Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

i worked this morning 5am-745am-went home early because we had extra home just as saylor was waking up so i enjoyed that.sometimes i do want to quit but i am still enjoying the free coffee and 30% discount too much.and i do like it,kinda wanna go to a different store-i keep saying this but it takes initiative to do that i tend to lack that.
saylor was an octopus tonight [costume borrowed from the lovely jenny].so cute! my mom and i went and surprised colin and work and also his family with mr.saylor octopus.then we went to a trick-or-treat thing that the police station puts on [my aunt,uncle and mom's best friend all work there] he was intrigued by everyone's costumes and definitly stuck his hand in bowls to grab candy,but of course still didn't understand.also he was tired.but it was fun.

there are better pictures but this is all i could upload at the moment.very tedious process as i don't have that plug thing that goes phone/camera to computer.i have to upload it to the verizon website,blah blah blah.handsome little man though!
i'd like to build a new wardrobe! [i really want to get together a clothing exchange!] my post baby body is different,and tho i am still working toward a toned-er body i really need winter clothes regardless.all i bought last winter was maternity.colin fetched my bag of winter clothes in storage and we shuddered and laughed at was bad.half were at least 5 years old,two shirts i bought ages ago and never wore...some probably wouldn't fit [i miss my flat chest it's true].holes,stains...and i have the habit of buying things i sorta like cuz they're cheaper instead of investing a little more for a quality piece.and i'm missing some zest.SO would like to do some serious revamping [wish i could just go on what not to wear] and have someone watch saylor's nearly impossible to shop for clothes with him.and someone go with me cuz if i'm alone i'm going to buy stuff thats boring and/or ugly.
as of now i'm still wearing the black jacket everyday.going strong.:)


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh I love your little octopus man :) Glad you guys had fun-next year-you and me-Matthew ave.....Or wherever my house is (hopefully by then!!). Maybe we should have a halloween party for kids next year....hmmm awfully ambitious of me to be thinking that already-Oh the plans for when we live close together!!!

shutterthink said...

I am trying to figure out how to be in two places at once so I could watch the lovely Saylor and go shopping with you. Maybe I need to keep reading Harry Potter...

jenny mae. said...

how am i just now seeing this! he looks fantastic!!!!!