Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

i worked this morning 5am-745am-went home early because we had extra home just as saylor was waking up so i enjoyed that.sometimes i do want to quit but i am still enjoying the free coffee and 30% discount too much.and i do like it,kinda wanna go to a different store-i keep saying this but it takes initiative to do that i tend to lack that.
saylor was an octopus tonight [costume borrowed from the lovely jenny].so cute! my mom and i went and surprised colin and work and also his family with mr.saylor octopus.then we went to a trick-or-treat thing that the police station puts on [my aunt,uncle and mom's best friend all work there] he was intrigued by everyone's costumes and definitly stuck his hand in bowls to grab candy,but of course still didn't understand.also he was tired.but it was fun.

there are better pictures but this is all i could upload at the moment.very tedious process as i don't have that plug thing that goes phone/camera to computer.i have to upload it to the verizon website,blah blah blah.handsome little man though!
i'd like to build a new wardrobe! [i really want to get together a clothing exchange!] my post baby body is different,and tho i am still working toward a toned-er body i really need winter clothes regardless.all i bought last winter was maternity.colin fetched my bag of winter clothes in storage and we shuddered and laughed at was bad.half were at least 5 years old,two shirts i bought ages ago and never wore...some probably wouldn't fit [i miss my flat chest it's true].holes,stains...and i have the habit of buying things i sorta like cuz they're cheaper instead of investing a little more for a quality piece.and i'm missing some zest.SO would like to do some serious revamping [wish i could just go on what not to wear] and have someone watch saylor's nearly impossible to shop for clothes with him.and someone go with me cuz if i'm alone i'm going to buy stuff thats boring and/or ugly.
as of now i'm still wearing the black jacket everyday.going strong.:)

Monday, October 29, 2007

time to read [i love parenthesis]

i'm just finishing 'she's come undone' which was painful to read.someone may let me borrow another book by the same author [wally lamb][which is a sweet name i think] and there's a couple others lying around but i am indeed on the lookout for some new reads.
today while under papa's watch saylor put a foil ball [munki's] in his mouth, and got his fingers stuck in the vcr.then with me he spilled a glass of water and best of all stuck his hands in the toilet water that definitly had some pee in it.awesome. as we approach 1 i keep thinking about from 1-2 it's just...babies-i mean the first year they change so rapidly and when they are 2 toilet training starts as does actual speaking and longer attention for playing with toys.and when you think about it,when one sees a baby that is say 15 months it's like ok ya baby.typical size you'd picture in your mind or something. not toddler,not infant-ya know? but still i know he's gonna grow and change so much in that year.then we'll just have to have some more.
worked out good today [i'm gonna say it was rich nathan spurring me on][it is fun to work out amongst my fellow vineyard folk] and then my mom made dinner.which is special as she does not cook very often anymore.tasty turkey tetrazini and again we made saylor laugh harder than he has ever laughed before.face red couldn't breathe crazy hysterical laughter. from tickling his chin. and shaking our head all crazy surprised when he would touch our face.babies are amazing [i always thought i would get bored playing silly games with him [as one often does baby-sitting anyhow] but i have so much fun playing with him and am in constant awe. aw i guess i still wanna just sit and read sometimes too but ya know. right now his playing is often just throwing things and touching things he shouldnt!]
we got a bunch of movies from el library this morning and brett and heath just dropped off some more for us so let the moviewatchingness begin!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

eating a cinnamon scone

last night colin and i contemplated a date night but had no babysitter so we just took our little man with us to cafe istanbul at easton.god just decided to bless our little evening- saylor was awesome during dinner [ok,i know, when is he not awesome? he's never not awesome.] but there was an older couple seated very closely to us- and you always hope that you are near people who adore children and are not annoyed by them.and they loved saylor.he waved at them about every 30 seconds and they just kept waving back.they just had their first two grandchildren [just like when my sister and i had ours together] so we chatted some and the woman just loved watching saylor eat and play.and yummy food it was.i had said 'wouldnt it be great if he could just like fall asleep in the stroller then we could sit at barnes and noble?' we walk out of the restaurant and i lay his seat back and he immediately falls to sleep! we got coffee and sat at b&n for like two hours.before i got pregnant we would read at barnes and noble seriously like three times a week.all the time.and this is weird but when i got pregnant i hated it and didnt want to go there.i think the coffee smell was nauseating and the chairs became uncomfortable,i don't know it was weird.but in the past couple months i've been craving it and loving it again.even going alone and curling up on a little couch,coffee and's the best.
spent some time with niki and her new little boy troy.i think holding a newborn releases chemicals in your body or something,just makes you feel so fuzzy and good. made me want another one for sure.also seeing devin just play on his own [he's almost 3] and troy just laying there sleeping i'm like ya,i can do this.someday.

