Saturday, October 20, 2007


i am so excited for thanksgiving food! colin does not like thanksgiving food and this is heartbreaking to me. last year i was massively pregnant and theoretically it'd be awesome but by that point my appetite was room for food i guess.i could only eat about one plate.just one! and my heartburn, oooh the heartburn.i've never had it not-pregnant so i actually kinda forget the horribleness of it right now.i just know i was throwing up from it, and taking 4 zantac a day. good times, i miss being pregnant! no really.
we played cornhole last night,3 games and i did not get a single flippin' cornbag on the freaking board.are you kidding me. i can blame the wind and my sore arms [from working out]..but it was so ridiculous. ya i can't blame the wind.i managed to get several actually in the HOLE but none on the board.what the flip.saylor slept in lucy's future long as there's a crib/packnplay, saylor will sleep.hence-all the places mr.saylor has slept as follows-
katie&aj [floor]
pflugs [floor]
jeff&carri [packnplay,crib]
christina [floor]
colin's parents [crib]
my parents [packnplay]
my kent parents [packnplay]
sisters [crib]
katie's sister emily [crib]
zappins [bed]
jessie&prestons [bed]
mitchesons [bed]
hoovie [packnplay]
snows [packnplay]
sandy&tony [floor]
harts [crib,packnplay]
brian&joleen [bed]
grahm and hill's tonight [packnplay]

nauman's [crib]
chad and mary's [packnplay]

and in his carrier as a newborn at the fanchers,evans, baxters, oatleys,bruscos,church,etc... all this to say- babies are flexible and i think if you want them to be easy going and malleable you have to treat them as such from the get-go.saylor from the start was happy and easily soothed [happiest baby on the block! a must read!!!] so maybe #2 won't be as easy i don't know. but he will stay asleep as we 'transfer' bed-car-bed and it does not disrupt his sleep in the slightest.he sleeps 12+hours straight and takes two 1-3 hour naps a day. everything changes all the time though as he grows so i don't know if it'll always be like this but it's pretty awesome that he's almost 11 months and still so content.
munki just threw up! and lately,this is weird-but she bats her water dish around like mad until it's empty and the kitchen floor is soaking.she's done this for the past 2 weeks or so, every time we fill her dish even just a little. we just keep putting towels on the floor.colin wants to duct tape the dish down! what's going on with her?!


shutterthink said...

Greg used to do the same thing until we got a different bowl with rubber stoppers on the bottom. We thought it was anxiety--not getting enough attention. He also throws up if we are not around a lot. We think it's a nervous stomach kind of thing...
Translated: he's needy and somewhat annoying, but we have to pet him so he doesn't wreck our apartment. Haha. :)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I think the cat bowl thing is hysterical!!! I told Aaron too, and got an actual laugh from him-just picturing it...he's feeling a bit deprived I'm thinking! You should look at my friend on here Stephanie-she just posted of her little boy going after their cat-it's a cute picture though!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh yeah-and we were laughing about your cornhole (Baggo)luck :)