Monday, October 19, 2009

a few things i love about my son these days

he says sofee for soft, i LOVE it
he loves old disney movies- lady and the tramp, fantasia, bambi...
he tells/reminds me to put both hands on the wheel when i'm driving. [how he learned that's right to do i don't know. but it's funny]
he loves to 'turn the wheel' himself. could play in the car for hours.
he loves to sleep and play in his crib- he doesn't cry in the morning he wakes up laughing and talking...and will do so until i get him
he loves letters. he learned all his letters before he was two. and now he's learning rhyming, spelling and how do sign the alphabet. he practices a lot. the other day i was driving and he goes 'mommy what letter is this?' i look and see he's holding up his middle finger... not so much a letter buddy!
he loves to paint/draw...and is usually painting/drawing letters.
he loves to jump and fall and bang into things.. but otherwise is SO cautious. takes him awhile to warm up to things and while it's sometimes difficult i also think it's endearing; and it will be interesting to see how he grows. it's very similar to how i was and ties in to being quite sensitive.
he always asks/tells me to smile. and asks 'are you happy mommy?' - part of the sensitivity. if my voice quivers slightly-even if i'm being silly he gets upset 'mommy sad?! no mommy happy!'
he loves, loves to read
he enjoys getting his nails clipped, always sits patiently and even wants to learn to do it on his own
he has always held his peepee down when he goes potty.. sounds silly but i love it, i never had to do it or tell him to, he just always does. if you have a toddler boy you may understand this.
he sticks out his tongue when he knows i'm taking a picture, it's his way of smiling
he loves to clean- sweep, dust, whatever. if something spills he will clean it.
he loves to snuggle and he gives many spontaneous hugs and kisses.
spontaneous hug

reading in the car wearing the awesome headband craft he made in sunday school

always reading in bed

loves to play guitar and drums

colin with some fluffy hair

my boy