munki is going crazy.yesterday she somehow got on top of the fridge and stayed there for awhile.she keeps perching on top of the tv too.colin and i are concerned and i thought maybe she should go to counseling then colin suggested soaking prayer at church.i agree, now we need to gently approach munki about it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

still wearing the black jacket

beckett ripped off a button but i sewed it back on and i'm s'posed to 'lay flat to dry' which means i end up wearing it while it's still damp.
anyone else ever attempt the challenge of trying to take off a jacket while driving? even my trusty black jacket was difficult for's hilarious.come winter with big bulky yet snug coats, and you get hot with the heat on and so the challenge begins.
i had lunch with a friend yesterday [first time one on one] and yep, had a big piece of food in my teeth.that thought had even occured to me, and i swished my water,apparently not good sucks but i think it's so funny too! i mean who cares.i'm comfortable enough with the person that it doesn't make me cringe too much :)
worked out tonight it was good so then we went to starbucks where i decided to get a cookie to counteract my workout. i am happy though as i've fallen in love with coffee hate for it begin when i got pregnant [why does this taste so awful? i was because saylor was forming inside me.] sooo...almost 20months?! so strange.
saylor laughed the hardest he's ever laughed in his life tonight.he keeps laughing harder everyday so it's awesome.i'd stack blocks and he'd knock them down and i'd act all disappointed and mad and i'd throw some of the blocks and he was in hyyyssterics.he know's his first sign too! HAT. kinda random but we can put on a hat and he'll do the sign! [he has a sign language dvd that teaches signs,that's where he learned hat. he loves it. we are teaching him some as well of course]
i'm off to play my turn in my online scrabble game with jenny

Sunday, October 21, 2007

where the heck did my body of christ go?

a couple awesome things happened at church today. well primarily- julia pickerell spoke this morning and it was fantastic. the holy spirit was on her, and the congregation was receiving it. go julia!
but so i was walking up the stairs to a seat, worship playing, getting in the grove, and i see my ob/gyn as i walk up. we smile at each other, hey nice to see you,yes you see me naked and WHOOP i totally trip and my flip flop flies off and done the stairs. which means i have to run down after it and pick it up. it was embarassing-therefore awesome! pretty funny. then we are standing with the naumans and we all notice the worshiping woman in front of us has her piece of communion cracker stuck on the back of her skirt. it was so funny. we didn't know whether to say anything...come time for communion she was going to be searching for her cracker,confused! so i swiftly carefully plucked it off and set it by her little juice without her noticing. good laughs.
somehow by random circumstances i got stranded alone at a panera with chipotle to eat. the whole happening of it all was annoying and i don't get annoyed very easily and i wasn't annoyed with any particular person, but i did decide i just need to keep a book with me at all times. i was just staring off into space eating chipotle. at panera.alone. ok yes saylor was with me. i really don't mind eating alone in the least, but i gotta have something to read or a computer! it was painful and i tried to embrace it, oh just savor the meal, savor your son.. no.didn't happen. haha. oh well.
last night was good though. heather's famous carrot cake, sigh! in talking and hanging out with people, i felt reaffirmed and ya that was good.
spent the night at my parents as we are dog-sitting. colin always sleeps on my left but for some reason in my parents bed he slept on my right. saylor randomly started crying at 530 and i startled awake and started fishing for my glasses on the nightstand that turned out to be colin, not a nightstand. but it took me way too long to figure that out and i kept pushing into him.and he was pushing me back away, both of us not even really awake. haha!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


