Friday, June 27, 2008

lalalala,lalalala, elmo's world...

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saylor picked up the apple out of my purse [there is usually an apple in my purse] and went to town, he ate the whole thing all by himself! i was very proud of him.
i always think of things i'd like to put in my blog and then when i actually find me some internet and sit down...i lose all my thoughts.
yesterday colin and i went bike riding in preparance for awesomefest. i think i just made that word up. preparance?! we only rode for an hour and a half and i have no
idea how fast we was pretty leisurely..hhm we will see.
here is a video i saw on a friend's blog that had me crying...a worthwhile faith is stirred when i see things like this. i love it,praise jesus!

sidenote i had a dream last night that colin's sister had a talking pet squirrel, his name was squirrely.i was taking video of him on my phone cuz he was so cute when he was talking.

Monday, June 23, 2008

my son

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Originally uploaded by peanutrigsby

he is such a mix of me and colin! i still stare at his face in awe it's wild.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i am stoked about awesomefest. i do not own a bike or know if i can endure the ride...i'm not a rocky fan per-say and i will need a babysitter.but i'm so going to do it! planning on it anyhow. check out the website to learn about it. assuming i do this i will get the bird tattoo.colin's parents have some nice bikes so i'm hoping to take a ride this week and see what 3 hours feels like. i can do a spinning class for an hour so i figure i can leisurely ride for 40 miles. we will see! it'd be really fun if i had another lady friend with me [ahem ahem jenny!!] yay awesomefest.
the weather has been lovely we have hit up...three parks this week. i feel a little stranger than i thought i would, quitting the starb.i feel like i need to be doing something.working toward something [awesomefest i guess].we really need to join a homegroup we haven't been in one really since...i was pregnant! aah.anyhow point being i'd like to be more involved with the church so i have something to focus on. you know, besides my family.kidding! in a way. two random things i would like to do maybe someday? become a doula and teach english to children in another country for 6 months or a year.i had two friends at work that did this in Japan. they house you, give you a stipend.. if you have kids they provide childcare!!! how flipping friends had nothing bad to say about it and were trying for awhile to get me to do it. you have to be a college graduate though so that knocks colin out. and i only have an associate's degree [shame on us] so i am not sure if this counts.. ah, someday. ok, awesomefest, doula. maybe have another kid or two.or three. i'm on it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


saylor was just called taylor by my parent's neighbor.we often get 'ooh whats his name?' 'saylor' 'taylor?' 'ah,no,saylor' sometime i just say 'taylor with an s' when they was the first time he was directly addressed. 'hey taylor! how's taylor doing?' [oh,that sentence came after 'hey emily!' and i said 'oh actually this is saylor' [nevermind i don't think emily would ever wear camo shorts but it's cool]..] i did not correct him.i'll correct him regarding gender... but i can deal with taylor.[kinda].my brother's name is geoff and he said his perscription he just got says george.
i had a science teacher in middle school who for the whole semester called me melissa. i corrected him at least 5 times then finally gave up and began responding to it and writing melissa on my papers.i had him for a teacher again two years later and he was confused,asked if i had a sister...
saylor is still going to sleep around 7pm and sleeping in till 9-10am it's fabulous.and yesterday he napped from 11:30-4:00 what in the world? we think some teeth are coming in and he does sleep more when that's going on but in general we have a boy who loves his crib,loves to sleep.may all our children be like this, in Jesus' name amen.
i got colin a pullup bar for father's day and we put it up. i can do half a pullup.
father's day in general are ridiculous.we typically make our own cards for friends, we meaning colin, i am no artist. so i leaf-ed through the row of father's day cards at target..jokes about like..grills. or beer or sports or whatever.and the 'serious' ones were just as bad.and some were like...velvet or had ribbon on them then they cost $6.. opt for the 'blank' section you can find nondescript cute pictures for any occasion.that's where we've mostly gone for the 7 years of our relationship. Ahhh 7 years this june 24th!!
i am done with starbucks! happy dance.
the smell of poopy diaper beckons me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day

