Friday, May 30, 2008

aw,i freakin' love woody!

that somehow came out of amber's mouth when we saw a kite with woody on it. woody from toy story, not woody harrelson though that's a kite i would buy.
saylor spent the night with colin's parents last night and we went to the anderson's and watched good.aaagh.but seriously how is aaron surviving without claire's breast milk!? you think there was bottles and formula on penny's boat!? he's only 8 weeks old he can't eat food. anyone else think of this? probably not.
one of my best friends is experiencing a fairy tale love story and it's been SO fun to watch and go through with's still in the begining stages somewhat so i'll wait a bit longer before i gush out the whole story. but it's so cool to see God working in this.
she did pick him up from the airport and he had flowers for her...and so started a convo with colin and i-
'you have not gotten me flowers in so long! when are you going to get me flowers again huh?'
he's quiet for a moment. then, 'when munki dies'
it made me laugh so hard! he says stuff all the time that catches me off gaurd and it cracks me up. so i said 'i look forward to that day' and he said 'me too!' then i yelled at him for wanting munki to die. haha.i can't wait for saylor to start talking and catch me off gaurd. colin's mom wrote pages of silly things her kids said. when colin was around 4 he prayed 'dear jesus, thank you that mommy can have a penis like daddy and me and jared...' aaagh i love it!
oprah had a couple on her show once that mentioned they had a journal where they wrote 5 things they were grateful for every day.i love that idea, colin and i actually did it for a few months and every once in awhile i'll take it out and we'll do it for awhile.i really love it because i'm more appreciative throughout the day,or if it's a terrible day i still find stuff i'm grateful for. sometimes we will have 10 things each or barely finding a 5th.
today so far-
1.i got free coffee from ann. she said 'i heart you'
2.i have a little me time before i pick up saylor
3.the weather is great
4.i love my gray cardigan
5. i am sick again,and though i still have sore throat/nose i have energy and no more achy body,praise the lord.
more to come it's not even 10 yet.
off to get my little man!!!! yay.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what the flip gas prices

im getting hooked on the show so you think you can dance [the judges are a little odd but i can overlook it]...[and thoroughly enjoying the coldplay/itunes commercial i keep seeing too...]
this is one of my favorite dancers so far, got a little crush on him.i love watching dancing like this! then there are people who have a ballet/ballroom style and people that can do crazy flips,twists.... and ya, i tried to do some moves in our bedroom and yes definitly harder than it looks.

colin and i decided we should publish some boooks, i write-he draws.the idea is that we can work from home,haha..ahem. but we are having fun thinking of things....the world is our oyster.maybe i'll take up dancing.
just writing real quick while our internet is semi-working.we are finally going to get it ourselves and not mooch anymore...
sleep is beckoning,allergies are attacking me...blah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

happy birthday to jeff and christina

saylor has finally started walking again, two weeks to the day of the is timid and with a little limp,but we are so proud of him! it is like seeing him walk for the first time all over again, the same feeling of pride and excitement.little stinker.
i love being saylor's mommy! i love being a mom, the best job ever. the weather is getting warmer and we are taking advantage. we go to my mom's house often to walk around the neighborhood and play with emily's sweet toys [a basketball hoop! a slide! a tricycle!] and the other day we went to easton and played by the fountain for awhile [and hit up trader joe's].he wants to be outside all day...or inside watching elmo.
funny story of the week- katie [she said i can tell this story to anyone and use her name] accidently used aveda hair gel...instead of ky jelly. aagh! which led to my friend telling me her aunt used super glue...instead of visine! and had to drive herself to the hospital with one eye sealed shut. both people are a-ok now.
some embarassing 'fashion moments' i read in real simple that had me crying from laughter---

Years ago, I was home sick with a bad cold and really out of it, but I needed to make a quick run to the store. I pulled on a pair of black leggings and a T-shirt, but no bra or undies. My daughter, who was about five at the time, told me I needed to put on the rest of my outfit—that I was leaving in panty hose. I explained that leggings were like panty hose but that they could be worn outside. As I walked into the store, I was met by a few stares from the male staff, and I heard snickering when I left but didn’t think much of it. When I got home, I saw myself in the mirror. My daughter had been right. I wasn’t wearing leggings as I had thought — just a sheer pair of panty hose — and everything was visible. Never went into that store again.
Lea Merrill Davidson-Bern
Tampa, Florida

