Friday, September 7, 2007

hot hubby

i find extreme pleasure in cutting saylor's fingernails.
i love colin so much he's seriously the most amazing person in every way. and oh how he makes me laugh. so, naturally, i'm entering him in the redbook magazine hot husband contest. haha! so yes i read redbook from time to time [i call it fluff reading] and every year they do this hot husband contest, the winner wins a cruise. but seriously colin is like amazing in every stinking area of his life! it's insane. and handsome to boot. how could he not win. :) now i gotta write them a 500word essay on the man. i'm serious though seriously. he loves jesus. he's devoted to me and our son [and cat]. he is extremely hands on with our son. he's always cleaning the house, he works his tail off to provide for us, he loves to cook, he's healthy and fit, artistic, hilarious,genuine,.encouraging,comforting. he always listens/enjoys all my chatter, he shares his life with me. he's patient, quick to apologize and forgive.loves to love me. ha ok i'm done.they seem like normal good traits i suppose but i can't explain how he truly is the best husband and father in the whole world. i know i'm biased but i seriously feel that way every day. he's like happily shopping with me for groceries or clothes..playing scrabble...well i guess it's just we are quite compatable.ya he just gets me..and we love to spend time it works out. thank you lord for him.ya i enjoy i feel the need to tell only makes sense.
my allergies are driving me crazy! poor munki i don't let her sleep with me anymore.she's been replaced by a roll of toilet paper.
saylor is crawling and cruising all over the's so fun to watch.he's so happy.and he's babbling more. he says 'dat' alot. and is starting f and g sounds. no mamas yet. but every time he says dada colin replies 'yes honey?' he'll make the connection soon enough! he is 9months old today.i cannot believe how fast it goes.
we rented a disc of seinfeld season 7 from el library. it is SO hilarious! i literally laughed through the entire episode 'the gum'. this is the one where jerry ends up wearing these huge thick glasses and can't's brilliant.we also love curb your enthusiasm.ah sigh. laugh.

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shutterthink said...

The best part about reading your blog is that it sounds like you.
Love your little family.