this no internet at our home thing is getting really old.juuust about to the point of can't take it anymore.
don't have time to say much, i have pictures and videos to post next time i actually have time...
we are enjoying father's day today, have been enjoying the weather. and tomorrow is my last day o'work!
random thought
-how come one day we have 17 pacifiers and the next day i can only find 3?!
-how come he takes his longest naps on the days i really need him to wake up so i can get to somewhere?
-how come my son suddenly loves the singing duck he was terrified of and hates bathtime that he used to love?!
-how do i always manage to get late fees at the library when i try to be so careful about due dates?!
-i've been craving a milkshake for like a year now, that just needs to be said.
i will say as soon as my son turned 18 months old he suddenly became less shy and sensitive! it's been lovely to have him be more confident and happy right away around others..
ok an actual post is to come soon soon

Monday, June 9, 2008

and the best part

i forgot my highlight of sunday night. stephen and amber came over,we made some delish pasta.then started playing phase 10, as per us. [ok i always abbreviate usual and casual...and we can't decide how to spell's got that 'sh' sound with a vocal hum... like the 'g' in mirage... ok i'm going to spell it with a zh. uszh....take it or leave it, texting friends be advised....]
we bust out phase 10 and for some reason some of the cards are stuck together. colin thinks they are ruined and i'm insisting there's gotta be a way in the world to get these cards apart then colin brilliantly suggests we steam them. in our little steamer basket on the stove.and we did, and people, it worked! they were a little warm,little soft for a bit so i recommend you allow them to dry for a minute before using them. but i will store that for future reference,cuz haven't we all had a paper stuck together aw what the heck moment?! i love that we steamed cards.
ps i'm eating my perfect salad at the moment.
spinach, peas, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, feta,homemade croutons [baked pieces of last night's baguette], splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pinch of sea salt and pepper!!!! bliss!!!!

sayonara starbucks!

i gave my notice today! and though i only worked about 10 hours a week i feel much free-er for some reason.well starbucks is exhausting and i work early,at the busiest hours,at the busiest store in central ohio.oh how i won't miss the 4:23am alarm!
colin is very visual,much more than me.he is more fashion....conscious? than me too. so i am always so amused at the outfits he puts on saylor! in general my friends and i agree that mom's are just wired to be more aware of 'all-things-baby' than dads. colin is a fantastic hands on daddy but his mind does not naturally retain...last bath,what he should eat, how many diapers are left,sleep/wake times....i think for the most part moms can't even help but store and recall all that outfits-i came home once to a onesie on saylor backwards,snaps and tag there and colin unaware,that was hilarious. and he will occasionally dress him in pajamas.a couple weeks ago he put on a one piece outfit for him,and then put shorts over that...two different socks, a too small shirt, or not even getting him dressed at all.and today i came home and saylor was wearing a swimsuit for shorts.i pointed it out and he was like 'ya, i thought that looked wrong'...but you know what i love it! i think it's so funny. i love picturing him pulling out clothes like 'ya this is good,this will work'... although i'm sure he'd say all of saylor's clothes aren't organized enough for him to find something... that's my next task as an 'official' SAHM [stay-at-home-mom]...i have been so very blessed to have friends with older sons loan or give me clothes [thank you jenny and holly!!!!! and kaitlin and carri....! and our parents love to get clothes for him too] i have seriously bought saylor..maybe 10 articles of clothing? in a year and a half.oh my gosh that's amazing...i'm keeping out one of his huge storage boxes so i can spread the love and loan some clothes....but i don't seem to have enough room in his dresser for all his summer and fall clothes. i need to utilize the closet more.colin's a big closet clothes hanger,i prefer the dresser and only hang some things.and we also hang our clothes opposite-his front of shirt faces to the right, mine to the this because i write with my left hand?! haha..alright stream of consciousness should stop.
going to the doctor today, saylor has a hacky cough that sounds like croup to's waking my poor son up at night in coughing fits and crying so we'll see what they say.i'm sick of all the sickness in our home!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


i've always loved the onion books/newspapers but just discovered online they have video news clips. so funny!

