Wednesday, October 3, 2007


i love the word taco and when i'm doodling [which is often.always]i usually doodle the word taco. what the heck?!
little man actually slept 13hours [what the heck again!?] straight.colin's coming home to a different child.he grew a beard too, it's wild.
went to rigsby seniors last night, another delish dinner and katie came over. put saylor to bed at their house and katie and i walked and talked and it was good times.literally ran into brett and heather on the street so spent time with them too.i felt 'free' as it was nice to go out without saylor.
well rich nathan firmly believes your child's name should have a meaning.and colin's parents were having dinner with them and he said 'what's your grandson's name again?' judy told him and he scoffed and said 'well at least it's not mountain'. haha...i mean what? she defended us,but it is funny.but i do feel bad i want my pastor to like my kid's name! colin and i talked bout it and i totally agree it's awesome to proclaim that and pray over it and such but on another hand it's kinda like a horoscope [if you will] you can say 'oh yes i'm such an aquarious. im organized and i'm strong willed' blah blah it could apply to anyone. colin's name means strong. well sure he's strong. my name is from michael meaning 'one like god'. well...sure. i do believe in it tho. i wouldn't name my child satan or anything. and you do run into people who's name really FIT next kid.cameron means 'crooked nose'!
hung out with niki this morning she is being induced with baby boy #2 on friday.still hasn't settled on a name.i mentioned dominick tho and she had liked that before so maybe that'll be it! dominick means 'of the lord' there you go.
babysitting ryleigh tonight [instead of monday]


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Wow-I'm all caught up now...only had to stay up a couple hours late to catch up on yours and write mine....pretty long ones-ya know, had to make up for a month or so. So does Colin have a beard or Saylor does??? Confused a bit there-sorry...yay for Niki!!! whatever her boy is named-hopefully a smooth, safe and healthy delivery....I'll have to catch up on everyone elses later...maybe tomorrow.....see you soon sis!!

Oh yeah-my name means princess-what've you got to say about that???!!! :) I forget what Emily means...I'll have to look that up too before I go to bed...

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Emily: Rival; emulating
Grace: Good will
Marie: Hebrew-bitter
French-form of Mary (there ya go Mom!!)
Um Walter: Ruler of the army

That's right....emulating good will, a bitter ruler of the army.....hmmmmm.......yeah.....

saylor days said...

sarah i love that you care/think about people when they have babies. i'll let you know how it goes with niki! ya i knew it was confusing-saylor has a beard. indeed.emily's name meaning is SO funny! i love it! and ya you are a princess,how many times do we have to be reminded.haha no it's funny we always talk about it but you're not really.maybe princess of our peterfy family!? but not so much compared to other people! haha.

shutterthink said...

I am so glad you started off with doodling. I keep forgetting who I was with...oh yeah, friends from small group. We were talking with them the other night and I was reminded of this time at the Baxter's old group. You and I were sitting on the couch (duh) and Austin was giving a serious teaching. I look over at your notes and all you had written was "Smile. Jesus. Fun." And I showed everyone because it was Ha!
Also, I am pissed that Rich was sarcastic about Saylor's name. So there.
Off to (finally) read Sarah's blog.

jenny mae. said...

augustine means noble and his middle name (isaac) means "he laughs" and that is SO HIM. he bursts with laughter all the time.

olive means peace and adeline means noble, which we didn't know until after the fact. so two noble names for my kids.

colin with a beard? im gonna have to demand photographic proof

saylor days said...

beth i love the way you write.thanks for remembering my doodles.i think i remember that time.
jenny-i was implying saylor grew a beard.[heehee]but actually colin is attempting to grow a beard! emphasis on attempting.will try to post picture. :)