Monday, September 24, 2007


saylor has a tooth! as spotted by carriane early this morning.yay! SO cute.
well sunday i spent some time with the pflugs.i brought in saylors booster seat to use for the 1st time.put it on the chair but did not strap it in. :( awful. he fell face forward to the ground.i did not see it-i heard it and stephen saw it.he was in pain and very scared but is ok.i am proud of how calm i remained! poor little guy.has a little bruise/scrape on his eye.sheesh then today he was playing in the kitchen then i put him in his sauce and gave him a couple goldfish.he was trying to put one in his mouth when i realized a magnent was in his mouth! it was a large magnent meaning he couldn't swallow it but oh my lord what if it wasn't! these are scary things but the little man is on the move and we need to be on guard.
went to jhouse,jeff lead worship [amazing].then spent the night at the andersons. carri made pumpkin pancakes this morning. although! heather/amber/michelle have formed H.A.M. motivate us to get into shape by the new year so be it. HAM power.
jenny came over for a bit today.and then i babysat.good times.colin's calling me now. poor colin.he just wants to be home so bad.


shutterthink said...

Take a picture of that tooth and send it to me! Yay, Saylor!

Kristin said...

Shell I forgot that your friends moved back! Yay I am so happy for you. And i want a picture of saylor's new tooth too!

mommy zabs said...

such a great blog... too cute.
Thanks for finding mine and visiting! I hope things are going well for you guys. Give that cute baby a smooch for me ;)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Go H.A.M. Go!!!