I used to commute by ferry across Puget Sound. One sunny summer morning, while running with my backpack, my lunch, and my ferry ticket in hand, I didn’t realize that my wraparound skirt had come untied. (Those were the days of wraparound skirts.) I had run down the walkway past all the cars and then waited for the ferry in my underwear — my skirt was lying in the parking lot.
Joanie Guggenmos
Port Orchard, Washington

i love it! i seriously treasure stories like these,i love when they happen to me and when all our friends can just sit and laugh and laugh about life and how awkward it can be.

saylor making a basket [you can see his cautious walking]...a little blury but oh well,its from my phone.also i think i say 'good job' about 300 times a day.

a video jenny showed on her blog too.... AMEN i say.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Arcade Wedding

last night we went to our friends wedding,and i'd say it was one of our favorites that we've been to.their love story is so sweet-he was in love with her for several years.up to at least april 2007 she was saying 'jimmy?! no way, we are just friends' then [long story short] suddenly she was head over heels in love with him.and he so adores her. talk about prayer and faith and the Lord giving you the desires of your heart.and they are so perfect together in that way that it seems they've always been together.he legally changed his last name from wonser to arcade a couple months ago as that's been a nickname of his for years [from actually spending a lot of time at the arcade as a boy] and i think he did not feel like he wanted to carry on the name wonser.
it was beautiful and fun with so many lovely people.amber wrote a song that she sang during their communion and holy crap that song was from the Lord.somehow she will have to record it or at least i'll get the lyrics from her it was beautiful and fit them great.jeff sang sufjan and death cab and somehow it worked that john reuben performed a bit and katie and aj sang some.erin made all the desserts which were insanely tasty.i got some leftover in my freezer....yum...
my favorite part of the night.... jenny walks in and i wish i had her outfit on and she admires mine and so we switched.and we both felt like aah,much better.. it was so funny but it made sense to us and we had fun with it.i think she's going to post a picture i may snag it.i have a few that we took but the computer's being odd so we will try later.
saylor has a 102 fever! it's so sad. i feel like he just keeps getting sick and it makes me a little nervous but i'm told it's quite normal and i do see other little kids getting sick a bunch too. but not fun in addition with his foot injury!

the switch. i just wish we had a before picture! [my hair is having issues but we forgive it]

colin took some pictures at the wedding..more to come

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ba-gach cluck cluck

i spent about two hours making homemade chicken noodle soup.i bought a chicken from whole foods that came from my friend kristin's farm! i was pretty excited about that.the only slightly difficult thing for me is i've never bought/cooked a whole chicken before. ok, i've never even touched raw meat before! i always make colin cook it.i'm weary about meat,don't eat much of it and i just don't like to think of where it came from..etc... so this was a challenge for me but i dove right in... it was so felt like a baby or something,i was gagging a bit.but i carried on and was pleased with how it came out.tasty chicken kristin!! i chopped fresh carrots and celery and made the noodles for the soup too,tho the nood's didn't turn out as good as they could have.oh well.still tastes pretty good overall.simple little soup, a lot of effort.
i've started reading two books that are very different from each other.
The Last Lecture by randy pausch is a sad story. well i believe it's meant to be inspiring-it's written by a professor and father of three who is dying of cancer.i saw an interview with him and just sobbed through the whole thing. the really sad part to me is i don't think he knows Jesus.
i am also reading The Year of Living Biblically:One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by a.j. jacobs. it's pretty humorous [although again i don't think he knows Jesus]. jacobs also wrote a book called The Know-It-All-one man's humble quest to become the smartest person in the world- he read the entire encyclopedia stuff i would love to write books like that.
saylor is still not walking! we saw his doctor again today.he is getting better but we will see her again if he is not walking next week.sprain's are very painful i'm being told, so we are of course just being patient with him and letting him decide when and how he uses his little foot! he stands a little here and there and puts weight on it when he's climbing on something.the swelling and bruising have gone down too.

