Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dot dot dot peanut butter chip

today colin's mom watched saylor for a couple hours and we had some QT in dublin. we did the usual reading at barnes n'noble for awhile and when we left there was a homeless women who asked us if we had any change. my knee-jerk reaction was 'oh,no,sorry' and i kept walking.i had 50 cents in my pocket. why the heck did i say no? we kept walking and i asked colin to run back and give her some money,and he did.i think i reacted like that because i was embarassed! and like it wasnt enough. just handing her some change and going on about my relaxing day.this woman was desperate! what can we do.we sometimes don't want to give money because many use it for their addictions.a friend suggested we carry around $5-10 giftcards to grocery stores for moments like this. good idea though we don't often run into homeless people in westerville and dublin.. i have still been thinking that i want to do something/be a part of something that is making a difference. i feel like being a mother is challenging in a spiritual way for sure-i'm realizing more and more how aware he is of what i do-just because he is young doesn't mean we can't worship the Lord together.....and i'm so grateful for my friendships, Jesus is there and we challenge and encourage one another...but sometimes i feel like i'm just trying to be a 'good' person,just trotting along. and i think Jesus is calling me to do more. I need to learn more about him. i know i need to read the bible more.plain and simple. i need-to read- the bible-more.i need to learn more about this man we worship and call our savior! and what does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus. more important than anything else in this world.
saylor was injured with colin's mom [juji] today.she was going down a slide with him and his foot got caught and he twisted or sprained his ankle.we don't think it's broken and doesn't look swollen but it is evident he is in pain.it happened around 1:30pm and he didn't walk for the rest of the day! he won't put any weight on it at all.she put ice on it for awhile and he loved that. and when he sits he is happy, he plays and talks.i think he is partly afraid to try walking on it. though when i picked him up and carried him he cried cuz his foot would be moving/touching something so we know it still bothers him.we will see how he is tomorrow.you think when you sprain your ankle it hurts to put any weight on it and you limp around.he doesn't know how to limp really though so it's probably really scary to try to put weight on it and feeling that pain. poor little stinker!
got to see some lovely friends today,graeters was involved and it was good.ice cream and company.
colin said he sometimes can't read my writing because i'm all over the place and i don't make sense.that's ok with me.i edit some as i write it but usually when i'm done i don't go back over and read through it much.plus it's my thoughts so it makes more sense to me! so sorry if i'm not completing thoughts or explaining things well, or giving bad examples or changing subjects abruptly, or trailling off [dot dot dotting] or going on and on, or abbreviating things or rambling.. hey, just like talking to me in real life!!! *sheepish* i realize sometimes i am quite scatterbrained/spacy i just pretend its all in order in my head.


meridith said...

i know what you mean, it's really tough to know what to do when approached by a homeless person and it's intimidating and embarrassing at times. after doing some volunteer work i think the best thing to do is offer to buy them something to eat. i don't think giving money is a good idea unless you really feel led to. giving bus passes or gift certificates are kind of like giving out money because they can be exchanged for things but i think food is really great if they are hungry and also offering to pray with them and maybe directing them to a local shelter. i personally wish we could get some little cards with info about fruit of the vine on them to give out.

Kristin said...

I love your writing style- it is uniquely yours. I only wish that when I read your blogs I could see your scraggaly (it's a compliment- really)handwriting that reminds me so much of you. I still have an old note from you and it's floating around our office-- just seeing it (without reading it) makes me miss you. It's like part of you lives on a scrap of paper in my house.

Homeless ppl-- I always think of that verse "do not withold from him who asks of you." I don't know where it is but I know it is in there. I have a problem with the whole thing too, because most of the time the money isn't helping them-- it is enabling them to continue making bad decisions. Oh what to do. If we could just literally hand them Jesus that would be awesome. Just like the disciples at the gate beautfiul when they said "silver and gold I have not, but what I do have I give to you- in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, WALK!!" If only all christians had the conviction to be led every moment by the holy spirit! It's a hard scenario. Lately we have been having a TON of ppl ask us for money, and not just homeless ppl. The other day someone drove up in a car and asked for gas money b/c their tank was on empty. Yesterday a guy asked our friends for change when we all went out to dinner for her birthday. Etc. Etc. I think the recession has a bit to do with it, too. A lot of lower class ppl can't really make ends meet right now. It's so sad. Anyway now that I've written a book on your blog here, I think I will stop! See you soon chica!!! :O)

Happy Hippie said...

I like the way you write. The way you write is similar to the way you talk. A friend of mine calls it 12 year old girl speak. We do it all the time. We understand where the converstion is going, we get our points, its just the way the converstion goes. It drives trevor crazy. I think we girls just communicate that way when we are comfortable. I guess to summarize, I like the way you blog. I feel at home here. :)