Thursday, May 8, 2008

this sums me up pretty well.

yesterday i went to my stepmama's work to drop off a copy of the house of heroes album for her and pick up a cookbook she had for my sister.pretty even exhange i'd say.and i locked the keys in my car.with saylor still in there!!! aagh.for some reason it took about 20 seconds for it to fully sink in and i just stood there frozen.then i tried calling colin who was at home with a spare key.he was sleeping and his ringer was turned off [which i hate and have forbidden him from doing ever again,ahem]. called my mom, maybe she could go pound on our door and wake colin up? called AAA who told me i needed to call 911 since i had a child in the car it was an 'emergency' and they couldn't help me. called 911 and they sent out the fire department to me.colin woke up and then started driving as maybe he'd get there first. i cry a bit, saylor cries off and on.nancy came down and waited with mostly feeling bad that i can't touch my son and 'save' him and frustrated that colin turns his ringer the fire dpt arrives and asks how i am and i'm all solemn like 'i'm ok,sigh' and they walk around my car and the guy says 'you know, this door's unlocked'. well SHOOT! what do you know.the driver's door was unlocked the whole time. oh my lord talk about feel dumb for locking keys in your feel worse if your child is in's a whole other level of dumbness when you wait and it becomes a big ordeal only to discover,no no,your door is in fact unlocked, you just didn't see that because you are retarded. but honestly i think it's friends and i truly love akward/embarassing/lack of common sense stories.and we have a lot of them. [including-pooping in sleep-on new boyfriends floor-while he watched... forgetting lyrics of a song and freezing in front of a couple hundred people, getting a toe stuck in a church pew for 2 hours,bathing suit top falling off and being unaware,clogging toilets,dog sitting while the family goes out of town for a funeral-and the dog dies,blood soaked pants at work and walking around unaware, wearing a swim suit top backwards and not realizing it...and so so so many more...]
saylor is still in pain,he has not walked since tuesday! we ended up getting xrays so thankfully there are no broken bones but it showed a sprain on his foot.he's starting to crawl a little bit.and he can kinda stand on his good foot while holding onto's been pretty easy keeping an eye on him the last few days,it feels like he's 8 months old again,haha.but it is sad too,knowing he hurts.he has been brave though and is still a happy little boy.the doctor told us today not to try to make him do anything and let him decide when he wants to walk again.and no shoe for that swollen foot. [and yes i put shoes on him yesterday at the hair salon.eeek]
here are a couple pictures of saylor at jayme's salon gettin' a quick haircut.
patiently sitting in the chair, since he can't walk!

yay, thank you aunt jayme


Jared said...

michelle, i have never been to your blog before, but i read what alie trudeau wrote on your facebook wall and i decided to visit. you have had jared and i laughing out loud in our living room. great story!! i can see it happening to me!
hope to see you soon,

saylor days said...

oh haha thanks molly.yes hopefully see you soon. mom's group, zoo, something... :) id love to see mr.gavin some more,little chunk.

jenny mae. said...

oh michelle, how do i love thee? for entries and actions just like this one!!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I love that story!!! I might have to tell it on my page too-it's too stinkin haa-larious!!! Of course only because everyone was was the clogging toilets because of me??

meridith said...

bless your heart that sounds like something i would do!! once i had to call AAA twice in one day! i literally locked my keys in my car twice in the same day. sigh.

saylor days said...

oh meredith i love it! i also remember you run out of gas in your car all the funny!