Monday, June 2, 2008

happy june

i am going through internet withdrawl without it working at our home. i am currently at my mama's busy [as my brother's home for the summer and my sister and her fam are all living here] house mooching off someone's connection in their area, as the router they have won't work for me and my brother's mac for some reason... saylor and emily are in phase of fighting all the time-not wanting to share being the big's kinda sad! emily's smaller but more fiesty and she dominates over saylor who is pretty..sensitive/shy... we are trying our best to discipline and hoping this stage passes soon.
my random sickness turned out to be an ear infection.where in the world did that come from?!?!?! i didn't get it from saylor and i pray he doesn't get it from me.i woke up saturday with that too familar pain in my ear like you've got to be kidding.another afternoon in urgent care [i keep getting sick on the weekends, oh well i don't currently have a GP doc right now]... it seems every month i come down with some random sickness and i am getting sick of it, bod! now hear me. i take care of you. why are you backfiring?! i'm not mad,just disturbed,as i'm sure you are. because you are me...ooor something...
off to go on a walk with my mom...and em and say.

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