Wednesday, September 26, 2007

still september

-i 'spun' again tonight.a harder,slightly longer class.grr! i wussed out a bit mostly because i couldn't breathe,i don't like that feeling so i had to slow down a bit. i have asthma and it's never been a problem but...i don't want to make it a problem.
-i have so many mosquito bites it feels like i have chicken pox my gosh
-i'm craving some tattooooos
-i want to shave my head
-for the 1st time in years i have no earrings in my ears today and i'm realizing how i touch my ears to twist my earrings like a bazillion times a lobes are lonely i need to go buy some more. i just like little dot earrings but i always buy cheap ones and they get 'old' fast.then i buy more. i should invest in some quality pairs.
anyhow.yesterday judy watched saylor for a little bit and i went to the bookstore and sunflower was nice.then i had dinner with her and mark.after i put saylor down [at mi padres] heather and i worked out [go HAM!] this morning went to bug park [innis woods] with jenny and was so beautiful! the kids loved it.
colin sent a video on our phones talking to saylor [why hadn't we done this yet?!] oh my gosh.i haven't cried since he left till this.we watched it over and over and over and each time it started 'hi saylor! hi bigboy!' he would smile and get all excited. THEN when colin waved, saylor waved back! [everytime] that's when i lost it.and he just stared so intesnely,not moving, occasionally smiling and occasionally really looking sad.we watched it at least 20 mom held him and made me watch him watching colin's kinda amazing.realizing how aware he is.he knows that's his daddy! so then colin sent a 'nigh-nigh' video for saylor to watch before i put him down for we watched that over and over too.
ooh the office season premiere tomorrow!!


shutterthink said...

I love how God provides, you know? Colin has to be gone for now, but still He provides.

jenny mae. said...

that is so precious!! colin is such a good dad, he radiates that.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, really I want to cry that is so sweet. I love Saylor soo soooo much. He is such a great baby.

And I didn't know you have asthma....?

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

ahhhh excited about the office too...actually that was almost a week ago, but I'm just now reading it-it was a good show though eh?? Goodness, you'd told me the story about the video from Colin, but just as I was reading it here again-tears in my eyes super sweet....I mean, we love them (our kids) so much-you almost forget how much that they really love us too!!!