Monday, September 17, 2007

missing my man

colin left today and he will be gone an entire month.that is too long a stretch. grr. he complained about it to his manager but of course that went nowhere. we'd both be in better spirits about it if it was going to bring home some bacon, but it barely we are both very sad but holding on to knowing it's not going to keep being like this.we will just have to see what happens. but he can't keep doing this.
i've been missing the internet.our free wifi has disappeared and we've been quite busy. this weekend was chock full of people. friday we had his surprise party and it turned out just great.i mean really.he was blessed. saturday was another birthday party [saylor slept at yet another friend's house.good boy it's amazing.list to come]
and sunday he had a show.the highlight of that was seeing a huge picture of colin on the radiou van. funny.i guess he was on a billboard too but we never saw it! wish i had. it was great though colin's parents watched saylor. he was awesome for them. drank 6oz of my milk from a bottle [he never does that] played,ate and slept great. i'm feeling better about leaving him with people as he gets older.which is a free-er feeling.i feel like 'myself' again [not to say i'm not myself when i'm in mother mode] but it's nice to be out and have my eyes and ears focused on one thing at a time.ha.
today saylor did 'so big!' [arms up in air] for the first time.i think two weeks ago he began waving and then last week he started's so cute he will do all three at once, he is so proud of himself.twice while nursing today he began waving it was funny.he's been sleeping really great just waking up once about 1-2 hours before he's up for the day [so either like 630 or 730].if i do nurse him then it is only for about 5min or so.i'm very excited that he's been sleeping 10-11 hours if we can just let go of this last waking.i don't beleive he's ready to be up for the day as he's still very tired and wanting to sleep.
it was nice to spend time with close friends this weekend and i am going to try to keep myself busy this month. i've made a list of things to do so that'll help.
i'm wearing a shirt i got at platos for like 80cents. it says shell on's the gas station shell but i like it cuz people call me works.

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