2-Year-Old Donkey Called Up To Pro Donkey Basketball League
last night we attended sam's [colin's sister] high school graduation was at the shottenstein's center,this huge arena. it was the typical ceremony,long speeches about chasing your dreams and the little jokes about a teacher or parents putting up with you....and then the senior ensemble [about 10 choir kids] performed the most awful/awesome song we've ever heard.for starteres, they were terrible singers.terrible! this is a nice high school with quite a few high acheiving students.apparently their choir has gotten worse and worse. their director is a math teacher who got stuck with the job, if that gives any indication. and the song was called 'celebrate the future hand in hand' ---that does not even make any sense!! colin,jared,me and davy were in hysterics.tears streaming from laughing so was aaawesome.colin's parents were laughing too...i mean literally for like a half hour afterward we could not stop laughing. and halfway through the song the [dated cheesy synthesizer music] switches it up and starts a somewhat carribean breakdown that doubled our laughter...i just keep hearing the off-key singing 'put your haaaand, on the fuuuture' i wish i had a video of it.definite highlight of the night.also spending time afterward with colin's fam and family friends.i certainly married into a fantastic family.

Friday, June 6, 2008

from flickr

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i stumbled upon a way to upload pictures from my phone directly onto flickr and my blog! i'll have to play around with it a bit.
yesterday was a water day. we spent the morning at easton. saylor was nervous at first but eventually warmed up and loved playing in the fountains.[he also loves loves wearing that's great in the car so the sun doesn't get in his eyes.and it's cute when he insists on wearing it like,during breakfast] in the afternoon we played with emily's sprinkler for a bit, trying to show emily that it's not scary, it's fun!

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the past three days saylor has gone to bed at 7pm and woken up after 9am! we've gotten him out around 9:30-9:45. crazy! crazy cool i say.he is still napping great too. i am concerned that he may be getting sick [prolly from me,grrr] he has a wheezy cough coming on.he actually woke up crying [and coughing] at 8:30 last night. i ended up taking him out of his crib and bringing him to bed with me for a bit [we watched so you think you can dance.[its not lost or 30rock but it'll do] he never just wakes up like that so it was kinda a 'i'll take care of you baby,come lay with mommy' special time.
we've been staying inside today, it's so dang hot! i do love it though.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

brief bloggin'

have to be quick online these days as saylor goes roaming quickly at my mom's house.
my big news of the week is colin and i decided that it's time for me to quit starbucks.we are hardly seeing each other and have been suffering for it.we need quality time together while he is actually home..[colin has worked evenings when i worked mornings,and hoh practices another evening so our alone time is has been nill..]. i will miss the discount! :) and some of the people i work with. i don't feel super connected there as i only work about 10 hours a it's only a couple hundred dollars less a month but i still feel a little strange.i've had a job [or two] since i was 15 so there's that 'i need to contribute financially' feeling.and i kindof feel like i'm jumping into air, just not knowing how this will look.but we have some money coming in that will carry us through the summer and we are just going to do the whole trust God thing and see how this pans out.i don't work when he's touring anyhow so it won't feel too strange when he's gone.and if it gets rough i can add a house to clean or two..ah starbucks i will miss thee.
heather evans last night as we are randomly talking with alicia about being a tomboy/girlie and being gay---....'well i played legos when i was a kid and i turned out just fine.' i mean,what? hilarious.

Monday, June 2, 2008

happy june

i am going through internet withdrawl without it working at our home. i am currently at my mama's busy [as my brother's home for the summer and my sister and her fam are all living here] house mooching off someone's connection in their area, as the router they have won't work for me and my brother's mac for some reason... saylor and emily are in phase of fighting all the time-not wanting to share being the big's kinda sad! emily's smaller but more fiesty and she dominates over saylor who is pretty..sensitive/shy... we are trying our best to discipline and hoping this stage passes soon.
my random sickness turned out to be an ear infection.where in the world did that come from?!?!?! i didn't get it from saylor and i pray he doesn't get it from me.i woke up saturday with that too familar pain in my ear like you've got to be kidding.another afternoon in urgent care [i keep getting sick on the weekends, oh well i don't currently have a GP doc right now]... it seems every month i come down with some random sickness and i am getting sick of it, bod! now hear me. i take care of you. why are you backfiring?! i'm not mad,just disturbed,as i'm sure you are. because you are me...ooor something...
off to go on a walk with my mom...and em and say.