Sunday, September 23, 2007

bad brownies

well they couldn't find anything wrong with the passat.said maybe it just needs to be driven more to be cleaned out [its a 1999 with only 45k miles].so whaddya figure. hanging out with jenny was great as per usual.picnic to come i hope.saylor borrowed some aaawesome clothes from auggie! big blessing.he's a stud now.[well,even more studly]stud? i never say it sounds weird.
beth spent the night friday at the rigsby's-what do i call this amazing house? the house on riverview i don't know but it's luxorious.[plus walking to starbucks,bliss!]it's true you can't help but feel peaceful.saylor woke up at 645am happily staring out their huge windows then wouldn't really nap as it's quite bright.
i went home to make brownies.i can't even make brownies! the first batch was from a box and i forgot them in the oven.i've never done that! burnt to a crisp.anyway it only woulda made like batch was from scratch.i only had ingredients to make the 'cake brownies'so i did but did not have ingred.for the frosting.they tasted fine but def.needed frosting. it tasted like cake completely,not brownie.i should have stopped there and picked up frosting on my way-oh ya these were for a party.but no i proceeded to [attempt to] make a frosting. it was gross. i tasted it and said yuck but then i spread it over the whole pan of cake. why?! i ruined a perfectly good cake brownie.i tasted the frosted cake brownie and nasty there was no's still in my fridge cuz i hate the thought of just dumping it all out. but seriously it was so funny to me i was just laughing and laughing. also saylor and i danced to music for awhile and that was hysterical to him.good times. i picked up cookies at meijer-good cookies-but still i hate that! ah well.
party was great.met a mom of 3 with a daughter saylor's age.overheard her saying 'well she only woke up 3times last night so that's good' heard it out of context but still 'made me feel better' ha.but she was nice-has a homegroup that i'm totally interested in [read-childcare and in westerville] but it's mondays nights and i babysit then.saylor was handsome and so happy [lots of kids there] but he got so tired that i put him down at like 630 there. [in a crib] around 930 the miller clan needed the room so jeff jumped at the chance to get saylor and snuggle.we thought we'd see how he did if he woke up.i've never done that before as he was basically 'down for the night' people and kids were still there.saylor was a huge snuggle bug it was sooo people just held him and he snuggled all bleary eyed.i had to leave poor guy just wanted to was a goodbye party for the miller's and i got a little emotional when i left.they are going to africa for 5 years. i will miss them!
i could easily type all day i have to refrain myself.
best news of THE YEAR[4me]-someone has made an offer on my sister's HOUSE! i want to cry they've been trying to sell it for over a year.they moved to chicago last year and have been paying too much for their little apartment there while still paying too much for a house in SC that they don't live's been very hard on them plus they want to move to columbus but the timing on that was dependent on when this flippin house would sell.stupid much goes into that-the emotional and financial trying not to get too excited, praying it all works out.AGH!


shutterthink said...

Hello, GET EXCITED and pray! God is good either way, but GET EXCITED!!! She'll be here before you know it!

Glad you had a great time at the party. Oh, and I found the jump drive I had you look was in my pocket. :)

jenny mae. said...

oh i found le octopus costume tonight! do you know how much saylor weighs? maybe ill bring it over tomorrow so he can take the tentacles for a spin

shutterthink said...

...And obviously the brownies were too easy for you, that's the problem. Too simple.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Beth's so funny....she's right though-that's gotta be the problem...too simple HA!!! Thanks for your excitement and prayers for the house...bummer didn't work.....there will be another though....God is Good right??!!!! :)