Saturday, May 17, 2008

Arcade Wedding

last night we went to our friends wedding,and i'd say it was one of our favorites that we've been to.their love story is so sweet-he was in love with her for several years.up to at least april 2007 she was saying 'jimmy?! no way, we are just friends' then [long story short] suddenly she was head over heels in love with him.and he so adores her. talk about prayer and faith and the Lord giving you the desires of your heart.and they are so perfect together in that way that it seems they've always been together.he legally changed his last name from wonser to arcade a couple months ago as that's been a nickname of his for years [from actually spending a lot of time at the arcade as a boy] and i think he did not feel like he wanted to carry on the name wonser.
it was beautiful and fun with so many lovely people.amber wrote a song that she sang during their communion and holy crap that song was from the Lord.somehow she will have to record it or at least i'll get the lyrics from her it was beautiful and fit them great.jeff sang sufjan and death cab and somehow it worked that john reuben performed a bit and katie and aj sang some.erin made all the desserts which were insanely tasty.i got some leftover in my freezer....yum...
my favorite part of the night.... jenny walks in and i wish i had her outfit on and she admires mine and so we switched.and we both felt like aah,much better.. it was so funny but it made sense to us and we had fun with it.i think she's going to post a picture i may snag it.i have a few that we took but the computer's being odd so we will try later.
saylor has a 102 fever! it's so sad. i feel like he just keeps getting sick and it makes me a little nervous but i'm told it's quite normal and i do see other little kids getting sick a bunch too. but not fun in addition with his foot injury!

the switch. i just wish we had a before picture! [my hair is having issues but we forgive it]

colin took some pictures at the wedding..more to come


Kristin said...

I love that you and Jenny switched! That's great :O)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

How fun is the switch?!!! Maybe you'll add some color to your wardrobe now? :)