i am so excited for thanksgiving food! colin does not like thanksgiving food and this is heartbreaking to me. last year i was massively pregnant and theoretically it'd be awesome but by that point my appetite was room for food i guess.i could only eat about one plate.just one! and my heartburn, oooh the heartburn.i've never had it not-pregnant so i actually kinda forget the horribleness of it right now.i just know i was throwing up from it, and taking 4 zantac a day. good times, i miss being pregnant! no really.
we played cornhole last night,3 games and i did not get a single flippin' cornbag on the freaking board.are you kidding me. i can blame the wind and my sore arms [from working out]..but it was so ridiculous. ya i can't blame the wind.i managed to get several actually in the HOLE but none on the board.what the flip.saylor slept in lucy's future long as there's a crib/packnplay, saylor will sleep.hence-all the places mr.saylor has slept as follows-
katie&aj [floor]
pflugs [floor]
jeff&carri [packnplay,crib]
christina [floor]
colin's parents [crib]
my parents [packnplay]
my kent parents [packnplay]
sisters [crib]
katie's sister emily [crib]
zappins [bed]
jessie&prestons [bed]
mitchesons [bed]
hoovie [packnplay]
snows [packnplay]
sandy&tony [floor]
harts [crib,packnplay]
brian&joleen [bed]
grahm and hill's tonight [packnplay]

nauman's [crib]
chad and mary's [packnplay]

and in his carrier as a newborn at the fanchers,evans, baxters, oatleys,bruscos,church,etc... all this to say- babies are flexible and i think if you want them to be easy going and malleable you have to treat them as such from the get-go.saylor from the start was happy and easily soothed [happiest baby on the block! a must read!!!] so maybe #2 won't be as easy i don't know. but he will stay asleep as we 'transfer' bed-car-bed and it does not disrupt his sleep in the slightest.he sleeps 12+hours straight and takes two 1-3 hour naps a day. everything changes all the time though as he grows so i don't know if it'll always be like this but it's pretty awesome that he's almost 11 months and still so content.
munki just threw up! and lately,this is weird-but she bats her water dish around like mad until it's empty and the kitchen floor is soaking.she's done this for the past 2 weeks or so, every time we fill her dish even just a little. we just keep putting towels on the floor.colin wants to duct tape the dish down! what's going on with her?!

Friday, October 19, 2007

my cat is a purring machine

i was hanging out with belt [i'm sorry but i quite often just call you belt in my mind,beth. you can explain it in your own blog] the other night. she just got her wisdom teeth taken out but still managed to look good. we were just laying around and then i somehow banged my knee on my hit a weird spot and i got a nosebleed! it was half scary and half funny. equal parts. no,it was more funny.
we don't have internet we just randomly pick it up here and there but i feel like we should just bite the bullet and get it. now, where did 'bite the bullet' come from? yes i would like that book that describes the origins of phrases for christmas please.
well colin has quit house of heroes, so that's...happened. been on our minds actually since the beginning of this year so in a sense a weight has been lifted. but there are emotional attachments, and there is bound to be awkwardness... poor colin's mind has been racing for awhile and he's just overwhelmed. fortunately cleaning/organizing is therapy for him, so i do benefit in this way. haha. no, we are good and feel at peace with whatever happens next.
walked through innis woods for awhile today with ber, after coffee with some friends too. how wonderfully pleasant. it was beautiful outside.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my man is home

yay colin's home around 630am on monday.poor guy is still very tired.yesterday spent some time in dublin then a friend came over while i tried to organize the kitchen some.there was been miscommunication among friends i came to find out,and it's frustrating....don't feel like explaining it all but it stirred up a bit of anxiety/annoyance in me that i haven't felt in a long time. then relief to know that for the most part i don't have to deal with this in my life anymore.mostly being because i have wonderful friends who are uplifting, honest, trustworthy, fun....etc... the friends i have now--- i have never experienced friendship like this! i'm still actually trying to get used to it. i grew up surrounded by friends i had known since birth.and it's great and i will always love them but the downside to being that close to each other is you take one another for granted.and you have the freedom to be rude to each other.. i always embraced that in a weird way. because it is a sign of closeness..i still do appreciate it but i think we would agree we did not always respect each other like a good friend should.yet i still love that even though our lives are so different now,i would still feel comfortable to raid their fridge or take a shower with them.and i love that.the biggest most obvious thing though that helps build/deepen friendship is just even effects what we talk about or what we do on the full circle, i am so blessed to have friends where there is little to no drama. also colin has taught me alot about letting things roll of my back. :)
going to colin's parents for dinner tonight,maybe workout.i go back to work next week and i'm not really looking forward to it as my store [the people] have changed so much.i really think i want to go to a different store i just gotta make it happen! but i am so stoked for...starbucks red cups!!!! it's so much part of the holidays for me!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i'm hungry