this is saylor [with cousin emma] on mother's day, potting some flowers.he loved the dirt.

mother's day,bedtime

a little starbucks before hitting up the zoo

about to fall asleep as we are leaving the zoo

my boy is huge! it's unbelievable....huge as in off the charts for height/weight but also i can't believe how fast he's growing up.we still stare at him sleeping all the time

Thursday, May 8, 2008

this sums me up pretty well.

yesterday i went to my stepmama's work to drop off a copy of the house of heroes album for her and pick up a cookbook she had for my sister.pretty even exhange i'd say.and i locked the keys in my car.with saylor still in there!!! aagh.for some reason it took about 20 seconds for it to fully sink in and i just stood there frozen.then i tried calling colin who was at home with a spare key.he was sleeping and his ringer was turned off [which i hate and have forbidden him from doing ever again,ahem]. called my mom, maybe she could go pound on our door and wake colin up? called AAA who told me i needed to call 911 since i had a child in the car it was an 'emergency' and they couldn't help me. called 911 and they sent out the fire department to me.colin woke up and then started driving as maybe he'd get there first. i cry a bit, saylor cries off and on.nancy came down and waited with mostly feeling bad that i can't touch my son and 'save' him and frustrated that colin turns his ringer the fire dpt arrives and asks how i am and i'm all solemn like 'i'm ok,sigh' and they walk around my car and the guy says 'you know, this door's unlocked'. well SHOOT! what do you know.the driver's door was unlocked the whole time. oh my lord talk about feel dumb for locking keys in your feel worse if your child is in's a whole other level of dumbness when you wait and it becomes a big ordeal only to discover,no no,your door is in fact unlocked, you just didn't see that because you are retarded. but honestly i think it's friends and i truly love akward/embarassing/lack of common sense stories.and we have a lot of them. [including-pooping in sleep-on new boyfriends floor-while he watched... forgetting lyrics of a song and freezing in front of a couple hundred people, getting a toe stuck in a church pew for 2 hours,bathing suit top falling off and being unaware,clogging toilets,dog sitting while the family goes out of town for a funeral-and the dog dies,blood soaked pants at work and walking around unaware, wearing a swim suit top backwards and not realizing it...and so so so many more...]
saylor is still in pain,he has not walked since tuesday! we ended up getting xrays so thankfully there are no broken bones but it showed a sprain on his foot.he's starting to crawl a little bit.and he can kinda stand on his good foot while holding onto's been pretty easy keeping an eye on him the last few days,it feels like he's 8 months old again,haha.but it is sad too,knowing he hurts.he has been brave though and is still a happy little boy.the doctor told us today not to try to make him do anything and let him decide when he wants to walk again.and no shoe for that swollen foot. [and yes i put shoes on him yesterday at the hair salon.eeek]
here are a couple pictures of saylor at jayme's salon gettin' a quick haircut.
patiently sitting in the chair, since he can't walk!

yay, thank you aunt jayme

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dot dot dot peanut butter chip

