Monday, October 1, 2007

he sleeps some more! plus new black jacket

he did 12 hours again last night! the two nights in between were crying from 6-7a again but that's ok!
i got like 12 books at the library yesterday so that should tide me over till colin gets home.still 2 more weeks! i am thinking about going back to chicago with my sister [she is coming in friday] then staying through the week. colin's last show is in chicago.then we could drive home we'll see.
last night in the middle of the night i was talking to colin half awake, stumbled to the bathroom then saw this huge nasty bug scurrying across the floor. AGH! i think it was one of those huge centipedy thingees but it was going so fast! i felt so vunerable. barefoot and pants i grab a shoe but then he was gone. EW! i was so grossed out i shut the door and stuffed a blanket on the ground between the floor and the door.didn't want the bug making his way to me.seriously hate bugs.well then i had a dream that no, it wasn't a creepy bug it was a frog! and i realized that and let him outside.i woke up feeling so much better but wait, was that a dream? no no i remember going downstairs and letting him out! that's so cool, how did a frog get in the house? and how odd that it was a clear frog.almost like a robot.oh well i feel better.back to sleep.dreamt it was a huge spider.woke up.realized it was not a frog all along.bummer.
colin's brother had a cool black jacket. i loved it,he told me he got it in the girls section at forever21.time went by.i love jackets.been 'needing' a new one.was at forever21 today contemplating two different black jackets for like 20minutes it was ridiculous.finally settled.walked out.felt satisfied.then realized its the same jacket jared has.found it very funny.


Kristin said...

I am so glad you got omnivore's dilema, and you have to read it FIRST!!! AND, whenever i see creepy bugs i have bad dreams about them, too. But see how optomistic your subconscience was by turning it into a frog and letting it outside? :O)

meridith said...

thanks for coming by my blog!! i'll start coming here too. very cool!! :)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

your silliness isn't coming to Chicago anymore.....oh well....see you in 2 days!!!! Oh man, you should've seen the spider Aaron killed today....I'm gonna talk to our management office tomorrow...seriously, it looked like it could be someone's pet it was so freakin huge!!!