well wednesday night we played cornhole for over 3 was freezing and raining too.bring it! i'm ready for more,how can that be. watched ry thurs morning,timed perfectly with saylor's nap.then got ready and began my trip to indiana-and got a flat tire! oh my lord. i was so uneasy about this trip,was i somehow sensing something? i'm driving along [listening to the book unraveled on cd] and a car pulls up and frantically alerts me.i proceed to panic...i hyperventilated/cried a bit but overall i think i handled it ok.coulda been much worse.didn't get off an exit for at least another 5miles-then a gas station directed me to a big-o's tires.they were very nice.put on a new tire for me and saylor had fun throwing newspaper everywhere while we waited.bummed cuz i was gonna get there exactly when colin did but that put me 1/2hour behind.oh well.
saylor had fun with all the guys there and i put him in his stroller and he fell asleep while house of heroes was playing!! are you kidding me?! it was so loud. awesome! driving home with colin was fun we talked the whole way,so exhausted but worth it.
colin has just left again for 2more shows [grand rapids and chicago].yesterday we just hung out,it was great.picked up some bucadibeppo to go [so random i know] and watched children of men last night.oh and i had an asthma attack.crazy couldn't breathe.i haven't been living in the apartment since colin was gone so the air hasn't been circulated.but we need to vaccuum and dust more.i think it was dust mites,altho munki's making me pretty miserable too.i took claritin and it was still bad :(
oh and when saylor saw colin he got a huge smile,tilted his head into me shyly but then suddenly leaned over and stretched his arms toward his daddy.happy reunion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i love cornhole.

this past weekend was busy but fun.sarah and aaron came.they are fun/funny and i can't wait for them to live here.saturday they went to a wedding and i was slated to watch emily for a couple hours.saylor and emily ended up sleeping the whole time i was 'on duty'! i thought it was funny as i was slightly apprehensive about having to have them both alone for awhile.not apprehensive..but daunting.daunt...ed? anyhow.
went to caiden's 2nd birthday was great.he got a ton of great presents and actually was aware of it, and opening them and excited. saylor cried for about 2 seconds while i put him in a booster and at the same time two people said 'that's the first time i've seen him cry!' haha.played some serious cornhole with amber/jeff/hoovie. i LOVE cornhole! and shuffleboard for that matter. hopefully some of us are going to actually MAKE the cornhole like..board and beanbags. [guys do boards,gals do beanbags] haha but if that doesn't follow thru i'm going to have to buy it.we played for awhile but still want more soooo a tournament is in the works. jeff loves saylor so much, and he's so loving [very much like colin] so it's been good for saylor to have, if you will. jeff said 'i love saylor so much.seriously like he's my nephew... i'm his uncle jeff! and no one can take that from me' i said 'except my brother geoff' he still insisted, but i thought that was pretty funny,especially that he said 'no one can take that from me'. geoff loves saylor too though it's cute. emily and saylor have forced him to get used to babies. he'll actually pick them up and play with them :)
sunday morning was a ladies brunch.but i don't like the word 'ladies'.good food and i got saylor to nap at a perfect time so i could eat and relax.oooh food. breakfast foods are definitly my FAVE...orite.---i am blessed by the friends i/we is amazing to know so many wonderful,loving,beautiful turn i am so grateful for my church as this is how we found our community.
then emily's 1yr bday party.she did great! she also got tons of presents.sarah and aaron gave her a box of tissues as a present and she had fun pulling out and throwing all the tissues.beth came to enjoy the festivities,which was great because it actually was alot of aaron's ya know.also because i miss her-so ya beth let's hang out asap.colin's home in a couple doubledate?! it's on. emily was cute when we sang to her.and she shared her cake with sarah which was sweet.
didn't babysit monday but will tomorrow morning.did get to go to polaris with sarah s. and carri.actually bought a stuffed dog for saylor because he loved it! laughing at it so much.have spent the night with heather.[saylor is consistently sleeping 12hours straight now.yay!] we watched love actually and i love that movie! i've seen maybe 4 times but i must say i think it is a favorite.i love movies but can never think of a 'favorite' well there it is.
i'm going to indiana tomorrow to fetch colin! so i will see him in like 25 hours.AAAGHHH finally.
i'm so cold! fall is here!

