Thursday, December 15, 2011

baby names

i am 14 weeks and we are finding out in a couple days what we are having! yes i know it's a little weird to find out this early but 1. it helps me connect. next ultrasound will be around 25 weeks and if i wait that long i may as well wait till the end! in my mind. 3. i admire the people who choose to be surprised and there is something super special about it.. but try as i might, i can't resist finding out. 4. we wanted to know before christmas :)
so somehow i've ended up naming my kids really unusual names and i can't stop now. but i wanted to make a list of baby names i love but can never use. because i'm not having 45 kids.

names that are 'too popular' for me to use now but that i still love:
1. sophie
2. claire
5. nora
6. nadia
7. camille
8. gabriel
9. gavin
10. corra
11. abram
12. daphne

baby names i love that we won't use because we know people/kids with that name:
1. marlo
4. olive
7. juniper
10. ruby
11. lola
12. phoenix
13. pearl

baby names i've considered but don't think will work for various reasons:
no wait, i can't share that :)

celebrity baby names i like and won't use because of the dang celebrity connection:
1. shiloh
2. sunday

i know there are a bunch more and if i think of them i will add them. as you can see i think of girl names much easier than boy names!

the website i LOVE for looking up names is it has fun little posts about names and a huge index of all types of names and their popularity. love it!