Wednesday, September 19, 2007

work it out

i worked out today.gettin' back in the swing o'things! more importantly though yesterday i ate my first apple in...oh,year and a half! odder still because i used to eat one eeeevery single stinkin day.occasionally twice. a couple weeks ago i forced a whole banana down to.same situation! [will my tastes change when i am done nursing!?] but i must eat more fruits and vegs. i manage to eat veggies but i need to eat more variety.
the past two days i've been researching [like mad] vaccinations.and we are pretty decided that we will no longer be vaccinating brain is full of so much right now and i don't want to write it all [as i've printed out masses of info anyhow] but this is just where we are at right now. but i feel so strongly that i feel the need to tell all my friends to not give their child the MMR vaccine.yes, autism has spurred on my interest.i've been reading [researching?] on autism for maybe 4 years's a scary epidemic.they are saying even 1 in 70 boys. one in 70!!! Lord be with us. i've been feeling anxious off and on but making this decision has brought relief and peace.
visited beth ayer at lincolns and today she came over for a bit. i appreciate this so much as the days are lonely without mr.col.she [you] is lovely and i love her friendship.i love thinking about how long i've known my friends.because i have several friends i've known forever [23 years] so it's fun that some other friends are reaching [almost!] to the decade mark. i treasure this.
i literally was conciously confident thinking 'ya saylor only wakes up once now.that's cool.soon it'll be solid...'and no he decided to wake up 4 times last night.haha.hopefully that's the fluke now tho.and it was all between 530-730am so. that's good.


shutterthink said...

I just read this...cruising along, nodding in agreement, wondering who the heck 'beth ayer' is, thinking it was weird that you visited 2 Beths in one day...Go back and read it, it's funny.
Sleepover next week? Definitely. Praying Saylor sleeps through...and me too.

saylor days said...

that's funny.i always [siempre] hear random spanish words when i'm thinking/ i guess i slipped and typed it.slumber party!

shutterthink said...

That is hysterical. Only you, only you.

Kristin said...

Hi Shell! I am on here now. Be my friend? (oh that ? was a typo but how funny!) I don't quite know how this works but I've been reading your blogs and I love them. And I love you!

jenny mae. said...

want to hang out this week?

we dont vaccinate our babes, im sure i've expressed that at one time or another. i forget when the seed was planted in my heart but it grew into a decision when auggie was around saylors age when we finally stopped. we had only given him a few spaced out, and none to the full dose. the whole subject of just doing it - i get but i also don't. i guess im just one of those fish who doesnt just swim with the current just because that's the way it's going.

glub glub