Monday, October 8, 2007

what's the deal with my car?

my bad car luck is as follows.
FIRST CAR-1984 cadillac.was my grandfathers.smelled of mildew,particularly when running air radio. red leather interior.i once hit a car in the vineyard parking lot...and drove away! it was like a yellow mustang.[sorry god!] which led to duct tape on the front of the caddy.would randomly stop working while in traffic or something.finally died on me-middle of the night on 270,driving home from colin's.something about blew a piston rod through something?! pretty scary. SO glad i had a cell phone.

CAR TWO-1994 ford taurus.named him boris. he was a-ok! short lived though because colin's sister's SCHOOL BUS HIT IT and totaled it! i awoke to mark saying 'sorry to wake you but sam's school bus hit your car'. that was funny! the kid's on the bus missed a school assembly.

CAR THREE-2002 SATURN sl1.cranberry color.first experience getting a new car with the help of my family all around [my dad worked for GM so we got a discount.and even bought the car from my nephew's father] was loving it. a new car!
then i ran a blinking red light and hit [coincendentally] my friend cabot.watched the air bag pop out on him.hit a parking bench as well. totaled my saturn!

during all this i also hit a cement pole at the library, ran into a tree with my sister's car [poor little tree was no more],encouraged julie to run a yellow light-got in an accident and totaled her car.[though accident was not our fault] locked my keys in the car several times...

CAR FOUR-2002 SATURN sl1,champaign color.called him champy.this is it.good car.went into marriage with it but NO.breaks down and argue with saturn as it's just past warranty.get fixed.more problems come.transmission i think? goodyear [my trusty car place] tells me i should sell it to a dealership before they can detect the problem as the cost isn't worth it to fix.sell it to a starbucks customer's dealership.feel a tad bad.don't trust saturns anymore.

CAR FIVE-colin's 1996 [?] JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE.a bit stopped working unless you banged the car door with your leg air.started driving it as our only car.then it gave up on us.invested 800$ into it before car place finally told us it was not worth fixing.we have a newborn and we are carless.

CAR SIX-grr.1995 HONDA ACCORD.bought from reputable guy.had to learn stick shift! [glad i learned but i hate it] IMMEDIATELY after buying it it dies on colin on 270 at 4:45am.guy grudgingly agrees to fix it.immediately after getting it back from him the driver window stops working,radio dies.air stops working.and then it breaks down again.have invested too much money in this poor old a flat tire last week.

CAR SEVEN-1999 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT-seems too good to be true.only 45k miles! reputable dealership,bought from my friend's husband. immediately after buying it it breaks down.friend's husband absorbs the cost amazingly as they should have detected the problem before selling it.but there are still problems.spend $200 on it. still problems.the car does not start-only after getting gas,and has a hard time starting in the can not figure it out.we bought it in july and i have taken it to goodyear about 8-10 times.finally after researching they believe the purge valve something needs replaced. i picked it up this past friday.will know if it's fixed after i get gas.but i feel like it didn't want to start this morning!!!!

now i believe my friend julie has had even worse car luck involving more accidents and even being arrested for [unknowingly]not having insurance.haha! and another friend had her new car burst into flames on her. but then i have these friends who have driven the same random car for like 10 years, i don't get it! but i am bit car-hypochondriac and i never expect a car to work well for me.
i think it's hilarious.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

word of mouth.this is what everybody's talking about.