today colin's mom watched saylor for a couple hours and we had some QT in dublin. we did the usual reading at barnes n'noble for awhile and when we left there was a homeless women who asked us if we had any change. my knee-jerk reaction was 'oh,no,sorry' and i kept walking.i had 50 cents in my pocket. why the heck did i say no? we kept walking and i asked colin to run back and give her some money,and he did.i think i reacted like that because i was embarassed! and like it wasnt enough. just handing her some change and going on about my relaxing day.this woman was desperate! what can we do.we sometimes don't want to give money because many use it for their addictions.a friend suggested we carry around $5-10 giftcards to grocery stores for moments like this. good idea though we don't often run into homeless people in westerville and dublin.. i have still been thinking that i want to do something/be a part of something that is making a difference. i feel like being a mother is challenging in a spiritual way for sure-i'm realizing more and more how aware he is of what i do-just because he is young doesn't mean we can't worship the Lord together.....and i'm so grateful for my friendships, Jesus is there and we challenge and encourage one another...but sometimes i feel like i'm just trying to be a 'good' person,just trotting along. and i think Jesus is calling me to do more. I need to learn more about him. i know i need to read the bible more.plain and simple. i need-to read- the bible-more.i need to learn more about this man we worship and call our savior! and what does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus. more important than anything else in this world.
saylor was injured with colin's mom [juji] today.she was going down a slide with him and his foot got caught and he twisted or sprained his ankle.we don't think it's broken and doesn't look swollen but it is evident he is in happened around 1:30pm and he didn't walk for the rest of the day! he won't put any weight on it at all.she put ice on it for awhile and he loved that. and when he sits he is happy, he plays and talks.i think he is partly afraid to try walking on it. though when i picked him up and carried him he cried cuz his foot would be moving/touching something so we know it still bothers him.we will see how he is think when you sprain your ankle it hurts to put any weight on it and you limp around.he doesn't know how to limp really though so it's probably really scary to try to put weight on it and feeling that pain. poor little stinker!
got to see some lovely friends today,graeters was involved and it was cream and company.
colin said he sometimes can't read my writing because i'm all over the place and i don't make sense.that's ok with me.i edit some as i write it but usually when i'm done i don't go back over and read through it it's my thoughts so it makes more sense to me! so sorry if i'm not completing thoughts or explaining things well, or giving bad examples or changing subjects abruptly, or trailling off [dot dot dotting] or going on and on, or abbreviating things or rambling.. hey, just like talking to me in real life!!! *sheepish* i realize sometimes i am quite scatterbrained/spacy i just pretend its all in order in my head.

Monday, May 5, 2008

animals are funny

this is my friend julie's dog brady. he got his head stuck in a chipotle bag for about 10 minutes.she said at first he was running around into chairs and walls and at the end he just stopped and stood still;defeated. haha! i think it's pretty funny. it led to me finding numerous videos of animals with things stuck on their head.good times!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

munki bear

we are in the market for a water dish with a rubber suction of sorts so munki wont be able to scoot/splash her water dish everywhere...its becoming quite the annoyance.she is so thirsty all the time but won't drink from her dish so i am used to her running in the bathroom with me and eagerly awaiting for me to turn the faucet water on.. and knocking our cups of water over. everyday.all the time.we cannot leave it for one second or we hear the way too familiar plop/splash sound.grrr. so i carry my cup of water everywhere,even tucking it into the couch with should not be like this. oh the things we do for our pets.
i got a zoo pass on monday with my was cold that day but we still got to see the huge aquariam. he loooves it. and we got to see snakes and monkeys which he also loves and makes the sound for both of them. [a lispy hsss and high pitched aah-aah] words he is saying- kitty,bible,thankyou,kick it,daddy,pac [for paci and he actually says 'ass']. he says thankyou so perfectly its so cute.and he always wants to read his bible. [, point to the sheep,same thing]
ive started a new 'job' of sorts-cleaning houses.well currently one and may pick up 1-3 more if i really like it.i have a couple friends that did it full time for years and i mentioned i was i got referred and i have started cleaning-its actually a friend from church so it's great people to start with. its always funner to clean other people's houses.put on the ipod and you're good to go.i am enjoying it the only hard part is managing time and focusing on the right things.i get a little perfectionist-y and want to go crazy cleaning every little thing and i don't have time for that.i'm sure ill adjust and get in a rhythm and if i still like it ill take on a couple more..2-4 hours a week per house and most people need it every other week. i thought about quitting starbucks as this pays more than twice as much.but i love the social part of working there and again,the who knows. but i do so love the random odd job.
nothing much just so glad i'm finally over being sick and enjoying the weather warming up again [tuesday morning it was snowing!] one of the books i am reading right now is irresistable revolution by shane claiborne. i'm not like eating up every page nonstop but it is definitly inspiring and full of 'yes! yes yes' moments/paragraphs. where to go from there. and i want to do things that my son sees and can be involved in....
a couple random cravings- cornhole, haircut, milkshake, a walk. tattoo.... sunshine.