Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my man is home

yay colin's home.got home around 630am on monday.poor guy is still very tired.yesterday spent some time in dublin then a friend came over while i tried to organize the kitchen some.there was been miscommunication among friends i came to find out,and it's frustrating....don't feel like explaining it all but it stirred up a bit of anxiety/annoyance in me that i haven't felt in a long time. then relief to know that for the most part i don't have to deal with this in my life anymore.mostly being because i have wonderful friends who are uplifting, honest, trustworthy, fun....etc... the friends i have now--- i have never experienced friendship like this! i'm still actually trying to get used to it. i grew up surrounded by friends i had known since birth.and it's great and i will always love them but the downside to being that close to each other is you take one another for granted.and you have the freedom to be rude to each other.. i always embraced that in a weird way. because it is a sign of closeness..i still do appreciate it but i think we would agree we did not always respect each other like a good friend should.yet i still love that even though our lives are so different now,i would still feel comfortable to raid their fridge or take a shower with them.and i love that.the biggest most obvious thing though that helps build/deepen friendship is Jesus.it just even effects what we talk about or what we do on the weekend...so full circle, i am so blessed to have friends where there is little to no drama. also colin has taught me alot about letting things roll of my back. :)
going to colin's parents for dinner tonight,maybe workout.i go back to work next week and i'm not really looking forward to it as my store [the people] have changed so much.i really think i want to go to a different store i just gotta make it happen! but i am so stoked for...starbucks red cups!!!! it's so much part of the holidays for me!


Kristin said...

I wouldn't take a shower with you. Sorry. And I agree that we definitely tended to take each other for granted when we were young!! So sad. But yay, we are older now and can really appreciate eachother the way friends should. I am sorry for whatever it was that happened! :O(
I miss you so much.

saylor days said...

ah, its jayme that i can be naked around easiest,probably because she's always naked herself, .did i say too much?! i would still raid your fridge though kristin, is that being disrespectful?! haha

shutterthink said...

Jesus does make everything better.

Yay, you're almost here! Human interaction!