i will wear this black jacket everyday for at least a that ok? sweet.well i'm not going to chicago because colin has a canceled show! which means i'll be seeing him 1 week,15 hours or so :) for a day.then home for good monday the 16th.for the flipping love of least we talk all the time on the phone.still can't wait for him to be HOME!
discovered the stupid gym charges for childcare! like 36$ a month! that's more than a membership to a nice gym! and this isn't even a nice gym! fortunately when i went with saylor monday i knew the girl working there,she didn't charge me.but now i can only work out if someone can watch saylor.that is a bummer because i was quite excited about the childcare there.grr! but that's just too dang expensive ridiculous silly.
watched ryleigh last night it was good. i do so enjoy the snows.
and today i am taking saylor for a free eye checkup! at amber's work they do free what's the word..checkup..visit..inspections? what is the word?! EXAMS! on babies 1yr and under.we've been talking about doing this since i got pregnant,haha.and i even forgot it was today until amber just now called me.whew.
ya that's right i'm excited for the office again tonight.saylor was born on a thursday and i made sure somebody taped the office for us.we weren't about to miss an episode just because we had a child! oooo man.i'm kidding.but we did do that.kristin's mom taped it for us.there i did the link thing! no it's ok if we missed the office. we could not miss LOST however. ha! did it again. k im gonna go crazy and add a pic too. cool. i'll keep learning and someday i'll have my own mac and then it's ON. you and me,internet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


i love the word taco and when i'm doodling [which is often.always]i usually doodle the word taco. what the heck?!
little man actually slept 13hours [what the heck again!?] straight.colin's coming home to a different child.he grew a beard too, it's wild.
went to rigsby seniors last night, another delish dinner and katie came over. put saylor to bed at their house and katie and i walked and talked and it was good times.literally ran into brett and heather on the street so spent time with them too.i felt 'free' as it was nice to go out without saylor.
well rich nathan firmly believes your child's name should have a meaning.and colin's parents were having dinner with them and he said 'what's your grandson's name again?' judy told him and he scoffed and said 'well at least it's not mountain'. haha...i mean what? she defended us,but it is funny.but i do feel bad i want my pastor to like my kid's name! colin and i talked bout it and i totally agree it's awesome to proclaim that and pray over it and such but on another hand it's kinda like a horoscope [if you will] you can say 'oh yes i'm such an aquarious. im organized and i'm strong willed' blah blah it could apply to anyone. colin's name means strong. well sure he's strong. my name is from michael meaning 'one like god'. well...sure. i do believe in it tho. i wouldn't name my child satan or anything. and you do run into people who's name really FIT next kid.cameron means 'crooked nose'!
hung out with niki this morning she is being induced with baby boy #2 on friday.still hasn't settled on a name.i mentioned dominick tho and she had liked that before so maybe that'll be it! dominick means 'of the lord' there you go.
babysitting ryleigh tonight [instead of monday]

Monday, October 1, 2007

he sleeps some more! plus new black jacket

he did 12 hours again last night! the two nights in between were crying from 6-7a again but that's ok!
i got like 12 books at the library yesterday so that should tide me over till colin gets home.still 2 more weeks! i am thinking about going back to chicago with my sister [she is coming in friday] then staying through the week. colin's last show is in chicago.then we could drive home we'll see.
last night in the middle of the night i was talking to colin half awake, stumbled to the bathroom then saw this huge nasty bug scurrying across the floor. AGH! i think it was one of those huge centipedy thingees but it was going so fast! i felt so vunerable. barefoot and pants i grab a shoe but then he was gone. EW! i was so grossed out i shut the door and stuffed a blanket on the ground between the floor and the door.didn't want the bug making his way to me.seriously hate bugs.well then i had a dream that no, it wasn't a creepy bug it was a frog! and i realized that and let him outside.i woke up feeling so much better but wait, was that a dream? no no i remember going downstairs and letting him out! that's so cool, how did a frog get in the house? and how odd that it was a clear frog.almost like a robot.oh well i feel better.back to sleep.dreamt it was a huge spider.woke up.realized it was not a frog all along.bummer.
colin's brother had a cool black jacket. i loved it,he told me he got it in the girls section at forever21.time went by.i love jackets.been 'needing' a new one.was at forever21 today contemplating two different black jackets for like 20minutes it was ridiculous.finally settled.walked out.felt satisfied.then realized its the same jacket jared has.found it very funny.