had those about every day.suddenly can't even bear to look at them.don't mind kicking the gum and pop habit though so that's cool.actually hope to never drink it again.we are water drinkers.... dr.mehmet oz is an awesome doctor fyi.he's on oprah frequently and in GQ and other magazines.he's passionate and very smart about the human gusta.
reminder to myself to post my car history because it's ridiculous.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

chicago times

thursday was busy and fun.morning was at jennys with nikki and beth +kids.seeing the boys made me excited for saylor to be a toddler.thank you jenny for opening your home to everyone.and to see belt for a hot minute since i accidently gave her my antibiotics.
got a bunch of boy clothes from colin's cousin/aunt.2 huge boxes! pretty cool.spent the night at carri's on thursday.we went thru one box,what to keep,what will go to once upon a child [sorry nascar outfit] it was lovely and felt like 'old times' when i lived with her for a to see stamber and even who are actually in chicago right now too,actually real close to us too! haha we went to the zoo in the morning with a bunch of people. saylor loved the animals! i can't explain how it feels to make your child now christmas is exciting again. he loved the gorillas of course and the rhino.couldn't stay too long as we had to go to chicago!
it took about 7 1/2 hrs+ to get here mostly because of traffic of course. and we only stopped once! i mean, saylor was perfect.i don't like to use that word, but he was perfect it was crazy! thank you lord. he was happy, then he napped, then we played, he ate.he didn't fall asleep till 9cuz he wanted to nurse i know but he never cried. and i was able to 'transfer' him from the car to emily's crib seamlessly. and yes i did nurse him whilst changing his diaper and outfit.while he still slept. multitasking woohoo.
it's nice to be here and i feel so at home in my sisters home. we may go to navy pier today? and hopefully ikea at some point,yippee.
ok my dad and i were looking at the word accidently i wrote earlier. it says it's spelled wrong and we realized it should be accidentally. but ew i don't like saying it like and sarah are working on [munki bread! and] omelets which leads me to another list. well i should save it for another post but it will be 'foods i used to like but since pregnancy now hate or only mildly tolerate.' it's crazy.i wonder what my next pregnancies will be like.ya i spelled munki like my cat's name.oh i hope she's doing ok poor thing.