Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what the flip gas prices

im getting hooked on the show so you think you can dance [the judges are a little odd but i can overlook it]...[and thoroughly enjoying the coldplay/itunes commercial i keep seeing too...]
this is one of my favorite dancers so far, got a little crush on him.i love watching dancing like this! then there are people who have a ballet/ballroom style and people that can do crazy flips,twists.... and ya, i tried to do some moves in our bedroom and yes definitly harder than it looks.

colin and i decided we should publish some boooks, i write-he draws.the idea is that we can work from home,haha..ahem. but we are having fun thinking of things....the world is our oyster.maybe i'll take up dancing.
just writing real quick while our internet is semi-working.we are finally going to get it ourselves and not mooch anymore...
sleep is beckoning,allergies are attacking me...blah!

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