Friday, May 30, 2008

aw,i freakin' love woody!

that somehow came out of amber's mouth when we saw a kite with woody on it. woody from toy story, not woody harrelson though that's a kite i would buy.
saylor spent the night with colin's parents last night and we went to the anderson's and watched good.aaagh.but seriously how is aaron surviving without claire's breast milk!? you think there was bottles and formula on penny's boat!? he's only 8 weeks old he can't eat food. anyone else think of this? probably not.
one of my best friends is experiencing a fairy tale love story and it's been SO fun to watch and go through with's still in the begining stages somewhat so i'll wait a bit longer before i gush out the whole story. but it's so cool to see God working in this.
she did pick him up from the airport and he had flowers for her...and so started a convo with colin and i-
'you have not gotten me flowers in so long! when are you going to get me flowers again huh?'
he's quiet for a moment. then, 'when munki dies'
it made me laugh so hard! he says stuff all the time that catches me off gaurd and it cracks me up. so i said 'i look forward to that day' and he said 'me too!' then i yelled at him for wanting munki to die. haha.i can't wait for saylor to start talking and catch me off gaurd. colin's mom wrote pages of silly things her kids said. when colin was around 4 he prayed 'dear jesus, thank you that mommy can have a penis like daddy and me and jared...' aaagh i love it!
oprah had a couple on her show once that mentioned they had a journal where they wrote 5 things they were grateful for every day.i love that idea, colin and i actually did it for a few months and every once in awhile i'll take it out and we'll do it for awhile.i really love it because i'm more appreciative throughout the day,or if it's a terrible day i still find stuff i'm grateful for. sometimes we will have 10 things each or barely finding a 5th.
today so far-
1.i got free coffee from ann. she said 'i heart you'
2.i have a little me time before i pick up saylor
3.the weather is great
4.i love my gray cardigan
5. i am sick again,and though i still have sore throat/nose i have energy and no more achy body,praise the lord.
more to come it's not even 10 yet.
off to get my little man!!!! yay.


jenny mae. said...

girl you know i thought about the whole aaron, milk thing. i dont think dharma beer would raise him up well kwim? maybe sun just nurses him with colostrum since she's preggo.

kids are fantastic. aug says hysterical things constantly. stuff i cant even remember but in the moment i just flip my lid they are so funny.

Lindsay Schneck said...

i absolutely noticed that aaron isn't eating. that's the first thing i thought of when hurley and sawyer woke up and aaron was crying, but claire was nowhere to be found. every episode i scream at the tv "what is that baby eating??" and every time jon rolls his eyes and says "it's just a tv show." also, when they got off the raft and everyone was super sunburned, aaron's skin was still milky white. you know his poor little scalp would have been fried to a crisp. of all the crazy details they keep up with in that show, they forgot that babies need to eat?? it figures two men write it...